french yogurt

good morning sunshines!
a week ago i fractured my tailbone falling while i was walking with my dog, as usual i’m the luckiest person in the world (irony), well now i have to keep at rest until the pain won’t end, uffff 

breakkie to lift the spirtits: fresh wholemeal bread from the bakery (salt-free) topped with fat-free vanilla greek yogurt, banana, strawbs and dark chocolate followed by ginger tea sweetened with stevia, so deliciousss

More Bryce McQuaid and Swag Dracula for yuh

Bryce McQuaid x Swag Dracula


I sat at my computer desk trying to edit some videos for tomorrow and the following day but my mind was running a blank. I didn’t know what I wanted to post or if the fans would really like it. Which made it even more stressful for me. I sigh giving up on the video ideas and just get ready to post a ‘Cash Cab F13 gameplay’

“Let’s just stream.” I quickly tweet that I’m going to stream and start to set up. I type in discord to my mods and viewers that were in there that I was streaming. It was only 5:00pm so it was perfect to start streaming.

“HAHAHAH welcome to the stream! Take a seat and relax drink some blood! Blah blah blah.” I smile reading the chat fill up with ‘hello’s’ and ‘hi’s’ some of them asking where Bryce and Gorilla were but I just ignored it.

“Guys I dunno what Bryce or Gorilla are doing but if they happen to be on Friday the 13th then we’ll play.” The chat was mixed with laughing and weirdness like always. It brought a smile to face to have such amazing fans.

Half way through my stream there was a knock on the door. I look at the time to see it was 10:00pm already, hopefully it wasn’t a noise complaint since I was screaming at Satt for killing me. I really didn’t want to get kicked out of my apartment. I slowly make my way to the front door mostly because it was dark as shit in my house and I had clutter all over my office from moving things around. I finally get to the front door openly it slowly.

“Dracula!” A tall blonde squeals hugging me as I had fully opened the door. The blonde smiles brightly still hugging me as I hug back the stranger.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry for not telling you I was coming to visit but it was a surprise.” The blonde smiled once again and my heart fluttered. His voice was so familiar…

“B-Bryce?” I ask my eyes widening at the site of him. I’ve seen Bryce’s face before and have heard his voice but that completely blew over my head when he hugged me.

“Yep!” I glance back up at the tall blonde and smile. I pulled his arm and shove him inside my little home. My landlord was a bit picking when it came to commotion in the hallways.

“Come on follow me and don’t fall sorry it’s a mess.” I chuckle a bit while Bryce giggles trying not to fall over the random crap in my room.

“Okay guys I’m going to end the stream here because Bryce McQuaid is currently in my house. I have no clue how he got here. He’s crazy.” I giggle and look to Bryce who had a fake offended expression on his face.

“That is not true! I am perfectly normal.” He says giggling whiling running his hand through his hair. A smile creeps onto my face and I feel my cheeks heat up. I end the stream saying goodnight to my amazing community and head to the living room with Bryce right behind me.

“So what are you doing here?” I ask curiousness getting to me as Bryce sat cross legged on the couch. The t.v was still on so the light flickered lightly on his face with different colors.

“Well I wanted to visit you plus I twitch con is coming up!” Bryce smiled happily taking a sip of the water I had grabbed for him.

“Well now that you’re here what do you want to do? Are you hungry? Your flight must have been long” I ask getting more comfortable on the couch by crossing my legs mimicking Bryce’s movement. Cash cab was currently playing old reruns that I had gotten my attention a bit.

“I am a bit hungry, but I don’t want to bother you into cooking.” I look up to Bryce and smile. I was a bit hungry myself actually. I haven’t eaten since noon and I know a cute diner Bryce will love.

“I have an idea, I know this diner that you will love!” I quickly hop up from the couch rushing to my bedroom to get change. I changed into a light soft pink sweatshirt, black skinny jeans and some black shoes.

“Wowww, you clean up nicely.” Bryce complements me making my cheeks turn a soft pink color.

“And you don’t look to bad yourself 'mister nice guy’” He giggles lightly his eyes bright and filled with joy. It was honestly super cute. I blush at that thought shaking my head grabbing my car keys, ushering Bryce to follow me down to the parking garage.

