The battle to be France’s Bernie Sanders
Arnaud Montebourg is the latest in a crowded field of presidential candidates on the Socialist Party’s fringe. By NICHOLAS VINOCUR

PARIS — Leftist firebrand Arnaud Montebourg is basing his bid for the French presidency on a simple bet: that François Hollande is so dismally weak in opinion polls a strong left-wing candidate could easily snuff out his chances of winning re-election next May.

“I ask him [Hollande] to think about his decision, to consider the facts, to take into account his historical and unprecedented weakness in the eyes of the French,” Montebourg said Sunday in a speech announcing his candidacy. “Our failure in front of France has everything to do with being resigned to our fate.”

It’s an argument that echoes the logic behind Bernie Sanders’ surprisingly successful primary campaign in the United States.

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French courts have rejected the burkini ban...

These cowards, I can’t believe this… They’re using what they call freedom to justify communautarism and the rise of political Islam in France. First they ask for the burkini, they get it, but it sure won’t be enough, i can bet that in a few weeks there will be further demands for new communautarist arrangements. We’re being laxist from the start, and it makes us appear weak : that’s a serious mistake, especially in nowadays’ context. I’m sick of witnessing the decline of Western European culture and values : ffs if people want to immigrate to our countries THEY have to adapt to us, not the other way round… If I went to a Muslim country I would cover my head, because that’s their ways there, so I expect a Muslim person who comes to Europe to accept that here, we don’t force or pressure women into covering their bodies. That’s a question of respect. And if people reject this, maybe that will sound hard but they should not stay in Europe. 

I have no issue with religion in itself, which is a personal choice and belief, but to me as soon as religion starts to be vocal on the public and political spheres, it’s a problem. In France secularism is (or was until now), a precious thing that is upheld because of history : in the 19th century it was hard for the French state to make catholics accept the separation of church and state, and also the idea that religion was personal and thus something that shouldn’t be interfering with the public sphere. Catholics have accepted these principles in the end, and so should Muslims : we won’t give privilege to Islam in this matter. Also we can accept cultural elements that come from catholicism, like bank holidays or the calendar, also Easter or Xmas traditions, because France has a Christian heritage, not a Muslim one, that we can’t deny. We don’t want to lose our own culture. And don’t go and tell me that the burkini is only a religious thing, it’s first and foremost political : a woman wearing a burkini will always distinguish herself from non-muslim women, especially on the beach in the summer. It’s not the same as a diving suit as some smart people have pointed out, since for diving everyone will wear that suit and not only Muslims. A woman wearing burkini shows her belonging to a religious community that is separated from the rest of the national community, and we won’t have that in France. Because communautarism will always lead to tensions between communities, while French republicanism brings unity. 

Last thing, I’m appalled at feminists praising the burkini, saying that we should allow women to dress however they want, including if that means covering their hair, body and face. That’s bullshit : covering a woman means that the female body is something that should be hidden, since it will be a source of temptation for men. That’s insulting to both genders : to women because they’re considered a dangerous sexual object, and to men because they’re treated as beasts who can’t control themselves in front of a woman. Also it’s deeply anti-equality, since Muslim men don’t have to cover anything, they can just go in normal swimwear. I really don’t understand feminists on this point : have they not seen these images of Iraki and Syrian towns liberated from ISIS, where you see all these women taking off and burnng their niqab and burka ? How can you call burka, niqab, hijab or burkini a tool of freedom, while it’s promoted and imposed by ISIS and other Islamist groups in the Middle-East ? It’s a shame… 

26/08/2016 – 001/100 days of productivity
Today I started preparing for starting A2 government and politics! I created my key terms notes about the American constitution ⭐️ I also finished a chapter of Les Petits Enfants du siècle and read my summary, i also attended a political meeting about the NHS reinstatement bill.
I didn’t get everything I wanted to done but I was maybe a little over optimistic on my to do list 💕

Putain le “Jeu en Vrac” du Joueur du Grenier sur Guild 2 était tellement salty :

