I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!


Troye: not mine just editted

Kylie out in West Hollywood

French Friday !

french confessions…

  • Am I the only one who don’t understand why UK and US love Les Misérables so much?
  • Do they like Victor Hugo’s work or the american version of it??
  • I love every accents in the UK: from posh english ones or scots ones to irish ones. They are all perfect !!!
  • But I am not confortable with my french accent when I speak english, I feel like I don’t respect Shakespear in a weird kind of way…
  • I can spot from miles an english person on holidays in south of france: it the one with a really bad sun burn on the back but keeping enjoying the sun anyway… (never forget your sunscreen you fool !)

Happy french friday everybody ! And a lot of love to our UK friends !


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I’m confused by the fact that “french kiss” is apparently what an intense, passionate kiss is called everywhere BUT France, in which case “French kiss” refers to a quick kiss on the cheeks as greeting between friends

That’s like the exact opposite…

The Red Balloon" is a very sweet and innocent tale until you realize that the balloon represented the postwar communist threat against France when… you know what? I’m gonna assume our college film professor was right. We didn’t get any of that out of it. It’s still très adorable.

Anyway, “The Red Balloon” and the Criterion Collection are free this weekend on Hulu, including “The Blob,” which, now that we think of it, was more about the creeping communist threat. To be honest, we were only in the film class to impress our older brother, the communist.


Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good