debunking the bullshit about France

Ok. I’m SO tired of this. Recently, I saw this kind of things a lot of times on Twitter : 

I think most of you are aware, but I must say it : this is a lie.


Please, don’t just believe things like that. Please, don’t fall for fake scary news about what is happening everywhere in the world, without check it seriously.

First of all, THERE ISN’T NO-GO ZONES IN FRANCE. In 2015 when the Charlie Hebdo attack happened, Fox news said there were zones non-muslim people couldn’t even enter, and where this is a civil war. Of course this is a lie, and the map of this guy is like, totally random

I mean, really, absolutely random. 


I’m so mad that this thing is still on the internet. Apparently, there are still people who believe this. I don’t even know how to say it : please don’t believe the bullshit only said to make you afraid…

What is actually currently happening in France : there are protest marchs in Paris against racism, and to support Théo, a young black man who has been raped by cops. (yep. disgusting. and people are angry, they march to protest. I mean, I don’t see anything wring with this. Pamela Geller talks about this in her article, but this has nothing in common with the “no-go zones” that don’t even exist.)

Plus, after checking quicly Pamela Geller’s page, I think she just tell lies after lies for the sake of islamophobia. But apparently, according to the comments, people actually believe her ?????

^ This one is made up out of nothing. lies again.

Please don’t fall for this.

Please, PLEASE, don’t fall for this shit.

(a last example and I stop. Sorry I only speak about France because it’s what I know best, since I live here…)


- An guy did try to attack soldiers with a machete. He was shot and apprehended.

- Tourists were “locked down” by the soldiers for security reasons, not because they were ostages or something.

- France isn’t on edge. People barely talked about this.


I hate reading comments in English on social media who believe all of this. I hate reading comments that either hate us, pity us, saying : “these countries host refugees and see how they are rewarded !!!”. Because it’s nothing like you think.

Yes, true, some refugees are taken care of, in a way ? And most of them are still living a nightmare here. I mean. In Paris, for example, authorities have forbidden people to give them anything to eat near the humanitarian center. They put rocks on the ground where they used to sleep. They confiscated their blankets.

Please, I’m begging here. I’m talking to all American people : stop falling for the bullshit they say about us to make you afraid. Please don’t believe we’re a generous contry for refugees (no). Please don’t make an example of us (or an excuse) to be cruel towards refugees. Please don’t use attacks that happened here to hate innocent muslim people.

And please. Stay informed. This is important.

Good luck in these tough time, America. 


La personne qui a fait ça est un génie

  • François Fillon : French people should work longer hours for the same wages, we have to cut spending on the Welfare State so that the economy is more competitive and so that we don't have a public deficit anymore
  • Also François Fillon : *employs wife as "parliamentary aide" for several thousands of euros a month, provided by the State, to write a few articles of ten lines each = cost of the whole thing : 900 000€*

It’s not often I compliment the french (in fact honestly, I tried to avoid it whenever possible) but I cant stress enough how highly I rate Marine Le Pen for not kowtowing. The last 8 or so years, we’ve had even the US President bowing before Islamic clerics, it’s refreshing to see someone who refuses to submit. 

Donald Trump Vocabulary List

The French love to talk politics so here’s a collection of words and phrases to use when the topic of Donald Trump comes up! Enjoy :)

Idiot- Idiot

Imbécile- Moron

Raciste- Racist

Non-qualifié- Unqualified

Carotte Trempée- Soggy carrot

Sectaire- Bigot

Tête de Merde- Shit head

Petites Mains- Tiny hands

Petite Bite- Tiny dick

“J’étais là le onze Septembre”- I was at 9/11

“Les latinos, ils m’aiment!” The latinos, they love me!

Mur bête- Dumb wall

“Quand je parle, il y a de la merde qui tombe de ma bouche”- When I talk, shit falls out of my mouth

Antisémite- antisemite

Sexiste- Sexist

l’Homme le moins séduisant du monde- The least attractive man in the world

Je démenage au Canada- I’m moving to Canada

Je ne suis pas Américain(e), s’il vous plaît ne me parlez pas de Trump- I’m not American, please don’t talk to me about Trump

Je fais pleurer les bébés- I make babies cry

Fait les États-Unis un pays gay à nouveau- Make America Gay Again

Feel free to add your own! I’m sure there’s plenty I’m missing!


Je tiens à rappeler qu’en 2015 Taubira traitait Ciotti de branleur sans la moindre espèce de pression.


Bébé Baroin au réveil