“It’s sorta spooky down here.” Bryce says shaking a bit from the dark dampness of the basement. I just give him a half smile slipping his hand in mine to lead him to my Jeep. She was truly a beautiful car that I loved with all my heart. I looked over to Bryce to see him blushing madly at my sudden action. I realize this and drop his hand quickly my head screaming at me for doing that. I mumble out a apology and try to start the Jeep fast so we could eat.

“So what’s this diner you talk about so fondly?” Bryce asked as we turned into the parking lot for the tiny diner. It was call 'Under the night sky’ diner and it had amazing food.

“You’ll see.” I grin at the tall blonde boy and make my way to the small diner. When I entered the diner the fresh smell of syrup and pancakes flooded my senses. I take a seat at the booth I always sit at and wait for Jonah.

“DRACULA!” I look up to see Jonah smiling and coming over our way. I stand up giddily smiling happily as the small boy tightly hugged me. Jonah was about my age in his yearly twenties. He owned this small diner that was filled with space, stars and of course anything alien. He loved space in every way so he made the 'Under the night sky’ diner.

“What can I get you and this fine gentleman?” He asks referring to Bryce.

“We’ll take the special.” I cheekily smile at Jonah and he just smirks sideway glancing at Bryce.

“Coming right up! What would you like to drink?” I look over to Bryce who ordered a coke and I ordered the same. Jonah took our menus saying goodbye and rushing to the counter.

“BABE! One special please! Thank you.” Jonah came back with two cokes, straws and syrup for our meal. I smile and thank him continuing to talk to Bryce.

“What! No way. I don’t believe you would ever doing something like that.” Bryce laughs his hair bouncy all around the place. I chuckle smiling at he boy in front of me. His smile was radiant and could make anyone smile. His puns were even better in person although he his very awkward about them.

“Yes, in hight school we managed to put the principle and vice principals car on the roof it was absolutely hilarious.”

“Here you guys good! The Under the night sky special. Also Drac don’t worry about payment, Leo and I got you covered.” Jonah winks and smiles at me before briskly walking away you could feel the happiness and warmth basically coming off him.

“Wow, Jonah is really sweet and kind person. How do you know him?” Bryce asked while starting at the huge plate of food sitting in front of us.

“I was in a club with Jonah and I protected him although high school as well. He then meant Leo and we all became friends. Now Leo and Jonah are married and work here.” Bryce stares in awe at the story and as Jonah and Leo kiss real quick and get back to work.

“That’s really sweet of you Drac. Now tell me what’s on this plate. It don’t think we will eat it all!” I blush slightly but quickly hide my face.

“You look really cute blushing.” Bryce whispers and I swear I squealed. My heart was racing fast and it felt like a million butterfly’s were in my stomach.

“W-well, in the special is 4 pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, biscuits, French toast, yogurt, fruit, and waffles.” I say trying to control my voice. I clear my throat looking up at Bryce and smiling. He smiles back and we start to dig into our meal. I had 2 pancakes, eggs, biscuits, French toast and sausage while Bryce had waffles, 1 pancake, bacon and French toast.

“Oh my god.That was amazing. I think I might have a food baby.” I exclaimed smacking my stomach a little to hard feeling the pain from the smack. Bryce agrees stumbling to stand up I laugh as he almost falls from the amount of food he had eaten as it had put him in a daze.

“Come one lets go say bye to Jonah.” I say slipping my hand once again into Bryce’s and start to walk into the back kitchen.

“Jonah! Leo! Thanks so much for the food we are stuffed. I’ll see you next time. Bye!” I wave bye to the happy couple quickly letting go of Bryce’s hand to hug Jonah.

“What should we do now?” Bryce ask, I think for a moment and then give him a straight answer.

“Sleep.” He laughs and nods his head agreeing to my brilliant plan. This time Bryce grabs my hand and I blush. God I wish I could kiss him. You know what fuck it. I will.

I quickly stop and turn to face Bryce. I stand on my tippy toes cupping his soft cheeks into my hands and gently kiss his lips. He smiles in the kiss and bends down a bit to deepen the kiss more. My heart flutters as I thought at first he was going to deny me.