  • Le but du jeu c’est de “pouvoir influencer les décisions politiques grâce à la corruption ou à des chantages avec à terme l’espoir de pouvoir devenir soi-même une haute personnalité qui abusera de son statut pour continuer à faire prospérer son empire et faire des cadeaux à ses copains riches ou à sa famille… pffff c’est tellement irréaliste !”
  • “Moi évidemment comme religion j’ai pris catholique parce que… nan je vois pas comment cette blague pourrait bien finir en fait” *blague annulée*
  • Étonnamment un voleur peut aussi être un politicien”
  • ”-Je vais vendre des armes, étendre mon empire petit à petit, vendre des armes et donner des pots-de-vins aux politiques ! Je suis… / -Serge Dassault ?” (la blague marchait aussi avec Khadafi, je trouve)
  • “On m’a vendu la femme avec la charrette”
  • “Petiiiiit patroooon…. Tu es tout seuuuuuul…. *cette vidéo est sponsorisée par le Medef !*
  • “Ouais ça fait partie de nos super-pouvoirs de X-Men à nous les patrons”
  • “Si vous la prenez plus pauvre, elle s’ra moins exigeante avec vous !! *les conseils de Droite pour draguer*
  • “Le mariage… j’vais faire passer ça en frais de société, t’inquiète”
Is France going fascist? Extreme-right National Front is now the most popular party
By Ben Norton

In the first round of the regional elections on December 6, the extreme-right National Front (FN) came out on top, with 28 percent of the vote. Following closely in second place, with 27 percent, were The Republicans (LR) — the center-right party, formerly known as the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), led by ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy. The ruling Socialist Party (PS) came in third, with 23 percent.

FN leader Marine Le Pen said the results proved the far-right party was “without contest the first party of France.”

The National Front runs on a harshly anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim platform. Le Pen, who vociferously opposes France providing asylum to Middle Eastern refugees, wants to reduce immigration by 2,000 percent and make it much more difficult for migrants already in the country to attain citizenship. The FN says it has zero tolerance for undocumented immigrants, and hopes to ban dual nationality for non-Europeans. The far-right party also wants priority to be given to French citizens over foreigners for jobs and social programs.

France’s popular anti-immigrant party was founded by fascist Holocaust denier whose daughter may be next president

La raison pour laquelle les attentats de Paris ont eu lieu en novembre et non pas en juin, c'est parce qu'ISIS savait très bien que tout cela se traduirait par une poussée de l'extrême droite aux bureaux de vote en ce mois de décembre ; en retour, l'islamophobie qu'apporte avec lui le Front National va conduire des gens au bord du précipice intégriste à franchir le cap, et les rangs de Daesh vont encore s'agrandir. C’était ça, le plan de Daesh, et je peux vous assurer qu’en ce moment ils se réjouissent autant que Marine du succès de son parti.

La France vient littéralement de manger à la petite cuillère du terrorisme. Les votants FN ont tenté de faire en sorte que des attentats comme ceux de Paris ne se reproduisent plus, mais voilà qu'ils ont ouvert la porte aux attentats jusque dans les villes les plus perdues de France.

Congrats, idiots.
Le Sénat ignore un problème touchant plus de la moitié de la population française
POLITIQUE - Le Sénat vient d'ignorer un problème touchant plus de la moitié de la population française. En effet, les élus du Palais du Luxembourg ont décid&e

The French Senate just removed the law article which was meant to protect people (and especially women) from harassment in public transports.

This is absolutely disgusting and shows how little consideration they have for us - we’re literally regarded as second-class citizens. We’re not worth investing money into infrastructures to protect us. FANTASTIC!

I’m so ashamed of the people at the head of our government.

