french braid bun

Imagine wearing your hair down, only to have Loki push it back behind your ears or at least away from your face as you converse. You slowly realize that it almost seems like a compulsive habit of his.

To test your new hypothesis, you try wearing your hair in a ponytail, a bun, a chignon, a braid, a French twist, down with a headband, etc. Loki seems pleased with the new hairstyles, but doesn’t mess with your hair anymore.

You wear your hair loose again, only to have Loki gently place the strands behind your ears. An idea occurs to you. You keep talking, casually freeing the strands and allowing them to fall where they may.

“No, don’t do that,” Loki softly half-scolds, tucking the hair back into place. His lips slowly stretch into a kind smile as he looks at his handiwork.

“Why do you do that?” you finally ask him.

Loki cradles your jaw in his hands as he quietly responds.

“Because, my dear (Name), I like seeing your pretty face.”

I’m Hair For You - First Year Master Post

Today is I’m Hair For You’s official One Year Blogiversary!!  As there are now a year’s-worth of tutorials on this blog, I have decided to create this master post so that you can easily find the hairstyle you are looking for.  All of the hairstyles included in this master post were published between March 4, 2016 and March 4, 2017.  Note that many of the hairstyles listed may show up more than once as they fall into multiple categories.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming tutorials, please let me know, and again thank you all for the support!


    • Braided Half Up

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Half Up Fishtail

    • French Braided Bun

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • Side Braids Into Ponytail

    • Dutch Braid

    • French Braid

    • Fishtail Braid

    • Double Dutch Half Up

    • Crown Braid

    • Prim

    • Box Braid

    • Snake Braid

    • Dutch Space Buns

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • Diagonal Dutch Braid

    • Pull Through

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Stacked Buns

    • Full Braided Crown

    • French Braid Tucked Bun

    • Side Triple Braid

    • Easy Crown Braid

    • Uneven Braid

    • Horizontal Bun

    • 4 Strand Fishtail

    • Braided Half Up

    • Braided Top Knot

    • Fishtail Accent Ponytail

    • Dutch Braided Low Pony

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Faux Fishtail

    • Secure Sports Braid


    • All Around Twist

    • Twisted Pigtails

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • French Twist

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Waterfall Twist

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Rope Twist Ponytail

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Rope Twist Pigtails


    • All Around Twist

    • Sleek Runway Ponytail

    • Side Braids Into Ponytail

    • French Twist

    • Box Braid

    • Super Ponytail

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Pull Through

    • Wrapped Ponytail

    • Fishtail Accent Ponytail

    • Rope Twist Ponytail

    • Dutch Braided Low Pony

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Secure Sports Braid


    • Box Braided Bun

    • French Braided Bun

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • Ballerina Bun

    • Dutch Space Buns

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Stacked Buns

    • French Braid Tucked Bun

    • Horizontal Bun

    • Braided Half Up

    •  Braided Top Knot

    • Knotted Bun

Half Up Half Down

    • Braided Half Up

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Half Up Fishtail

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • French Twist

    • Double Dutch Half Up

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • Full Braided Crown

    • Easy Crown Braid 

    • Uneven Braid

    • Braided Half Up

Hair Down

    • Sock Curls

    • Crown Braid

    • Snake Braid

    • Waterfall Twist


    • Twisted Pigtails

    • Dutch Braid

    • Rope Twist Pigtails

Easy Essentials

    • All Around Twist

    • Sock Curls

    • Dutch Braid

    • French Braid

    • Ballerina Bun

    • Fishtail Braid

    • Super Ponytail

    • Snake Braid

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Waterfall Twist

    • Side Triple Braid

    • Easy Crown Braid

    • Uneven Braid

    • Faux Fishtail

Student Tutorials

    • Gleneagle Features Page

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Sleek Runway Ponytail

    • Dutch Braid


    • Easter Bunny

    • Reindeer Bun

    • Half Up Heart

Text Posts & Updates

    • About I’m Hair For You

    • Meet Kendra

    • Gleneagle Features Page

    • Changes

    • One Year Blogiversary

    • First Year Master Post

Here’s some Genderbent!Marauder head cannons you didn’t ask for!

- Jamie Potter was that effortlessly beautiful girl that everyone wanted to be or be with.

- She was the sportiest girl going, too.

- She’d wake up at the crack of dawn to go for a run around the Hogwarts grounds in sun, rain, sleet or snow.

- She was a health freak for health sake (and not for beauty-sake like most people thought)

- In fact, she couldn’t give two hoots about looks.