“You taste and smell like syrup.” He softly says giggling. I lightly hit his arm and drag him to the Jeep ready to go home.

P.s @im-young-and-a-menace I saw your request for more so here it is! ^_^

okay so let me keep track of this

as for now we have

  1. lemon pie kun (PROTAGONIST)
  2. hershey pie kun
  3. pizza dessert kun
  4. tiramisu kun
  5. raspberry tart chan
  6. strawberry shortcake kun
  7. passion fruit cheesecake san
  8. chocolate fountain chan
  9. banana split kun
  10. egg tart tan
  11. nanaimo bar kun
  12. rose petal cake san
  13. boston cream pie san
  14. pumpkin pie chan
  15. giga pudding chan
  16. blackberry macaron chan
  17. oreo cheesecake kun
  18. cheesecake kun
  19. scone chan
  20. red velvet kun
  21. sprinkled donut san
  22. wedding cake san
  23. raspberry mousse kun
  24. green tea pancake kun
  25. montblanc chan
  26. white chocolate mint cookie kun
  27. peanut butter cup chan
  28. ice cream cake san
  29. montblanc kun
  30. cupcake chan
  31. strawberry shortcake san
  32. montblanc san
  33. dango kun
  34. frozen yogurt kun
  35. eclairs kun
  36. chocolate macaron kun
  37. key lime pie kun
  38. vanilla frosting kun
  39. chocolate chip cookie kun
  40. lemon bar san
  41. pear tarte san
  42. blueberry cheesecake kun
  43. green tea mochi chan
  44. orange creamsicle chan
  45. cookie chan
  46. crepe chan
  47. fudge marble kun
  48. brazo de mercedes kun
  49. tomato kun ?
  50. bubblegum icecream san
  51. mint brownie san
  52. caramel pudding chan
  53. cherry cupcake san
  54. choco berry san
  55. black forest ojiisan
  56. raspberry and custard cream millie feuille chan
  57. parfait chan
  58. polish mole mound cake kun
  59. frankfurt crown cake twins
  60. bubble tea chan
  61. chocolate lava cake okaasan
  62. strawberry sundae chan
  63. dame blanche ice cream kun
  64. jam roll chan
  65. ice cream sandwich san
  66. mango mousse cake kun
  67. grapefruit ice cream kun
  68. nutella chan
  69. caramel apple chan
  70. milk cake chan
  71. cherry gelato kun
  72. strawberry pancake kun
  73. peppermint bark san
  74. pop cake kun
  75. jam roly poly chan
  76. orange blossom macaron kun
  77. caramel macchiato cheesecake chan
  78. caramel frappucino chan
  79. sea salt ice cream kun
  80. strawberry pie chan
  81. shaved ice chan
  82. souffle chan
  83. dulce de leche chan
  84. macaron kun
  85. red bean soup chan
  86. twinkie kun
  87. pasca san
  88. chocolate croissant chan
  89. concha kun
  90. kiev cake kun
  91. cakepop kun
  92. neapolitan ice cream chan
  93. smores chan
  94. salmon roll kun
  95. snow cone chan
  96. happy tracks ice cream kun
  97. pocky kun
  98. green tea cupcake chan
  99. pink frosted sprinkled donut kun
  100. lemon macaron san
  101. lava cake kun
  102. semolina pudding chan
  103. meringue chan
  104. green apple frozen yogurt chan
  105. ice cream cake kun
  106. blueberry cheesecake chan
  107. apple spice cake kun
  108. mango float cake kun
  109. twinkle candy kun
  110. taro cake kun
  111. dobos torte san
  112. pound cake kun
  113. oreo kun
  114. clafouti chan
  115. pavlova kun
  116. almond pudding san
  117. rocky road brownie san
  118. creme caramel san
  119. patbingsu chan
  120. rich royalty blueberry cheesecake san
  121. s'mores pie kun
  122. cinnamon roll chan
  123. blue bunny wagashi san
  124. ice cream chan
  125. creme brulee san
  126. candy apple chan
  127. belgian waffle chan
  128. chocolate waffles kun
  129. apple pie chan
  130. eton mess kun
  131. ube creme decadence san
  132. waffle kun
  133. creme brulee kun
  134. caramello koala kun
