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“Aw, Emma held Belle’s hand when she was giving birth!”

“I love them! Emma’s such a wonderful friend!”


Awwww.  It always comforts me SO much when a person who tried to kill me less than a month ago (and more recently betrayed me in ways I don’t know about) holds my hand.

(also the person who, it seems, convinced me, wrongly, that my husband wanted to poison me? She’s SUCH a protective pal!)

Belle French deserves better “fans” than the ones who see her as only a hammer with which to bludgeon Rumple. 

The Crimean war (1853-1856)

The Crimean war was the first media driven war. The international community was subjected to the horror of war. This inspired people like florence nightingale to journey to eastern europe and save lives. 

the wars roots can be traced back to the Napoleonic wars. After the empire collasped the great powers met in vienna to dicuss the balance of power and even out borders. They formed the “Concert of Europe” which was a continental system and alliance between the main powers of europe. However the growing economic and nationalistic pressures had led the Ottoman empire to be nicknamed the “Sick man of Europe”. The Ottomans empire slow decline from a superpower to a middle power was siezed upon by the russians who planned to carve the empire up to expand russian dominance. All they needed was the shit to hit the fan. 

Did someone say christianity?

The main issue was the treatment of christians in the Ottoman controlled holy land. The french wanted more rights for Catholics and the russians stepped in and wanted more rights for orthodox christians. The Turks gave way to both and hoped the issue would go away. 

But the Russians pushed for every orthodox christian to be under russian protection and issued the Ottomans an utlimatum for war. The Ottomans demanded changes and negotiation. The French and british promised the Ottomans support as niether the French or British wanted to see the Russian empire even bigger than it was. The Ottomans declared war before the Russians had the chance in 1853. 

There was little for the allies to do in the first weeks. The Ottoman General Omar Pasha led the attack and the Russian bear romped through the Balkans. The British and french thought their effots were being wasted and they attacked the heart of the russian forces at sevastapool. Tricky nicky soon put a damper on their morale by counterattacking and pushed them back while only just south of the city of sevastapool. Omar Pasha led a counter-counterattack and defeated the russian forces. This became and siege and things went from bad to worse. 

The conditions were terrible. Shoulder wounds would turn fatal as infection crept in. The nurses weren’t properly trained and the effects of artillery and industrialised warfare proved devastating. Coupled with the incompotence of the British and French officers. Where promotions were literally sold to the highest bidder. Casualties were high. 

This was embodied in the “charge of the light brigade” where 700 horses charged into russian cannon and rifle fire. A famous British poet. Lord Tennyson captured the butchery of the battle

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon behind them
   Volley’d and thunder’d;
Storm’d at with shot and shell,
While horse and hero fell,
They that had fought so well
Came thro’ the jaws of Death
Back from the mouth of Hell,
All that was left of them,
   Left of six hundred.
When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!
   All the world wondered.
Honour the charge they made,
Honour the Light Brigade,
   Noble six hundred.

This inspired volunteer nurses like florence nightingale and mary seacole to train the british nurses and improve the conditions of the war. 

The war came to a close and the italians joined in but at that point the situation was kinda…

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With Europe ganging up on them and the City of sevastapool lost. The russians sued for peace in 1856. The war cost the lives of 350,000 men. 

Parks and Coffee Carts {OQ Fic}

Summary: Robin gets the fright of his life when he returns from the park to find someone else’s baby in his stroller. (Hood Beauty siblings.) Part 1 but will continue.


Robin Locksely always considered himself a careful man.

Sure, same as any man he was known to seek a thrill or two, but when it came to his decisions he prided himself on his ability to think things through. He always took his time in order to make the right choice, especially when it came to things of importance.

Case in point: his son’s stroller.  

Being a single father was never something Robin expected to be. When Marian had died less than a week after Roland’s birth he’d been shell shocked to say the least. (He’d never be able to look at a pregnant woman without hearing the words postpartum hemorrhage in the back of his head again.) Without her guidance he couldn’t help but second-guess almost every choice he’d made concerning their son, Roland. Whether he was picking the right brand of formula or sticking his diapers too tight, a part of him would always stop to wonder whether Marian would’ve done it differently.

