french baking vocabulary

faire [du pain] - bake [bread]

faire fondre - to melt

refroidir - to cool down

fouetter - to wisp

mélanger - to mix

le moule - the baking mold/tin 

mettre à cuire - bake (in the oven)

le sucre - sugar

la farine - the flour

sucre en poudre - powdered sugar 

le beurre - the butter

les oeufs (l’oeuf) - the eggs

le lait - the milk

le chocolat - the chocolate

la vanille - the vanilla

le gâteau - the cake

le macaron - the macaron

le croissant - the croissant

le gâteau au chocolat - the chocolate cake

la mousse au chocolat - the chocolate mousse  

[changeable] ! please correct me if i’m wrong !

my dream is to become that old lady that always have fresh baked bread when people come over and is known to bake the best kinds of bread :) 


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If It’s Meant To Be

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a series. You can find all parts linked below.***

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Summary: It’s been 6 years since you left Daveed to better yourself. Things have been pretty good but it was only a matter of time until your past caught up with you.

Words: 8.1k+ (I AM SO SORRY)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

A/N: THE BIG FINALE! This is my first finished series and I am so proud of it! I really hope yall like this chapter! It took a lot out of me but I am so excited to release this! Shout out to Ale for being the best beta ever!

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Daveed landed at noon, his legs cramped and nerves at an all time high. He grabbed his suitcase and took a taxi to a Marriott near your restaurant.

“Okay, what did I bring to wear?” He mumbled to himself, opening the suitcase and laying out his options on the bed.

“I should’ve paid more attention to what I threw in here.” He shook his head, not too happy with what he had but he could pull something together.

He held up a button down along with some nice jeans then he glanced at his feet and frowned. He couldn’t wear sneakers to see Y/N, he had to look his absolute best. Daveed tossed down the clothes and picked up his phone, heading outside. This was NYC, there were clothing stores everywhere, especially in this touristy area. He let himself wander for a bit, looking at all the stores but not seeing anything that called out to him. Then he saw them, a beautiful pair of dress shoes in a shop window.

“Yo…” Daveed trailed off, a smile spreading on his face.

He entered the store, looking at the different suits that surrounded him as he approached the counter.

“Excuse me? Would you happen to have those shoes in the front in an 11?”

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Classic French: The Secrets to Perfect Choux Pastry!

Some of the greatest pastries in the culinary world, whether sweet or savory, all have one thing in common. It is a very simple and easy French pastry concoction known as “choux pastry.” When most people think of the famed French pastries, they think “there is no way I can ever make that at home.” Well the simple fact is, yes you can! Choux pastry only has five ingredients and they are all very basic and you probably already have them in your house.  All you really have to do is stir them, shape them and then bake them. It is that simple… almost!

There are a couple of secrets to making perfect choux pastry. The first is the oven temperature. There are two baking times and temperatures needed to make perfect choux pastry. Then there is the secret of making sure they actually hollow out once they leave the oven, after all this is a pastry which is often filled. Both of these secrets are very elementary and in the recipe I will detail them for you.

The most famous dessert made with choux pastry is eclairs. Lovely delicate choux pastry shells filled with sweetened whipped cream and covered with melted chocolate (or salted caramel). With this recipe you will be able to make this, one of the worlds most famed desserts, right in your home kitchen.

Before you get started, you will need to have a pastry bag and pipping tips with large openings. For beginners I recommend a large plain tip. Once you get used to handling the dough, you can go more fancy. About the dough, it is an egg-made dough and very moist, so it can get a little messy. Have no fear, messy can be fun so – just enjoy it.

FRENCH CHOUX PASTRY (serving amount depends on size)

Ingredients needed to make French Choux Pastry Dough:

½ cup unsalted butter
1 cup water
¾ tsp. salt
1 cup flour
3 eggs


1) In a medium saucepan, combine the butter and water over medium heat until the butter melts.
2) Stir in the salt and flour and as it begins to thicken into a dough, begin to stir rather vigorously. Once the dough comes together and breaks away from the sides of the saucepan, it is done. This will take a few minutes.
3) Place the hot dough into a mixer with the paddle attachment and beat in the eggs one-at-a-time. Continue beating on medium-high speed until the dough comes together. It will be a very sticky dough and take a couple of minutes.
4) Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet (or two) with parchment paper or a silicon sheet.
5) Spoon the dough into a large pastry bag fitted with a large plain tip.
6) Depending on what shape you want to make, pipe the dough in either mounds or thick logs onto the prepared baking sheets. These are the two most known shapes and very simple to do.
7) Place the choux pastry into the oven and bake 15 minutes. This will puff them up.
8) Reduce the heat to 375 degrees and bake 20 minutes. This will actually bake the pastry shells and hollow them out.
9) Remove the choux pastry from the oven and using a skewer, poke a few holes into each pastry shell. This will allow steam to escape and give you a perfect interior.
10) Place the choux pastry onto a wire rack to cool. You want them completely cooled before you use them for any dish.
**NOTE: They are now ready to use. To make eclairs, slice them open and pipe some sweetened whipped cream into them and then drape with some melted chocolate**

Pregnancy Cravings Sentence Starters

Feel free to adjust pronouns/etc.