- Her hair was usually messy bed-hair style; wild and unruly that she ran her fingers through quickly in the morning.

- But it somehow still looked as if it’s been styled perfectly that way.

- She had large, square, Hipster glasses before they became ‘cool

- (She still think’s that she made them cool)

- She always wore colourful braces with her short school skirts, wore her tie loose and short and had her top button undone.  

- She was the epitome of Geek-Chic.

- Jamie laughed loudly, joked constantly and her presence was always known.

- The only other person who could match Jamie on loud presence was Sirius.

- Jamie was head over heels in love with Lee Evans

- For a long time, though, Lee wasn’t interested in her because he believed that Jamie was a ‘mean girl

- But that was the furtherest away from being true.

- Those were just the horrible lies that his friend Severa would tell him.

- It wasn’t until the end of fifth year when Lee saw Jamie in a deserted corridor with a first year Slytherin that was crying his eyes out did he realise he had her completely wrong.

- At first, he thought she had bullied the young boy to tears and went for his wand, until he saw that she was gently wiping his tears away and letting him cling to her shoulder.

- He hid behind the wall and eavesdropped on the conversation to find out that actually, Severa (who he was starting to figure out wasn’t the person who he thought she was), had actually bullied the young boy for being the ‘wrong sort’ for Slytherin. 

- “Hey, hey now. It’s okay to cry. You’re not the wrong sort to be in Slytherin, kiddo.”

- “But … but … she’s right … I’m not … evil … or … Pureblooded”

- “That doesn’t mean you’re not a real Slytherin! And she’s not a pureblood, either. Do you remember the Sorting Hat’s song?”

- The boy shook his head and wiped his tears.

- “He says: in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.” She smiled. “Does it say you have to be a Pureblood or evil?

- The boy shook his head.

- “Exactly! Because you don’t need to be either of those things. Cunning isn’t a bad trait to have, it just mean’s you’ve got a good brain on these shoulders.” She beamed, poking him lightly in the middle of his forehead earning a cute little giggle.

- “Thank you,” he sniffed and threw his arms around her neck.

- She hugged back just as enthusiastically.

- “Don’t you listen to that Severa. If she gives you any more trouble, you come to me, okay? I’ll drop some boogers in her potions for you.” She winked.

- Lee didn’t tell Jamie that he had seen that exchange until seventh year when they were finally together. 

- He knew that that was the moment when he saw Jamie in a new light and had started falling for her.

- Sirius Black was the type of girl that boys would fight each other over but could never have.

- She had high cheekbones that could cut, stormy lined eyes that could kill and a wink that would.

- Sirius was a huge flirt, but she was completely unaware of it.

- It wasn’t until Petra told her that that was why unwanted guys were constantly fawning over her did the dam break and she realised.

- Then she made sure to only flirt with people to get her way (like with McGonagall) or who were her closest friends and knew that was just her nature and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

- However, when she tried to flirt with Rema, she would always get a little too flustered, blush profusely and wasn’t as smooth as she usually was. 

- It took her nearly a year to realise why.

- She used to wear her hair loosely curled around her face until she met Rema, braiding queen extraordinary.

- Then she always had extravagant hair styles that involved braids.

- She had her hair half up half down, braided buns, French platted fringe, braided pony tails.

- If it was a type of braid, Rema had styled her hair that way.

- And Rema was the only one allowed to touch her hair.

- She just had a gentle, calming touch that made Sirius’ eyes flutter and breathing hitch. 

- Rema Lupin was a natural beauty.

- She always wore her hair in two french plaits, or in a high pony tail.

- The only time she ever had her hair down or styled was only for special events like the Yule Ball (and Sirius’ and her first date).

- She loved to braid Sirius’ hair because it kept her hands busy and her anxiety under control.

- Her uniform was always pristine.

- She had her tie the right length, her skirt just above her knees and wore knee high socks.

- The socks always drove Sirius’ insane with lust.

- She always had to sit with her legs crossed and clenched in lessons and had to keep her fantasies of Rema in pretty black underwear and her knee high socks under control

- Rema definitley knew the affect they had on Sirius and wore a pair of them pretty much constantly.

- She would wear one of Sirius’ oversized band tees and black lacy underwear to bed with her knee high socks and braided hair

- It took Sirius a long time to calm down before she could fall asleep.

- It took even longer when they started sharing a bed and Rema would casually throw one of her legs over Sirius’ so she could feel the slither of Rema’s thigh against her skin

- Rema suffered with anxiety a lot and sometimes had to go and be on her own for awhile which her friends would respect.