However, the one choice he would never be able to second-guess was his son’s stroller.

It was the last big baby decision that he and Marian had made together. Together they’d agonized over which one to buy. Trolling through numerous online websites and checking each one for safety, comfort and price. Robin probably spent more time thinking through his son’s stroller than he did his first car.

In the end they’d settled on a dark blue, top of the line jogger stroller with three happy brown bears stitched onto the hood. Roland absolutely loved the thing. As Robin discovered soon after his son’s birth, one short ride around the block in his stroller and Roland would certainly pass out. That one ability made it Robin’s favorite item in the world.

And he wasn’t the only one who favored it.

In the six months since his son’s birth Robin had run into more than a few parents who had the same stroller as him. Apparently, it was a top seller online and in stores. But that wasn’t something that Robin had given much thought to… until now.

He’d only planned on taking a quick walk to the store with his son. Belle, his younger sister, had needed him to pick up some ingredients for dinner that she’d forgotten. (She’d moved in with him shortly after Marian’s death, something he’d never be able to thank her enough for.) Roland had been a little colicky anyway, so Robin figured the fresh air and stroller would do him some good. He was right. By the time they’d made it three blocks to the bodega, Roland had been utterly peaceful. It was autumn and the weather was beautiful so he’d decided to take the long way home through the park. Even stopped at the coffee cart on halfway through.

By the time he’d gotten home he’d felt completely relaxed. Looking in the stroller’s storage area to put away the groceries, he’d frowned when he’d saw nothing but a small black women’s handbag in their place. What? How did that get there? Where were the groceries? He was sure he’d put them in there. Yes, he’d certainly had, right after checking out with the cashier.

Mulling it over in his head, he’d stepped around to the front stroller to retrieve and gasped in shock.

From behind his back he heard Belle come out from her room. He turned to see her approaching him with a bright smile on her face. “Hey,” she warmly greeted him. “Did Roland enjoy your walk to the store?”

Robin open and closed his mouth before softly responding, “I don’t know…”

Smile still in place Belle tilted her head at him curiously. “You don’t know?”

Robin felt his throat grow tight and his heart begin to race. “He’s not here.”


Robin swallowed hard as his gaze dropped down to the baby in the stroller. “Belle… this baby isn’t mine.”

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Anyone who is glad that Belle is “friends” with people who abused her

…because they don’t like Rumple (the guy who SAVED HER from both these people on multiple occasions)  does not give a single shit about Belle.

Killykins and Zee are both using Belle. They don’t care about her; she’s just a way to keep hurting Rumple (and in the Killybunny’s case, to appease his own ego and pretend that Belle is the ONLY woman he brutalized, when we’ve seen very much otherwise onscreen). They’ve both said or shown this (Zelena only decided to “help” Belle when she became jealous of the EQ getting a taste of Rumple). The motivation for them “helping” her now is no different from them abusing her before.

But then, it’s no wonder these “Belle fans” approve of that motivation, since they too only see Belle as an instrument with which to flog Rumple.

13rd RDP operators during a target acquisition.

The 13 RDP - Parachute Dragons Regiment - is an airborne special forces regiment of the French Army. It is one of two regiments in the French Army Special Forces Brigade, which is under the control of the COS (special operations command). The regiment’s primary duties are airborne reconnaissance operations.


March 28th 1854: Britain and France declare war on Russia

On this day in 1854 in a pivotal moment of the Crimean War, Britain and France declared war on Russia. This conflict originated in the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars when Europe tried to rebuild and ensure future stability. One of the concerns was the crumbling Ottoman-Turkish empire, known as the ‘sick man of Europe’. The Russians planned to carve up the European part of Turkey, but Turkey objected and eventually declared war. The war was also prompted by debates over the rights of Christians in the Holy Land, which was under Ottoman control. Britain and France, each with their own interests in the preservation of the Ottoman regime, also joined the war when Russian troops failed to withdraw from the Russo-Turkish border. The allies decided to land in the Crimea to assault the Russian naval base at Sevastopol in order to gain the Black Sea. The siege took far longer than expected, and made Crimea the primary front of the war. The Crimean war was characterised by poor military leadership on both sides and a failure to adapt tactics to modern weaponry. The Battle of Balaclava in October saw the infamous British 'Charge of the Light Brigade’, a frontal assault against Russian artillery. Eventually Sevastopol fell, the Russians were defeated, and the war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in March 1856. This war has been the subject of much recent discussion due to Russia’s controversial annexation of Crimea, which was previously an autonomous region of Ukraine.

