Frendly Rhys-minder::

Rhysand gave his life to repair the cauldron, not expecting to be brought back. He let his magic and life drain away to save the woman he loved and the world she lived in, held on in death because she begged him to stay-

- and even in the midst of all that he still reached out and brought Amren back.

Cats of Spain, pt. 2

The fourth cat I met in Spain. She had a collar, so we couldn’t give her a fantabulous long name. But she was SO friendly; when I came up she came over to meet us and sat and purred, and my heart swelled with the beauty of the moment *sob*. When we were about to leave, she followed us, and my brother, by saying “ruff” to playfully scare her, attracted a dog, who unleashed fury barks and the kitty walked calmly away like “boi u can’t scare me”. Because of her nice actions, I dubbed her Frendli (yes, “friendly” but spelled differently).

The fifth cat I encountered on the Spain trip! She (I guess, my bro and I don’t know) was at first hissing but when I came closer just crouched there like a tabby doughnut and let me get really close. She looked almost pregnant, so I decided to call her Fema, for “Fierce Mother,” or, according to my bro, “Fat Male,” who thought she was a boy.

Bonus of June (previous post) and my brother sharing a moment:

*sobs* my heart

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Teacher Nico and Doctor will!!!

YES…..I’m sorry, this is long again. 

The best day of Will’s life began as the worst day of his life which began as an ordinary day. 

Every morning was a routine. Nico’s alarm would go off, jarring him awake and signaling to Will that he had a half hour of sleep left. Nico would shower and get dressed, and by the time he was eating a bowl of cereal, Will was fumbling off his bed.

They didn’t sleep together. They were just roommates, to Will’s diappointment. They had both taken interest in the same apartment but neither had enough to pay on his own. They decided to share it. The walls weren’t very soundproof at all. If Nico was watching Netflix on his laptop, Will couuld hear the muffled voices in his own room as he studied. If Will listened to music, Nico could hear the steady bass vibrating through the walls. 

Not that either of them minded. It wasn’t obnoxious. And they’d reached a point of friendship that didn’t make things very awkward. The most awkward thing to have ever happened was Nico overhearing Will and his right hand one night. He had alluded to it the next morning, but the teasing was frendly. It didn’t mean Will hadn’t turned completely red and locked himself away for the night.

This morning was very much the same. And when Will managed to get out of his room, he saw Nico in his collared shirt, slacks, and shiny shoes as he put away the bowl. He always wore black. He hair was dishevelled, but it looked good on him. His teaching badge clinked from the house key and laser- pointer he let hang from it. 

Nico was definitely the ind o teacher students crushed on, especially being so young. He taught AP English in the neighboring district’s main high school, and he loved it, despite the late hours of paperwork. Sometimes Will sat with him at the dining table, looking over his own paper work, both of them with a beer. Though Will found it hard to focus. He wasn’t sure when he’d started feeling like this over his roommate. Maybe it had been when he praised his studnts over the semester exam. Maybe it had been when he poured over books and mumbled excitedly about getting the kids invested in them. Maybe it had been the day he got home angry because of what anther teacher said about one of his sudents. 

It didn’t matter when. All Will knew was that he was terribly infatuated with him, and seeing him every morning brightened his day. 

“Morning,” he greeted as Will shuffled toward the kitchen. Will nodded, conscious of his morning breath and bedhead. The corner of Nico’s mouth twitched slightly, but Will wasn’t sure if he imagined it. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah. You?” he asked. Nico nodded. “Are you staying late today? Or do I bring food on the way home?” 

“Depends on the students,” Nico answered. “I’ll let you know.” He went around the table and squeezed Will’s shoulder, causing his to tense and gasp quietly. “Have fun at the hospital, Dr. Solace.” He let go and left, giving Will a final smile. 

Will let out a long breath. He wasn’t used to Nico touching him. But God, did he want to be. With a groan, he turned to the bathroom. He had to get ready for work. 

Arriving at the hospital was ordinary enough. The same brunette secretary flashed him the same flirtatious smile. The same coworkers greeted him. The same problems came up. He loved his job. He loved helping. Whether it was an infant with a bad fever or a kid with a broken leg, it was somehting he felt invested in. It was the only thing that ever kept him from thinking about Nico. 

For most of the day, he was busy moving form patient to patient, floor to floor. At his lunch hour, Nico messaged him that he was in the mood for Italian. Before he could answer, the sound of sirens drew his attention. He raced to the ER entrance along with a few of the other doctors. Will had seen more than a couple ER situations- a heart attack, a seizure, a miscarriage. 

But this was a whole new level. 

