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I saw the ask about rarity speaking French and it got me thinking. AJ is working out or lifting stuff and Rarity gets flustered and just says something in French. AJ hears it so she gets someone to translate And her face gets so red.

it’s canon now

i dont now what rarity said in fancy but it was something dirty for sure 

Teen French expressions

For if you want to make hip young friends.

Disclaimer: French people complain a lot. A lot. Don’t be surprised if 90% of these expressions are complaining.

  • Non mais oh - say this if someone does something mildly annoying and you want to express your shock and distaste.
  • Tu me fais chier - (alt. tu me fais chier, là.) literally ‘you make me shit’. means you’re pissing me off.
  • Carrément - translates to ‘squarely’. Means ‘literally’. If someone tells you something surprising or annoying, you can answer simply “ah carrément.” see: tu me fais carrément chier.
  • J’hallucine / je rêve - are you annoyed by something? say these.
  • C’est pas possible - a classic. anything bad happens - c’est pas possible. There is no cheese left? It’s not possible. I’m hallucinating. This is a burden on me that solely I can bear I cannot believe this is happening.
  • Ça commence à me gaver - I’m starting to get real sick of this. see: Ça commence carrément a me gaver , putain.
  • T’es relou - verlan slang for ‘lourd’ meaning someone’s heavy, personality-wise. They’re tedious.
  • Ça me saoûle / ça me gonfle - similar to gaver, means something’s pissing you off, you’re sick of it.
  • Grave - totally.
  • C’est clair - totally/that’s clear. Like ‘claro’ in spanish. “Justine elle est trop relou” “C’est clair. Elle me fait chier.”
  • J’en ai marre - I’m sick of this.
  • J’en ai ras le bol - I’m sick of this.
  • J’en ai ras le cul - I’m sick of this (vulgar).
  • (J’en ai) Rien à battre - I don’t give a damn.
  • (J’en ai) Rien à foutre - I don’t give a fuck.
  • C’est bon, là. -  That’s enough.
  • Perso, euh, - “Personally,” generally used at the start of a complaining sentence, to express how personal the matter is to you. Perso, euh, c’est bon là. J’en ai ras le cul.
  • Rôh là - general expression of distaste. Le longer the rôh, the more annoyed you are. Rôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôôh, c’est quoi ce bordel.
  • C’est quoi ce bordel ? - translates to “what’s this brothel”, means “what’s this shit?!”
  • C’est de la merde - It’s shit.
  • C’est une blague ? - Is this a joke?
  • Idem - ditto
  • J’ai la dal - I’m hungry
  • Ça caille - It’s freezing
  • Ouf - two meanings 1. phew or 2. verlan for “fou”, meaning crazy (as a noun or adjective). “Kévin, c’est un ouf! Il fait du vélo sans casque!” “Ouais carrément, c’était un truc de ouf!”
  • Kévin - there’s a running joke that all the young delinquents seem to be called Kévin.
  • Crever - slang for “to die”. Va crever, connard!
  • Connard/Connasse - c*nt, but a lot less vulgar in french peoples eyes

And finally,

T’es con. No English translation can express the power behind the words “t’es con”. While it may sort of translate to “you’re a c*nt/idiot”, it expresses something much deeper. You really are a god damn fool.


Ma France à Moi - Diam’s

Ma France à moi c'est pas la leur, celle qui vote extrême
Celle qui bannit les jeunes, anti-rap et pro-FN

Celle qui s'croit au Texas, celle qui a peur de nos bandes
Celle qui vénère Sarko, intolérante et gênante

(…) Et qui prétend s'être fait baiser par l'arrivée des immigrés
Celle qui pue le racisme mais qui fait semblant d'être ouverte
Cette France hypocrite qui est peut être sous ma fenêtre
Celle qui pense que la police a toujours bien fait son travail

(…) Non, c'est pas ma France à moi, cette France profonde
Alors peut être qu'on dérange mais nos valeurs vaincront
Et si on est des citoyens, alors aux urnes la jeunesse

Ma France à moi leur tiendra tête, jusqu'à ce qu'ils nous respectent

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jehan having loving, supporting parents who can't wait for their child to bring home their partner, of whom they've all heard such wonderful stories, and then jehan brings montparnasse to a family dinner

Montparnasse is TERRIFIED, alright?

He never went through that “meeting the parents” ordeal. Hell, he never had a real long term relationship before! Is that a thing people actually do, present their partner to their parents?!

And what if they don’t approve? What if they tell Jehan they can do better? What if they pressure Jehan to break up with him? What if it goes horrendously bad? What if his parents think it’s a joke?

He’s pretty tense all the way to Jehan’s parents’ place. At least he dressed smartly. That he can do. That he can control. His tattoos peek a bit from under his collar, though. It’s not like he was going to cover them with foundation. He wants to make a good impression, not deny himself completely.

As expected, the place his HUGE. It’s like… a posh mansion in the countryside. He know Jehan’s parents were loaded but… “What are you looking for?” “Peacocks roaming around the grounds.” “My parents aren’t Bond villians.” He’s only joking because he’s dead nervous. Jehan can feel his hands shaking and grounds him by taking his hand.

And there he is, eating a quinoa salad around a mahogany table. At least Jehan is seated next to him. Jehan’s parents are strangely nice and open-minded. Montparnasse knew for the open-minded part, Jehan had told him before, but they seem genuinely delighted to have him at their table. Jehan has told them a lot about him. Evidently. Leaving out the obvious part which would disqualify him as an acceptable boyfriend and a free citizen. Obviously.

“Montparnasse likes to design clothes a lot. He’s very talented!” Jehan declares, their cheeks a little reddened with expensive wine.

Jehan’s mom is absolutely delighted to hear it! She says she’ll give him all the old fashion magazines she kept from her younger days, because “fashion is just an endless circle, maybe you will find something you fancy in them.”

It’s probably the first time Montparnasse feels welcome in a posh house. Usually, he needs to deactivate the alarm first.