- She could always been seen curled in the armchair in the common room in oversized jumpers that looked like a dress and the high knee socks reading a book.

- Sirius could never help herself when she saw her like this and would have to go and sit in her lap and cuddle with her, which Rema never minded. 

- She always seemed like the studious, innocent one out of the group but she had the darkest humour and was the queen of Sass.

- She’d would always whisper sarcastic comments under her breath so only her friends could hear and would have to try and keep themselves under control lest they get in trouble for an outburst of laughter in lessons.

- They didn’t do very well with that and many detentions and points were taken because of it.

- And she just sat there with a killer poker face.

- And that’s why no one realised that she was the most devious out of all of them.

- Petra Pettigrew was the cute one of the group.

- She was the first one to have a boyfriend at the age of 15 and dated him for nearly three months until he expected her to do more than just kiss.

-  That was when she realised that she was sex-repulsed. 

- But that didn’t mean she didn’t have crushes on boys and didn’t want a relationship - because that’s exactly what she wanted! 

- Just with someone who understood how she felt and that it wasn’t a ‘phase

- She always had the best hugs and the best advice.

- She was the one who convinced Jamie that acting crazy in front of Lee wasn’t going to win his affections, and to just start acting like herself instead of showing off - which worked.

- She was the one who convinced Sirius’ to finally admit her feelings and ask Rema out on a date - which also worked.

- She was the one to comfort Rema when she suffered with anxiety about her scars, friendships and Furry Little Problem.

- Petra was the glue of the group.

 Just, ughhhh, these Genderbent! nerds. My heart.

anonymous asked:

Sirius Black headcanons?

-forces remus to push he and james about in shopping trolleys

-wishes he could skateboard but really can’t

-remus is THE ONLY thing on the planet that can make him blush

-secretly a huge romantic but will die before he admits it

-once he gets angry he literally can’t control himself

-sexiest and most dramatic mofo around

-plays the piano beautifully, speaks french almost fluently and loves shakespeare and watching ballet, but doesn’t mention it because his parents introduced him to these things and it makes him feel like he’s allying himself with them

-takes SO many selfies (and posts them EVERYWHERE)

-has a shit tonne of instagram followers (and follows literally no one back)

-watches hair tutorials on youtube and tries to copy them doing french braids and space buns (he fails terribly and screams at anyone who walks in on him)

-paints his nails black and wears a shit tonne of silver rings (his fave is one with celtic engravings that remus gave him for his birthday)

-sings in the shower ((((terribly))))

-rants and vague posts so much on snapchat

-has a snapchat streak with literally everyone and WILL cry if he loses one

-barks sometimes tbh

-has a secret stash of Victoria’s Secret body sprays and tries to sneak out and buy more when no one is paying attention

-can’t drive a car and is too terrified to ever try

-says ‘bitch’ and ‘shit’ a lot

-has a tiny black star tattoo below his left eye

-wears remus’ shirts/jumpers a lot

-NO ONE is allowed to touch his motorcycle

-does really weird shit when he’s on his own

-could spend a lifetime record shopping

-loves old school punk music (the damned, the clash, sex pistols etc.)

-but also loves power ballads

-has really smooth skin???

-e y e l i n e r

-is very emotional

-calls james prongsie

-has nightmares most nights

-is extremely graceful its unreal

-calls remus moonypie, moonykins, my moony, moonbaby etc. etc.

-has tried on multiple occasions to give himself tattoos

-has snake bite piercings, eight ear piercings (all on one ear), septum piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing, nipple piercing, tongue piercing (and they all turn remus on like fuck)

-seems to have a new tattoo every time you see him

-is really easy to scare (if you want to make him scream like a kid just jump out at him and he’ll pee himself)

-he and james have the most bizzare inside jokes that even they don’t remember the meanings of

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can you talk more about genderfluid!lucy please? it's one of my fav headcanons and it holds a special place in my heart :')

Hey :) sure thing. So I did literally just finish a prompt for @thebisexualmystarryyy . So you can check that out here and if you have any prompts even like generic ones ft genderfluid Lucy I’d be happy to take a stab at ‘em, it may take me 7 years (sorry again @thebisexualmystarryyy ) but I’ll totally do it.

Anyway genderfluid!Lucy gets really close with Vasquez after coming out. They were already good friends but Vasquez takes on like an ‘elder queer’ role and they’re totally inseparable after that. Their shenanigans are a never-ending headache for Maggie and Erin. Alex is a wild card as to whether she’s part of the problem or the solution.

