frenchy and doody


14 moments that made us stand on the chair watching Grease Live (Part 1).
— That Intro with Jessie J.
— Summer Nights!
—Aaron Tveit’s Bíceps… Or Grease Lightning
— The “Those Magic Changes” duet between Danny And Doody (Tveit & Jordan Fisher).
— Boys II Men taking The stage as The Angel
—The Sandys high kick in “Born Hand Jive” blow our minds…
— Vanessa Hudgens rendition of “There Are Worst Things I Could Do”.
— The Finale!!
— Original Frenchie (Diddy Conn) and Original Doody (Barry Pearl) taking they bow with they originals T-Birds/Pink Ladies jackets


Drawing curly hair has never been so frightening until now….

I have no idea what Grease is about well, maybe i have some sort of idea what it was when i watched Glee, so i had to watch the whole movie in order to draw this…thing. Beauty school drop out~