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Strikes on ISIS are a trap. The winner of this war will not be the parties that have the newest, most expensive, most sophisticated weaponry, but the party that manages to have the people on its side. At the moment, with the bombings, we are more likely pushing the people into the hands of ISIS. What we have to do, and this is really key, we have to engage the local people…Why are we making so many mistakes? Why are people so much misunderstanding the region? We are just fuelling our enemies, and fuelling the misery and disaster for the local people. And that is why they probably tried to manipulate the public during the Paris attack, to make us close our borders and maybe, even more importantly, to close our minds.
—  Nicolas Hénin
Former Daesh hostage 
State Department: No immunity for Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  • what The U.S. State Department declined to give diplomatic immunity to now-former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who faces sexual assault charges in New York.
  • why According to the State Department, he wasn’t on official business with the IMF when he was arrested. If he were in another country, he would probably have immunity. source
It’s official: Nicolas Sarkozy is running for French president
The candidate now faces what could be a tough primary contest. By NICHOLAS VINOCUR

PARIS — Nicolas Sarkozy said Monday he will try to win back the French presidency, confirming he will run in what could be a bruising contest for his centre-right party’s nomination.

Though Sarkozy’s decision was widely anticipated, his announcement that he will take part in a primary campaign for the Républicain party nonetheless yanks him down to the same level as 11 other contestants.

Sarkozy, who likes to catch the media off guard, declared his candidacy on page four of a campaign book due to be published Wednesday, titled “Tout pour la France” (“Everything for France”). He had been expected to declare Thursday, at a set-piece event in southern France.

“I have decided to be a candidate in the 2017 presidential election. France demands that I give her my all. I felt that I had the strength to lead this fight at a tormented moment in our history,” Sarkozy wrote, according to excerpts of the book quoted by daily Le Figaro. “I hesitated, analyzed the terms of the debate in every way. I tried to be as honest as I could with others, with my family, and with myself.”

“It was like a relief, because the obvious choice imposed itself,” he added.

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Ayrault a démissioné?!

Ca veut dire qu'on va avoir le droit à Valls? Bah de toutes façons ça sera pas beaucoup mieux…

For my English speaking peeps: the prime minister of my country (France) just quit. So we don’t have a government anymore and are waiting for the President to choose a new one. 

French politics 101 time!!!

Because its always a good time to analyse french politics. (Ps french peeps, feel free to debate my analysis here i might miss some points)

The reason why islamophobia IS a huge problem in France, and why there have been islamophobic attacks as a response to the charlie hebdo massacre, is partly (if not mainly) due to the fact that the discourse on Islam and immigration is ALMOST ENTIRELY HELD BY EXTREME RIGHT WING PARTIES such as the FN (Front National - National Front) (the name of the party pretty much tells you what you need to know about it.)

The issue is that they hold a monopoly on these questions because the leftist government in power at the moment in France never took a clear stance on the rise of extremism/radicalism, islamophobia and immigration in France. Instead, what they do, along most of the other political parties in France, is point fingers and denounce the discourse of opposing parties, such as the FN.

Which has several consequences:
1. Leftist parties never took a stance on these questions because they were afraid of being called racist and islamophobic, because it is always extremely delicate to talk about the rise of extremism as mistakes (amalgames)can be easily made and muslim people can get offended over semantics and vocabulary. So instead of taking the chance, theyd rather remain silent all the while condemning the stinking discourse of the Le Pen (leaders of the FN party) family.

2. This lack of clear stance on the part of the government caused these issues to be dominated by racist, islamophobic arguments since only the FN expressed clearly their views on it.

3. Part of the french citizens that were annoyed by the lack of action of the leftist government turned to the Fn and their atrocious discourse because thats literally all we hear

4. Enormous amalgames and mistakes are being made because of that dominating discourse which results in islamophobic attacks and the FN and other racist shits being like “we told you so” and part of the population actually thinking “well… They actually did tell us so” except what the FN said was that the rise of extremism was due to France accepting too many arab immigrants in the country, thus mistaking arabs for muslim people and extremists for muslim people, creating an unacceptable discourse

5. Our government SHOULD and HAVE TO adress these issues now in light of recent events and my only fear is they wont because the government can be extremely passive on certain questions


Thank you.