  135. halo halo chan
  136. chocolate caramel brownie kun
  137. strawberry ombre cake chan
  138. triple chocolate mousse kun
  139. dulce de leche and cheese chan
  140. taiyaki kun
  141. gino kun
  142. grapes chan
  143. moon cake kun
  144. hot chocolate kun
  145. popsicle chan
  146. black licorice chan
  147. flan kun
  148. mint chocolate ice cream cake kun
  149. caramel shortbread kun
  150. coconut haystack chan
  151. cookie brownie kun
  152. strawberry macaron hime sama
  153. raspberry religieuse chan
  154. madeleine kun
  155. strawberry empanada chan
  156. chocolate fondue kun
  157. mousse au chocolat kun
  158. cream puff chan
  159. strawberry ice cream mochi chan
  160. green tea mousse kun
  161. coconut cream pie san
  162. sakura mochi chan
  163. cinnamon bun kun
  164. hershey’s cookies n creme chan
  165. mint cake chan
  166. sachertorte kun
  167. honey toast kun
  168. baumkuchen kun
  169. nutella crepe chan
  170. coffee cake kun
  171. white chocolate macadamia nut cookie kun
  172. mocha kun
  173. a la mode kun
  174. cotton candy chan
  175. rainbow cookie chan
  176. dirt dessert san
  177. chocolate ganache chan
  178. peppermint ice cream san
  179. rainbow cake chan
  180. fudge chan
  181. sorbet kun
  182. french silk pie chan
  183. matcha parfait san
  184. unicorn poop cookie kun
  185. butterscotch san
  186. halo halo kun
  187. cannoli kun
  188. potato chips kun
  189. chocolate covered strawberry chan
  190. gummy bear san
  191. lemon mousse with raspberries kun
  192. fondant cake kun
  193. mango log cake san
  194. angel food cake san
  195. glazed donut kun
  196. chocolate banana cream pie chan
  197. birthday cake kun
  198. jelly chan
  199. rum cake kun
  200. berry cupcake kun
  201. anmitsu chan
  202. chocolate strawberry cheesecake kun
  203. taro frozen yogurt chan
  204. panna cotta chan
  205. caramel apple kun
  206. grasshopper pie kun
  207. mint chocolate ice cream san
  208. blueberry tart chan
  209. coffee bun kun
  210. marshmallow chan
  211. strawberry daifuku kun
  212. apple tart kun
  213. apple jalousie chan
  214. truffle nut kun
  215. watermelon rose cake chan
  216. roasted milk kun
  217. matcha pocky kun
  218. blue velvet chan
  219. ice cream sundae pop tart chan
  220. neapolitan ice cream kun
  221. castella chan
  222. mantou kun
  223. steamed bun chan
  224. rainbow cake kun
  225. popsicle kun
  226. candy buttons kun
  227. raspberry filled donut kun
  228. pavlova chan
  229. chocolate fountain kun
  230. chocolate oreo marshmallow pudding kun
  231. mikan pocky kun
  232. french vanilla cappuccino san
  233. vanilla mint shake kun
  234. strawberry roll cake chan
  235. mint monster sundae chan
  236. kohaku kan sensei
  237. after eight mint chocolate thin kun
  238. strawberry daifuku san
  239. fruit parfait kun
  240. baklava kun
  241. kue chan
  242. blueberry cake chan
  243. chocolate muffin kun
  244. rainbow sorbet kun
  245. suspiro a la limeña san
  246. cendol kun
  247. egg tart kun
  248. namagashi chan
  249. confetti cake kun
  250. limeade kun
  251. durian candy kun
  252. caramel flan kun
  253. flan tan
  254. chocolate chip cannoli oniisan
  255. sweetheart kun
  256. buñuelo kun
  257. berry parfait chan
  258. devil’s food cake kun
  259. sakura kanten chan
  260. marshmallow kun
  261. cookies and cream ice cream chan
  262. black forest muffin kun
  263. mochi ice cream chan
  264. violet macaron chan
  265. vatican bread san
  266. mazamorra kun
  267. pudding kun
  268. funnel cake kun
  269. matcha with azuki bean filling macaron chan
  270. star candy chan
