frenchy and doody

frenchy talked about how women don’t need men and should be able to take care of themselves and doody literally serenaded danny zuko with his guitar like RIGHT after learning the chords to the song basically what im saying is the directors of grease were cowards who should have given us lesbian frenchy and gay doody, PREFERABLY sandy and frenchy together and danny with doody but they didn’t. those cowards


Drawing curly hair has never been so frightening until now….

I have no idea what Grease is about well, maybe i have some sort of idea what it was when i watched Glee, so i had to watch the whole movie in order to draw this…thing. Beauty school drop out~


14 moments that made us stand on the chair watching Grease Live (Part 1).
— That Intro with Jessie J.
— Summer Nights!
—Aaron Tveit’s Bíceps… Or Grease Lightning
— The “Those Magic Changes” duet between Danny And Doody (Tveit & Jordan Fisher).
— Boys II Men taking The stage as The Angel
—The Sandys high kick in “Born Hand Jive” blow our minds…
— Vanessa Hudgens rendition of “There Are Worst Things I Could Do”.
— The Finale!!
— Original Frenchie (Diddy Conn) and Original Doody (Barry Pearl) taking they bow with they originals T-Birds/Pink Ladies jackets