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Prume Lamp by Jean-Baptiste Durand

Prume is French for mist and the Designer Jean-Baptiste Durand made mist the characterizing part of this lamp. The Prume lamp uses the mist, that is created at the bottom of the double wall glass vase, by a nebulizer system. The light is reflected by the mist and spread into the room, creating a soft and warm light that displays at the same time a small piece of the mystic feeling that is created by foggy days.


The Marble Courtyard is the inner most courtyard in the center of the Chateau of Versailles lit at night and by day. Here you can almost make out the small and charming hunting lodge of Louis XIII that was preserved by his son and successor Louis XIV, the Sun King. Enriched by Louis Le Vau and later enlarged by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, it recently had its roofs renovated and gold leaf put back on as it was under the Ancien-Regime.


Dojo Furniture by AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture

Dojo is a chair, arm-chair and table, that is inspired by the dedication of a Dojo, to study and meditation and learn martial arts. The designers of AC/AL Studio in Paris created this furniture series based on their Dojo inspirations, refinement of structural tension and the fluidity of lines. Petite Friture is the producer of the series made of beech wood and steel.