  271. milky chu chu bar kun
  272. pineapple upside down cake kun
  273. red velvet macaron chan
  274. moon cake san
  275. mango pudding chan
  276. funnel cake san
  277. seashell cupcake chan
  278. strawberry lime cupcake chan
  279. rosemary scone kun
  280. creampuff kun
  281. strawberry pocky san
  282. matcha souffle chan
  283. german sweet chocolate pie kun
  284. reese’s cheesecake chan
  285. banana split chan
  286. peach mango graham cake kun
  287. chai chan
  288. bibingka chan
  289. cherry truffle sama
  290. chocolate mousse san
  291. marijuana brownie kun
  292. ube macapuno cake san
  293. quesillo kun
  294. pumpkin coffee cake kun
  295. sweet potato pie chan
  296. churro kun
  297. creme brulee chan
  298. tiramisu cheesecake chan
  299. ohagi chan
  300. pear soup kun
  301. cookie dough ice cream chan
  302. ice cream swirl chan
  303. strawberry shortcake chan
  304. peach cake kun
  305. chocolate profiterole kun
  306. chocolate pocky chan
  307. chocolate ice cream chan
  308. black cherry ice cream kun
  309. soda float chan
  310. tres leches kun
  311. salted caramel bar kun
  312. moca cola kun
  313. sanguinaccio dolce kun
  314. licorice chan
  315. tigertail donut tan
  316. klepon san
  317. konpeito cupcake kun
  318. cherry ice cream tan
  319. princess cake chan
  320. green tea mochi san
  321. cornbread san
  322. mizu manjuu chan
  323. sherbet icecream chan
  324. taro bubble tea kun
  325. cookies and cream ice cream kun
  326. chocolate cigarette kun
  327. hello panda san
  328. fried ice cream kun
  329. strawberry cheesecake kun
  330. grass jelly san
  331. cotton candy twins
  332. banoffe kun
  333. bunny roll chan
  334. rhubarb pie kun
  335. lemon sorbet chan
  336. cake pop kun
  337. red velvet cupcake chan
  338. seri muka san
  339. raspberry lemon vodka pop chan
  340. vanilla bean ice cream chan
  341. salty popsicle chan
  342. laffy taffy kun
  343. mango sponge cake chan
  344. melon sorbet chan
  345. gummy snake san
  346. ptichye moloko kun
  347. pound cake chan
  348. cherry poke cake kun
  349. chocolate cake chan
  350. joffre cake kun
  351. coca cola float kun
  352. pumpkin cheesecake chan
  353. strawberry chiffon cake chan
  354. caramel macchiato kun
  355. rice pudding chan
  356. neapolitan ice cream san
  357. cookies and cream polvoron chan
  358. cavity kun (blackcurrant cheesecake)
  359. chocolate turtle kun
  360. raspberry pain au chocolat kun
  361. bubblegum cake chan
  362. fig and cheese kun
  363. flan de leche san
  364. franzbrötchen kun
  365. dragon fruit popsicle kun
  366. dark chocolate cherry brownie parfait kun
  367. maple pecan danish kun
  368. berry milkshake chan
  369. rainbow lollipop chan
  370. blue velvet cupcake chan
  371. pecan pie kun
  372. crinkles kun
  373. three colored dessert chan
  374. smores san
  375. tofu pudding chan
  376. red velvet cheesecake swirl san
  377. peanut butter blossom chan
  378. boston cream donut kun
  379. hazelnut ice cream kun
  380. tartufo kun
  381. hostess ho ho kun
  382. suncake chan
  383. puto chan
  384. charlotte cake chan
  385. cotton candy kun
  386. sakura mochi tan
  387. mikan jelly tan
  388. yuzu aisu kun
  389. licorice kun
  390. lemon meringue pie chan
  391. glazed donut chan
  392. chocolate flan chan
  393. strawberry daifuku chan
  394. green tea kit kat siblings
  395. carrot cake chan
  396. vanilla velvet ice cream chan
  397. strawberry cupcake kun
  398. swedish princess cake chan
  399. ambrosia kun
  400. affogato chan
  401. raspberry charlotte chan
  402. pisang ijo kun
