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Picking Up the Cues

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean has a drink with the reader and discovers just because there are feelings here, doesn’t mean that there can’t be feelings over there.  

Word Count: 1818, sorry this went over a drabble.  

Warnings: Flirting, Drinking, Sexually Suggestive Language

A/N: This is written as a continuation of New Discoveries.  This is the tie-in to a series. If you have not read that fic yet, go read it first or start reading under the cut.  This is for @frenchybell ‘s 500 Follower Celebration.  Happy Birthday, girl!  My prompt is “Did I just hear you correctly?” and I was given the gif that is below the cut to use.  Thanks to @impala-dreamer for your excellent beta services!   

You try really hard to not treat the boys any differently now that you know the truth, but after finding out what they are like behind closed doors; it is impossible for things between you not to change.  

Now you know that Sam isn’t just this sweet, adorable guy that you see on a daily basis.  He has a dark side that he keeps hidden from you. You try to forget, try to ignore it.  But every time you think you have forgotten, you catch a look on his face that reminds you of how dark Sam can be.  His eyes darken for a moment and his face becomes very serious, reminding you how much in control he truly desires to be. To say the least, it makes you uneasy.  You are both turned on and terrified by the man hidden from the world.  

You have found yourself avoiding interaction with him as much as possible.  Your conversations have become very short, clipped and business oriented.  You used to talk to Sam about everything and you are positive that he has noticed the change, but for some reason is choosing to not address it with you.  In all honesty, you are glad he is being so cooperative about your shift in interactions. You aren’t positive which Sam you would be confronted with if he ever did bring it up and aren’t sure you want to find out.

Dean is a completely different side of the coin.  Knowing that underneath Dean’s hard, egocentric exterior lies a soft, gentle heart, makes it hard to stay truly mad at him for anything.  Honestly, it makes it difficult for you to dislike him at all.  Your walls are coming down around him and it is happening at an alarming pace. You find yourself playfully bantering with him instead of arguing. Just the other day, you actually laughed at his jokes and even played along with his pranks on Sam.  More than once you have realized, after the fact, that you weren’t just being friendly with Dean, you were being outright flirtatious.  You hope that Dean hasn’t noticed this, but if you are truthful with yourself, you know that he has.

Then, there is what happened just fifteen minutes ago.  

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where did the new pink ladies and tbirds come from in grease 2? shouldn’t there have been some sort of indication that the pink ladies were more than just rizzo and marty and jan and frenchy? like why wasn’t there any sort of reference in grease 2 to rizzo giving her pink lady jacket to the blonde chick... and why wasn’t frenchy a pink lady in grease 2? she was a pink lady even after she dropped out. it just doesn’t make sense


John held his breath as his trigger finger inched away from the shotgun, he unloaded the ready shot as he placed the shotgun back on his back. His eyes narrowed before he then looked to the spy.

“Besides another regret, Frenchie…tell me why I shouldn’t do this right here, right now?” He replied bitterly.

I am mostly Romanian thank you, but besides those matters, it is obvious we’re on the same team. Feel free to spycheck me but that would be a waiste of bullets.

*Shrugging red clad shoulders he did not expect the hard headed man to listen, most don’t anyhow. There was a quick pause, the spy lightly touched the lasty looking scar that split down on one side of his lips before pausing at being stared at.*

Ah, don’t look at me like that- I am simply keeping an eye out for my collgues of course. Don’t belive me ask the newest sniper. 

Fan art: Once Upon a Time - Belle French

I dunno why, but I loved this outfit she was in while Belle and Bae where in Rumple’s castle. Mostly loved her jacket and vest. I had some trouble getting proper references for her though since her hair style is strange and her faces are terrible in most of her screen shots.


At first Frenchie #24 was confused why there were so many children on the field but she couldn’t help but smile at Baby Cox’s cuteness. My heart can’t handle Abby with babies. Syd then got a hold of Kayleigh