“I want french fries and root beer like you wouldn’t believe.”
“Honey mustard. Not that fancy dijon crap. Give me a bottle of honey mustard.”
“I pretty much ate every form of cake within arm’s reach. Donuts, pastries, muffins, danishes, cookies, cupcakes…”
“I have cravings for apple juice and fried chicken wings with ranch, but thankfully not together.”
“One week I ate ONLY chicken quesadillas—Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.”
“My husband always laughed when he saw a full jar of pickles with no juice… he knew it was me.”
“I want ketchup on everything. And I don’t normally like ketchup.”
“I craved mozzarella sticks throughout the entire pregnancy with my first kid.”
“I ate one pineapple a week while I was pregnant!”
“Whenever I had morning sickness, I’d immediately eat a hotdog with sauerkraut right after…”
“All I wanted the entire time I was pregnant was Big Macs and french fries.”
“Potatoes. Baked, scalloped, mashed, whatever it doesn’t matter. I love them.”
“When I was pregnant with my first son, it was PB&J for 3 months!”
“Why doesn’t this place have any good barbecue at 3 AM?!”
“I need some chocolate sauce in my life.”
“No, I will not rest until I get my Doritos.”
“Frozen yogurt and brownies are all I can think about right now!”
“I’d kill to get a spicy chicken sandwich.”
“They’ll probably be weighing me on a livestock scale by the time October rolls around. ”
“He’s making me french toast and apple cider at 11 PM. Clearly, I married the best man.”
“I’ve never had it before, but I want it so bad. It looks so good!”
“The pregnancy cravings are endless, please help me eat this.”

I’m going to make my own post here, before I end up going on a rant on someone’s post.

Not everyone can cook. But everyone should learn how. It isn’t an innate ability people have. It’s not just about opening a cookbook and reading the recipes. There is a whole language involved in cooking, which, once you learn it, is fairly straightforward. (I’m saying this because I bake french pastries and oh boy is that a fiasco).

Judging a partner as unworthy because they cannot cook for themselves is kind of a shitty thing to do. Well, if they are unwilling to learn and want someone else to cook for them out of laziness or learned helplessness. That’s a whole ‘nother ball game. That’s when you should dump em like it’s hot.

Here’s the thing: a lot of parents don’t teach their children to cook. I don’t know why. It’s either because the working class doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands, or the adults in the family didn’t know how to cook either. In any case, I’ve seen grown ass adults who don’t know how. In every gender. It’s not just a “men don’t/can’t cook” thing. 

If you don’t know how to cook, look up youtube tutorials, use wikihow, use your resources. Ask a parent (if they can cook). Find a friend who can teach you. Attend a cooking class if you are able. It is a life skill that is absolutely necessary to living as an adult human being. 

Fuck, I’ll teach you if you really can’t find any way to learn.

If your partner can’t cook, then teach them. It’s that easy. Cook together. You don’t have to be a brilliant baker, or America’s next top chef, but the ability to make a meal or two will save you money and time and help you feel accomplished at something. 

I might add onto this, but that’s the long and short of it.

The impossible Great British Baking Show drinking game

Take a shot when:

- Mary says “scrummy”
- Mel or Sue makes a really awful pun
- Paul stares into someone’s soul
- someone cries at an elimination (kidding, everyone cries at eliminations)
- a contestant calmly says “oh dear” during one of the most stressful televised events you’ve ever seen in your life
- a contestant says “I’ve no idea what I’m doing” and proceeds to bake a masterpiece
- someone pronounces the name of a French bake wrong
- Paul says “fantastic”
- alternatively, Paul says “disgusting”

Good luck you’ll be dead within the hour

Stormlight characters as things people in my school have said and done

Kaladin: on the first day back said “I’ve only been here for five minutes and I already want to die” and continued to state their want for death the rest of the school year
Shallan: was accused of being a kleptomaniac and said “I’m not a klepto! I just…steal stuff. I always give it back!”
Young Dalinar: threw up during science because they were drunk af
Current Dalinar: hosted a multi-cultural show. Let two (basically) weebs preform a (probably) anime dance dressed in animeish grab. Still extremely naive
Szeth: constantly punches lockers and walls. Hands are always bloody
Rock: my friend who I’ve known since grade 1 who I found out in my second year of high school can actually bake and carried my group through a French project to bake a cake. Never brought it up again
Wit: the guy who tried to give a kid five dollars for a ride on his scooter and then almost commissioned me to draw Mona Lisa baked af
Jasnah: has an extensive knowledge of criminals , makes constant jokes and references about them. It’s starting to get a bit scary.
Lift: stands at 5'0 but can down three meals at once
Elhokar: extraordinarily gullible despite having an amazing memory for certain things
Renarin: the one kid with the really soft voice who we’re pretty sure runs the mafia or something
Adolin: unsure of how he’s passing or how he’s actually dating a female


I worked on my macaroons today, experimenting with a different flavours and techniques 

these are the best height, shape and texture I’ve managed to get them. The surfaces have stayed perfectly smooth and they don’t have a great deal of height to them whereas in the past I have not mixed this meringue and almond mixture together properly, meaning the macaroons turn out lumpy and dome quite easily due to lots of air pockets.

the only problem I had with this batch was the colour. As they were peppermint flavour, I wanted to give them a pale green exterior but instead of using my usual sugarflar gel colours I used one of sainsbury’s own liquid colourings. Now I don’t usually us these as they usually just turn my projects into a pale, sticky mess but I thought they might mix a little easier than the thick gel so I took a risk. Now I don’t know if it was because it was rubbish colouring, that I didn’t add enough or if my oven temperature was too high (I set it to 160C and baked them for around 12-15 minutes), but the macaroons soon turned brown on top but kept their colour on the inside (see above picture- they were darker in person it doesn’t show up as much here).

For the filling I made a simple dark chocolate ganache and finished them with a dusting of cocoa powder. Overall the taste was divine, though I would perhaps add a little more peppermint extract as I feel some of it may have baked off in the oven. Not a total success, but definitely definitely not a fail as I’ve improved on a lot!

If anyone has any questions or can give any tips that would be super cool! If you would like a step by step of how I make my macaroons I can do that too.