5 things you didn’t know about Descartes

This August, the OUP Philosophy team honors René Descartes (1596–1650) as their Philosopher of the Month. Here are five cool facts about this legendary French thinker.

All facts below are taken from Oxford Reference Online: 

  1. Descartes enlisted at his own expense in the Prince of Orange, Maurice of Nassau’s army, in order to have the leisure to think.
  2. While shut away in a stove-heated room in Ulm, Germany, Descartes experienced a vision which he took for divine revelation of his work in life – the unfolding of a scientia mirabilis, or wonderful science. His interest in the methodology of a unified science is supposed to have begun with this vision.
  3. In 1620, Descartes was present at in the Battle of the White Mountain outside Prague, serving under Maximilian, Duke of Bavaria.
  4. Descartes’s The World offered a mechanistic account of the universe (a heliocentric system) and of human beings, their bodily motions, and sensations. The work was completed by 1633, but Descartes abandoned publication on hearing of Galileo’s condemnation by the church.
  5. On his death in 1650, Descartes’ last words are said to have been ‘Ça, mon âme, il faut partir’ (‘So, my soul, it is time to part’).

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Image credit: “Portrait of René Descartes” by Frans Hals, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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I was 14 years old when I wrote my first smut. It was a Brendon Urie x first person character (aka kind of me).

French phrase of the week: Il y a anguille sous roche

“There is an eel hidden beneath a rock”…kind of like “I smell a rat”

Luckily for me and my friends, our crazy is out there in the open for all to see.  Countdown to waking up in the morning and crying from laughing so hard at the things we’ve said to people the night before. 

hey non-french Oncers, here’s an amazing fact i must share : the french actress who dubs Anna in season 4 actually is, as all of the other Frozen characters, the same who dubs Anna in the movie !

But the best part follows : she’s also the DAUGHTER of the lady who dubs Regina ! ;D


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French revolution Cophine AU?

Sorry this took so long!

Warnings for: mentions of blood and illness, references to violence.

Delphine picked her way carefully through the now-abandoned streets, lifting her skirts as she stepped delicately over the rocks and broken furniture littering the cobbles. Another bread riot had broken out that morning, the poor and the starving demanding food and change, but all that had happened was the arrival of soldiers and firing of guns.

The country was tearing itself apart, the people against the leaders. Vive la France, people shouted, but all Delphine could see was destruction.

A small sound, somewhere between a whimper and a groan, came from the mouth of an alleyway just behind her. Delphine halted, startled, and held her breath.

The noise came again.

Delphine lowered herself to the ground as slowly and gracefully as her skirts would allow and grabbed the closest thing she could find–a broken-off leg of a chair, heavy and with a sharp edge. “Quoi?”

Silence sat heavy over the street, and Delphine crept toward the alley, her steps echoing loudly in her ears. “Êtes-vous blessé?”

She stepped into the mouth of the alley and dropped to her knees, not paying any attention to how the filth on the ground smeared against her white skirt. Sprawled on the ground was a woman, her dark hair falling around her face. She wasn’t wearing the white skirts and colored waistcoat that was normal for French women of the time, but had a maroon skirt underneath a tight flowered jacket–a jacket that was steadily turning red with blood. Blood seeped out from the cloth and between the cobblestones.

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I know pale skin is generally aestetic but when you do moodboards could you please also include non white skinned pics? (The nsfw joshua one was just really yeah exclusively white) :/

Hello there!

This ask was sent yesterday, and I really wanted to address this, as I am a very strong activist for equality and the problem of representation for poc is very important to me.

I agree that most of our moodboards include exclusively white people. I’ve only worked on nsfw boyfriend moodboards, and I want to say one thing. It does not make it okay or more normal, but finding pictures that fit the theme, color scheme and ideas we’re going for is very hard. We spend a lot of time searching for aesthetically pleasing pictures that we can use for our moodboards, without having to edit them too much.

That said, I can say for a fact that it is even harder to find pictures that fit those criteria and include poc. I’m not saying it’s okay in any way, I think it’s really a problem, but we have to work with what we have. To be very honest, I don’t even think about that when putting a moodboard together; most of the time, I’m just glad I finally found a suitable picture. If I had it my way, there would be a much larger supply of usable pictures for us to use, including white and non-white people.

I discussed this with Mariah earlier, and we agreed on the fact that we did need to include more poc in our moodboards. Skin color is very rarely mentioned in our writing, so it’s neutral, but we should try and do the same for our aesthetics. I’m very sorry if this matter has made you upset, because it is the last thing we want. Those moodboards are for you guys’ enjoyment and we want to make sure you do enjoy them.

I can’t speak for Miely, but I can say that the color scheming for her Joshua moodboard was very white and thus, finding pictures of poc for a mostly strictly white themed aesthetic would have been even harder. At least that’s what I think. Please don’t take anything I say as a part of Miely’s opinion. I’m only mentioning it and stating my own opinion because it was the moodboard you mentioned in your ask.

If anything else comes up, please let us know, and we’ll try and correct it as best as we can.

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teen wolf au meme: [8/8] movies - now you see me

The Four Horsemen - a group of charismatic magicians that steal from the rich and give to the poor. Stiles Stilinski (The Lovers), a high-strung genius with control issues; Lydia Martin (The High Priestess), a talented and brilliant escape artist; Derek Hale (The Hermit), the oldest horseman, a dry-humored mentalist; and Scott McCall (Death), youngest of the four, who’s a pickpocket street magician with a heart of gold. As they perform countless acts of ‘magic’ bordering on criminal activity, on their heels is Allison Argent, the FBI agent desperate to stop them before their next heist.

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Peut-être tu peux écrire quelque chose de seventeen en français ?

oups. cette question a été posée il y a deux jours, j’imagine, quand j’ai posté mon admin fact. j’imagine que je pourrais m’essayer. honnêtement, je n’ai jamais très bien écrit en français.

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