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Sometimes I just sit and think how epic the Enjolras and Combeferre's debates about Secrets d'Histoire (and especially Bern) would be

Half of Enjolras’ arguments would be “Bern is a royaliiiiiist *loud hissing*”

But no joke history buff Combeferre and Bahorel binge-watch Secret d’Histoire, and like, Bahorel tries to be so cool about it like “Yeah I watch a tv show inspired of historical events” when in fact that nerd has watch a week worth of hardass history documentary on youtube 

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Italian kiss: kiss with fingering a girl. Marco said italian kiss with star, HOLY SPAGHETTI

I’llIt… it was just a joke about french kissing, I… I’m sure…
Even Adam said so!

Hopefully. In August I’ll have a little bit more free time, and I’ll try to work on it.

Nope, I’ll sitting roughly 9.735,49 km (6.049,35 mi) away from it. But I’ll try to post/reblog any news about the show

So I was at Whole Foods today stocking up on green peppers when I came across this gentleman who looked like he needed a little sunshine in his life. So I walk up to him and say: “Hedgehogs, eh? Why can’t they just share the hedge?” and then he just sort of stared at me. I’m not sure if it’s because he didn’t think the joke was funny or he didn’t understand a word I said.

I’m going with the latter since I’m pretty sure a couple in the next aisle were yelling at each other in French - plus the joke was hilarious.

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I believe the script indicates the Unnamed Marquess of Araphen did love Madelyn, Lyn's mother, and his hatred of Saceans was out of revenge for Lyn's father. I do remember him saying that there was too much of Lyn's father in Lyn too himself.

I thought there was something like that too - because a barbarian Sacaean “stole” his wife, he became racist towards an entire ethnic group.

I swear there must be some stupid french comedy about a guy (read a loser) becoming racist because his girlfriend dumps him/gives him horns for/with a black guy. 

Both are ridiculous and use the “comically evil” racism, that is not tied to upbringing or society. Nope, they are racist because they can’t have the woman they want.

while completely ignoring, of course, said woman’s feelings!

It’s hard to drop lower than that.

ok so last night i was riding the subway with my fam and these 3 teenage girls came on and they were talking in french and yeah, and so these 2 older guys started talking to them in french, joking about how they hardly speak french in toronto, one of the men then took one of the girls hats and was fooling around with it ya ya it was all good but the SECOND the girls got off the 2 men started evaluating what had just happened. they called one the “hot one” and another the “ugly one”. they then started complaining that one of them had left perfume on them and they were going to have to come up with an excuse for their wives. they were both married!! what the fuck!! they then started joking about cheating on their wives (sooo funny!1!!1!). after they starting discussing if the girls wanted their numbers?? and liked them?? like they were 45-50 and those girls looked 16-17. and they were like “oh it’s just like high school again, even if a girl doesn’t like you she’ll still keep talking to you” ???!!??!!?! in conclusion men are gross and i am angry

also - I’m checking out local french courses, cos joking aside it would be awesome to speak french with her, and hey, it boosts the ol’ CV etc. So I told my pretty french girl this. Her reaction was to insist that either I let her teach me (this is not going to be fantastically productive) or else I settle only for a 55+ yr old, non native speaker ‘with a terrible accent’…

Not that she’d be jealous, or anything

im trying to think of a joke about french gangsters with the punchline ‘zut suit’ but its not establishing itself. someone hash out this concept for me