Today was a horrible wet rainy day, baby Oak wasn’t happy on the walk so we came home early. This actually made me happy, I was able to finish my breakfast and hop up on my new favourite chair! 

Baby Oak came home with a new toy for us to play with, it is green and makes noise and is slightly scary. Why are baby toys so weird, they are nothing like dog toys. I might swap all the toys to be dog ones, that way baby Oak will have to play with me!


As you may recall, I am now 3 years old, I know I know I look much younger and fresh faced than 3!

Well for my birthday Mum and Dad said I could have my own Instagram account!!! You can find me at , I have been playing around with it the past few days, joining in on the new platform with  throw back thursdays, sharing my baby photos and even finding handsome frenchies just like me! I have a crush on a few, but I can’t say who what if they find out and don’t like me back?


I’m 3! Can you believe it? This week was my third birthday, as a treat Mama, Papa and my Nanny (she is here from Canada again!) took me to meet the famous Cooper! He has his very own coffee shop in Marlow!! 

I did get to meet that infamous Lab, but he was too excited and didn’t want to pose for a photo, so you’ll just have to go and meet him yourselves. I recommend the full english breakfast after baby Oak dropped a few bits for me to try, just another bonus of being a big brother!

After our stop at Coopers we went for a walk by the river in Marlow, I met plenty of doggies and got to roll around on my favourite stuff: Grass! I’d say thats the perfect birthday, wouldn’t you?


Its been one busy week! My Nanny has been visiting so we’ve had some fun! On Tuesday we went to Bath for the day! When Dad told me I got really scared, who likes a bath?! But after a long car ride we arrived and it wasn’t the wet kind! Infact, it was dry, and sunny, and a city! Who knew!

We strolled around all day and lots of people came to say hi.. they must know me from the internet.. or Instagram (pst. go follow me: 

Hope you’re well friends, see you again next week