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Hdwgh paris

I have to admit, one of the best moment for me was Jack saying Starfulah because someone asked, obviously confused as me and most of the french people inside just slowly dying of laughter. Cue Jack getting more confused and me starting to have a hard time breathing.

  • Periods: You want cookies.
  • Periods: You want to fuck.
  • Periods: You want to fuck while eating cookies.
  • Periods: Let's be sad about trivial things, shall we?
  • Periods: Kill them.
  • Periods: Kill them too.
  • Periods: Kill them and eat their cookies.
  • Periods: Shhht it's okay you'll feel better soon.

An expression all French teens/young adults use 🇫🇷

So there’s this thing we say to express the way we act, the way we acted or the way we’re gonna act, and it’s:


Basically, it ressembles the “be like”

Here’s an example of what my best friend just sent me:

To translate:

Okay there’s a possibility I might go talk to him

And be like

Hey I’ve got a crush on you bye


(lol excuse our petty conversations)

The French Version of “Like” 🇫🇷

So I’m one of these people that say “like” in everyday sentences way too much, so you can imagine that in french it’s even worse.

So basically:

Like = Genre

Just like anglophones, we use “genre” //“like” everywhere. Here is an example:

“Et puis genre je suis allée à la plage et là genre y avait ce mec qui a commencé à surfer mais y avait genre zéro vagues”

“And then like I went to the beach and there was like this dude that started surfing but there were like no waves”


We don’t write “genre”, it’s only used when french is spoken, as “like” would be used just when speaking in English. Genre also has other meanings, but in this context you should never write it

“Genre” tends to generally be used more by teens and young adults in the french population. My parents always correct me for using it too much :P

And you? What is your “like” in your native language? I’d be curious to know!!