Before Lucy decides on whether or not to do any kind of name change, on he days Vasquez makes sure to call Lucy 'Lucifer’ instead of Satan when the occasion calls ex:

 “Vasquez, the new trainee who was mouthing off during proper first contact procedure?”

“Thompson? Sir.”

“Yeah, give him a toothbrush and some climbing gear and have him clean the ceilings of bat shit”

“Right away, Sir Lucifer, Sir”

Lucy’s hair drives him nuts at first. He doesn’t want to cut it short. She’s pretty attached to its current length but on days where Lucy is unambiguously he, it pulls and no matter what he does he just can’t get it to sit right. Leaving it loose makes him uncomfortable. He tries tying it back in ponytails and man buns. French braiding it keeps it out of his face but that isn’t quite right either.

One day Vasquez hands him a box and a dumb card with a sounds fake but isn’t holiday wish on it like 'happy national squirrel day’ or something

Inside the box though is a set of custom-made leather strips and a note that says something like 'if it was good enough for the founding fathers…jk you went to law school you know they were racist assholes but enjoy their fashion sense anyway’

Lucy finally finds a way to pull back his hair that doesn’t leave him perpetually frustrated.

Lucy eventually decides he does want to use a different name on he days. At first the thought is just so daunting because he’s CHOOSING a name and there are so.many.names. Before the lists have been seriously narrowed down to real thought out choices Lucy spends a lot of time badgering Vasquez like ‘you should just name meeee.’ Of course, Vasquez is just like c'mon that’s not how this works and Lucy sort of starts insisting like no this is exactly how it should work like you are the elder queer and you should bestow my name upon me after I finish a series of ultimately meaningless but traditionally important tasks.

One day during weapons inventory they’re talking about it again and Vasquez throws up their hands picks up and alien broadsword and mock knights Lucy dubbing him…..Crookshanks and Lucy realllllllyyyy wants to be mad but Vasquez has kind of made their point and really Lucy should have expected that considering Erin had to put her foot down on Vasquez naming the kids because no one trusts Susan 'I did not name the animal that pop culture reference nope not a thing I did’ Vasquez to refrain from similarly naming human children.

After that Lucy starts researching names and Vasquez totally anonymously drops off a baby naming book (one that they bought especially for Lucy because they and Erin feel really strongly about naming any kids they might have something gender neutral).

Lucy makes two lists one with names starting with L and the other, names starting with other letters.

At some point he realizes how attached he is to the alteration of Lucy Lane and how now that he’s not forced to be Lucy on days where he’s not, she kind of loves being Lucy on the days when she is. So he decides it’s definitely going to be an L name, when he has it narrowed down to 2 names, Lucas and Leon, he brings it up with Alex and Maggie. He knows ultimately it’s going to be his choice, it’s too personal not to be but he still kinda wants their input. They’re both supportive but understandably hesitant to influence the decision. It’s okay though because they listen as he lays out all this etymology he’s dug up and talks.about his feelings.

The day after he finally decides on a name and tells Vasquez a stuffed animal Crookshanks shows up on his desk wearing a custom 'happy birthday Leon’ shirt with a congratulations it’s a boy balloon tied to it(Vasquez sharpies ^sometimes  in between it’s and a)

uhhh yea that’s what I got at the moment idk if you were looking for something other than anecdotes….

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What’s your favorite hairstyle on Kirishima

MMMM.. i really like… like… kinda french braided into a bun or ponytail, with like. whispy pieces sticking out

ok so short haired Allura is cute and all but consider me out; Allura keeping her long hair but with new styles. Twin buns, french braid, high ponytail, chingnon, top bun–listen

types of people: hairstyles

french braids: a clear sky, sweet honey, charm bracelets, cursive writing, bluebirds, cake pops

space buns: constellation maps, glow sticks, bubble gum, the alien emoji, paint splatters, crop tops

high ponytail: red lipstick, misty mornings, pea coats, coffee, tanning, long nails, straight teeth

afro hair: flower crowns, polaroids, old cars, sundresses, ice cream & waffles, lake cottages

pigtails: lavender, lace, round glasses, softly singing, pastel coloured balloons, cotton candy

pixie cut: overalls, knee-high socks, libraries, embroidery, snail shells, banana bread, pretty rocks

as requested by @flosstudies who also sent me a super lovely message!! Thank you & I hope you enjoy it💓 if YOU want to see a certain post on this blog, don’t forget to send me a request!