french driver

everyday the universe comes forth to further prove my thesis that the devil has reincarnated into french men


hey guys! I know we haven’t been on here a lot recently, there’s been a lot going on (moving, last semester of school, being down to one car, work) but life has thrown yet another thing at us- our French bulldog Sherlock is dealing with back pain that we can’t find answers for and he’s suffering. He has his second visit to the emergency vet in less than six months due to screaming in pain and they said the only way to find out what’s going on is to get scans done and that’s…. A lot more money than we have, especially with everything else going on. He has another appointment in a few days yo see exactly what steps we need to take and what we need.

ssssso, even though we haven’t posted much original content in a while, we’re still willing to do any sort of commissions for a few dollars thrown our way to help our baby boy. anything you can think of (apart from the usual underage, bestiality, etc) well do we just want to get answers and do whatever we can to help him

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