Knitting Vocab

Tricoter- to knit

L’aiguille (f) -   Needle

La maille- stitch

La maille endroit- knit stitch

La maille envers- purl stitch

Le rang- row

Le point mousse- garter stitch

Le point de jersey- stockinette stitch

En côtes- ribbed

La laine- wool

Le fil- thread, yarn

Le bonnet- cap, beanie

Les gants (m)- gloves

Le pull- sweater

Les chaussettes (f)- Socks

If you see any mistakes, feel free to point‘em out. It would be much appreciated.

Using my knitting spool for the first time.  The little plastic needle that came with it is kind of useless, so I’m using a size 1 steel crochet hook instead.  I’m making an icord to use as a drawstring for my yoga mat bag.  It’s a good thing I don’t need a lot, because this is kind of tedious. 



Making a giant French knitting contraption from leftover wood at the moment. It’s fairly wobbly but it works in principle which was the point of making it. It’s easiest to use by getting into the middle and walking around in a circle, not good for your back though. At least from this I can design a more solid version and measure what length of yarn I need to order to make the installation pieces.


Attack of the Clones | Behind the Seams | Padmé’s Wedding Dress (P-20)

George Lucas wanted Padmé’s wedding dress to be a simple but beautiful gown in an amazing fabric and it took Trisha Biggar quite a long time to fulfil his vision. She decided to give it a pre-Raphaelite feel and thought of lace as the main material but couldn’t find the right fabric until finally her buyer in Australia stumbled onto a century-old Italian lace bedspread from the Edwardian era in a thrift store. However, the cream-colored bed cover wasn’t big enough for the Lucas-authorized design, so the costume designer devised an option with shorter sleeves to fit the amount of material and master embroiders in Sydney made over 300 yards of French-knit braid to blend the vintage elements together with the modern handiwork. 

The gown and head piece are studded with hundreds of vintage pearls and the veil itself is made from Maltese lace and includes Edwardian wax flowers and tiny beaded pearls. Each pearl was actually hand sewn because the night before the wedding scene was to be filmed, Biggar decided the gown needed a little something “extra”. So she pulled an all-nighter and pearled Padmé’s wedding dress herself.

Later she noted that P-20 “was a gown with very simple lines, with an antique feel to it, but at the same time it was quite intricate, probably one of the most complicated dresses, and you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was made of.”