There was a man being reeled in. At least, Will assumed it was a man due to the buzz-cut. His skull was dented in, blood stained the floor, taking on the footprints of the other doctors’ and nurses’ shoes. There was a lot of yelling, and a lot of running. Another person was racing in, a woman, with tears running down her face. She was screaming, demanding to see her husband. 

“Will,” Dr. Fletcher said, pulling his attention away from the hysterical woman. Will shut his eyes and turned away, following the flurry of doctors and the trail of blood. 

He caught up with the gurnie when the man was settled into a room. “What happened?” Will asked urgently, settiing to work on figuring out how to help the man. The nurses managed to clean him up a bit. 

“Wife said they were on their way to an anniversary date. They got mobbed.” Will grimaced as he pulled a piece of shrapnel away. The man groaned, something that would have beena scream if he had the energy. 

“He’s going into hypovolemic shock, get him into surgery, now,” Will ordered. He cursed as they took the man again. “I’m no Ben Carson, I don’t know if I can save him,” he told the doctor beside him. 

With a grim expression, he answered, “You can try. Let’s go.”

For the next several hours, Will and a few other doctors worked on the man. Much of his skull had to be fixed, pieces of bone were in the brain, and they constantly had to pump blood into the man to keep him alive. 

Despite the efforts, the man passed away and none of them could do a thing about it. The damage was too severe. Another doctor asked for the time of death as Will clenched his jaw and hung his head. He’d never lost a patient before. It had never been this severe. The worst form of death he’d seen was a miscarriage. 

One of the doctors was about to leave to inform the wife, but Will stopped him. “I’ll do it,” he said hoarsely. He left the room and went to the waiting room. He saw the woman, still crying, her eyes red and raw. The engaement ring on her finger glinted under the hospital lights. When she saw Will, hope flooded her face, causing Will to look away. 

“Is he going to be okay?” she asked desperately. 

Will forced himself to meet her eyes. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. The woman’s hope slowly drained, replaced by utter grief. The sob that ripped through her throat cut through Will worse than a knife. She began to fall, but Will caught her and held her up. “I’m so sorry,” he managed. 

“I love him,” she sobbed. “I love him, he can’t be gone, please.” 

The doctors entered the waiting area to see what had happened and seeing them both so grief-stricken, one pulled the woman away and another took Will aside. “Maybe you should go home,” he suggested. “It’s late.” 

“Yeah,” he answered numbly. He removed his bloodstained clothes before he left and got into his car. He sighed and put his head against the steering wheel, holding back the tears. He felt so useless. He was supposed to save people. They weren’t supposed to die in his care. he was a doctor. 

He didn’t know that in the time he had been engrossed in his futile attempts to save the man’s life, Nico had messaged him to check on him. And when he hadn’t answered, he’d tried again. Then again and again, then a call and a few more. It wasn’t like Will not to respond for so many hours. Will’s mind was far from his phone. 

But as he started for home, his thoughts were flooded with Nico. A man had died. He had not expected it. It was one of those things. A person never knew when things like that would happen. Could he bear the idea of dying without having told a person he liked that he liked them? He was never a risk taker, but should he be? 

Distracted by the thoughts of uncertainties in his head, he never checked his phone, even as he started for his apartment. When he opened the door, he saw Nico pacing the living room with his phone in his hand. His head turned when he saw Will. He was still in his school clothes. 

“For the love of God, where have you been?” he snapped. “I’ve been worried sick, you haven’t answered any of my calls or texts. I mean not to be pushy, but it’s not like you and frankly, it scared the hell out of me!” He started for Will, who was gazing emptily at the floor. “Will? What’s wrong?” 

When he was close, Will lifted his gaze to him. “A patient died today. We spent hours on him, and he still died. Someone mobbed him, hit him with something strong enough to cave his skull in.” Nico grimacedd and looked at him worriedly. 

“I’m so sorry,” he said softly. “Will it wasn’t your fault. You know that right? He was hurt too badly.” 

Will looked at him and furrowed his eyebrows. The dishevelled look didn’t seem casual anymore. It looked nervous and tense, and he realized that Nico had been worried about him. “I saw someone die,” he said. “And I am currently dazed, and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing.” Nico furrowed his eyebrows. “That’s my excuse.” 

Then he pulled Nico in and crashed his lips against his. Will wasn’t sure what was more surprising- the fact that he’d actually found the guts to kiss Nico after so long, or the fact that Nico was kissing him back, tangling his hands in Will’s hair. 

Not really trying to think things through anymore, Will pushed Nico backward, Nico tugging him along, until they fell over the arm of the couch. Nico hit the cushions with a soft grunt and Will held himself up over him. “About fucking time,” Nico said, pulling him by his shirt to kiss him again. 

Basically Obediant Servant

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