french yogurt

good morning sunshines!
a week ago i fractured my tailbone falling while i was walking with my dog, as usual i’m the luckiest person in the world (irony), well now i have to keep at rest until the pain won’t end, uffff 

breakkie to lift the spirtits: fresh wholemeal bread from the bakery (salt-free) topped with fat-free vanilla greek yogurt, banana, strawbs and dark chocolate followed by ginger tea sweetened with stevia, so deliciousss

5 Things Tag

Thank you for tagging me @heretherebebooks & @bookcub!

5 things you’ll find in my bag

Blistex Herbal Answer Lip Balm
Gum (Always Trident, usually spearmint or tropical twist)
Coupons (I love getting deals!)
Work Badge

5 things in my bedroom

Blistex Herbal Answer Lip Balm (I have it stashed everywhere)
The Book I am Currently Reading
Reading Lamp
Hand Cream
Alarm Clock 

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life

Find a Job I Absolutely Love
Be Creative
Be Kind
Have Fun 

5 things that make me happy

Music & Concerts
Food (Especially Thai, Korean, & Mexican) 
When Good Things Happen Unexpectedly

5 things that I’m currently into

Reading the First Book in Multiple Fantasy Series (such a thing lately)
Middle Grade and Children’s Books
Library Book Sales (Always)
Tha Naming (If you want worldbuilding, READ THIS) 

5 things on my to-do list

Make A French Lemon Yogurt Cake (I have a bunch of lemons I need to use)
Make Travel Plans for a Friend’s Wedding in May 
Do my Taxes
Organize my Messy Paperwork (So I can do my taxes) 
Find a Good Online Workout Program (Cardio videos and stuff. Know any good ones?)

5 things you may not know about me

I Met a Dog Named Justice Today
I Wear Glasses (my current ones are teal)
I Loved Far Side Comics Growing Up 
I Love Cooking Shows & Trying New Recipes
I Just Hit 300 Followers! (Thanks for following folks!)

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good morning oatflakes!
breakfast on this windy cool day was wholemeal toasts spread with vanilla greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon + banana, almonds and raisin; almond milk cappuccino on the side 

Every character has something about them that no one knows, and if your a writer it can be hard to think of something special. So here’s a little list of common/uncommon things I put together to help you guys out:)

-They secretly can curse like a sailor

-Very ticklish

-Really like a certain food (Peaches, Peppermints, etc)

-Have a figurine of a stupid action show

-Are into really old movies

-Love to crossdress

-Listen to a really bad pop singer late at night

-Are secretly really good at a sport (Snowboarding, Pole dancing, etc)

-Secretly hate a certain animal (cats, horses, etc)

-Love to be kissed on a certain part of their body (the side of the neck, behind the ear, on the tips of their hair, etc)

-Like to have their ass groped

-Love having tons of pillows to sleep with

-Can be very sassy if they don’t get their food that they like (French fries, yogurt, etc)

-Get sleepy after reading books

-Love to sleep naked to sexually frustrate their partner(s)

-Likes to sit on the counter while eating

-Eats ice cream with a fork

-Hates ketchup/mustard

-Needs to watch a certain show every week or they will die (The walking dead, parks and rec, law and order, etc)

-Will actually punch someone for yelling in a store (and almost get sued)

-Always wins/looses at monopoly

Just a couple ideas I had, if you guys want another list for something I’d be glad to make one. Feel free to message me;)


I decided that I’d do some homework a bit earlier than usual on this beautiful Labor Day. I am currently working on APHUG notes for a chapter quiz tomorrow. I also decided that it was time for breakfast. Normally I eat a doughnut or two depending on how hungry I am. Today I decided that I would eat a doughnut and a bit of french vanilla yogurt with strawberries and granola. I also decided that I really wanted hot chocolate which is different considering its 90 degrees fahrenheit outside. Oh well, good luck with your day!