I am excited to announce I’m launching my “Sailor Pooches” print series on Red Bubble! A parody of my favorite childhood anime Sailor Moon combined with some of the cutest dogs on the Internet (and one cat). Check it out and (if you like) support me and buy a bag or a sticker for yourself or someone you love! …


Quick side comparison of 10 dog skulls. More comparisons to come later! 

Top: French Bulldog 

Row 1: Shih Tzu x Miniature Poodle mix, Chihuahua puppy, Whippet 

Row 2: Airedale (male), Siberian Husky (male), Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Row 3: Beagle (male), German Shepherd (female 1940s), German Shepherd (male, 2010s)