160 years ago today

Would Belle have slept with Rumple in 5.11 if she'd known he was the Dark One?

You bet your bippy she would.

Rumple has been the Dark One for most of the time she’s loved him.

Belle said she loved him, “all of him–even the parts that belong to the Darkness.” (3.15)

Belle MARRIED the Dark One and said she loved him BECAUSE of his flaws. (3.23)

Belle said she knew what she’d gotten when she married the Dark One. (4.23)

Belle knows it’s easier to hate a Dark One than to love one–but she loves hers all the same. (5.2 or something)

(I’m on my phone so I can’t add illustrations; I’d be very grateful if someone could post the gifs.)

Unlike a certain other person, Belle doesn’t reject her love because he’s no longer a pwetty, pwetty pwincess. Belle loves Rumple inside and out. She wants him to be his best–for his OWN happiness and health–but she loves his best AND his worst.

Belle does not give a single feathered fuck that her husband is the DO.

What Belle cares about–and what will hurt her if it happens–is if Rumple fails to trust her again, if he hides the truth from her for an extended period, and if he hurts people behind her back. None of those things have happened yet.

What Belle has always wanted is Rumple’s trust. So yeah, if he’d told her he was already the DO, she’d have banged him like a screen door just as enthusiastically and consentually as she did.

Storybrooke, Prince Edward Island (Avonlea AU)

Emma Swan grew up in a state owned orphanage and learned young that the only person she could trust was herself.  No one’s ever given her a helping hand and she’s fighting to earn her way in the world as a journalist, but it’s 1918 and nothing’s easy for a woman with a profession.

The newspaper in the tiny village of Storybrooke on Prince Edward Island is the first place that will hire Emma.  It’s a sleepy little town made up of farmers and fisherman.  Emma’s not sure there’s much to write about at all, but she learns that there’s more happening than she could have guesses.

Her first friends are a young couple recently married, Mary Margaret and David Nolan.  Mary Margaret’s father died not long ago and there’s a mystery surrounding his sudden death.  Her employer is a mysterious man who keeps to himself, named Jefferson.  The richest woman in town seems to hate everyone and won’t let her son go to the public school.  People warn her not to talk to the man that runs the lighthouse, a fellow named Gold.  And there’s whispers about what happens in the asylum at the edge of town.

As Emma begins to write about the town she finds that she’s less on the outside and is becoming a part of the story.  She’s even falling in love for the first time with a man named Graham who has spent most of his time far north and is as much an outsider as Emma.

Storybrooke, PEI.  Episode one: The Carnival Comes to Town.

Not pictured: Granny, who runs the general store and seems to know everything, and her granddaughter Ruby who dreams of doing more than running a store.  Whale, a small town doctor that fled his big city practice. Arial, the schoolteacher.  Sidney, the constable.  Regina Mills, the richest woman in town, and her son Henry.  Killian Jones, a sailor.  Albert Spencer, a banker.  

Finding back the taste of victory after two years of defeat against Germany. Men of the 1st Free French Brigade (1ère BFL) managed to protect the southern flank of the British 8th Army.

On May 26th, 1942 Rommel launched his offensive and managed to break the British line. The 1st BFL had the order to hold the ground at any cost and stood at Bir Hakeim until June 11th. The 3 700 men entrenched at Bir Hakeim managed to repell the assaults of 35 000 combined Italian and German troops.The encircled French garrison managed to break enemy lines at night and join British troops.

This delay with gave the 8th Army time to retreat in Egypt and prepare a sucessful counter attack at El Alamein in October.