  403. chocolate molten lava cake sama
  404. honey cake tan
  405. blue raspberry ice cream chan
  406. green tea kanten jelly chan
  407. chocolate orange pie chan
  408. blueberry poptart kun
  409. rainbow cupcake chan
  410. graham cake kun
  411. jackfruit kun
  412. chocolate covered halvah bar kun
  413. oreo pudding chan
  414. black forest cake kun
  415. swedish caramelized lemon tart kun
  416. strawberry kit kat chan
  417. lamington chan
  418. pistachio rose tart chan
  419. mexican chocolate pop kun
  420. opera kun
  421. chilli chocolate cake chan
  422. sugar cookie chan
  423. sea salt brownie san
  424. chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake kun
  425. root beer float san
  426. chocolate caramel swirl cheesecake kun
  427. red velvet lava cake kun
  428. blueberry cheesecake tart chan
  429. konpeitou kun
  430. saffron pancake kun
  431. caramel bar kun
  432. raspberry cheesecake chan
  433. lemon lime jello chan
  434. raspberry custard mochido chan
  435. mint and chocolate baked alaska kun
  436. salted caramel chocolate souffle san
  437. pumpkin cream pie chan
  438. deep fried soda chan
  439. peppermint tan
  440. cocoa confetti donut kun
  441. linzer torte san
  442. s'mores french toast kun
  443. black forest cake chan
  444. shrimp cocktail chan
  445. pesche dolci kun
  446. pink passion cake chan
  447. vanilla coke float kun
  448. cranberry and wild blueberry pie san
  449. susumella al bergamotto kun
  450. blue vanilla mochi kun
  451. red velvet poptart kun
  452. chiacchiere kun
  453. raspberry fudge cake san
  454. cherry coke float chan
  455. yogurt tan
  456. french silk pie kun
  457. cherry rum balls chan
  458. strawberry waffle chan
  459. tapioca kun
  460. strawberry pudding chan
  461. pink swedish princess cake chan
  462. honey ginger tea san
  463. white christmas chan
  464. chocolate banana graham cake chan
  465. kinoko chocolate san
  466. rainbow cherpumple chan
  467. oreo dream extreme cheesecake chan
  468. italian cream cake kun
  469. plum pudding chan
  470. cocoa topped green tea sponge cake roll kun
  471. chocolate mustache san
  472. strawberry brownie kabob tan
  473. japanese panda cookie chan
  474. blue velvet cake kun
  475. blue rock candy chan
  476. matcha pocky chan
  477. croquembouche chan
  478. cayenne cinnamon apple pie chan
  479. maple taffy oba san
  480. lime jelly tan
  481. bear claw kun
  482. capuccino pudding with coffee caviar chan
  483. kueh lapis twins
  484. cheese danish chan
  485. peppermint brownie chan
  486. pokki chan
  487. yanyan twins
  488. panna cotta with kiwi san
  489. cannoli chan
  490. aoba cake kun
  491. yakult tan
  492. blueberry soup chan
  493. oreo truffles kun
  494. bolukukus kun
  495. shirokuma kun
  496. pomegranate tart kun
  497. lemon scone kun
  498. caramel cheesecake kun
  499. strawberry ice cream kun
  500. fromage fraise verrine san
  501. black pudding chan
  502. cafe latte kun
  503. swiss roll chan
  504. napoleon kun
  505. hotteok san
  506. purple potato pie kun
  507. white chocolate raspberry cake kun
  508. sesame ball kun
  509. battenberg cake san
  510. cherry yogurt chan
  511. pepero siblings
  512. chocolate cheesecake sama
  513. peach crepe kun
  514. melted turtle nut cupcake chan
  515. mint chocolate chip cookie twins
  516. religieuse au chocolat chan
  517. school brownie kun
  518. blueberry waffle kun
  519. green tea shaved ice chan
  520. banana milk chan
  521. watermelon popsicle chan
  522. blackberry smoothie tan
  523. coffee jelly kun
  524. cherry bon bon chan
  525. grape jelly chan
  526. gelatin kun
  527. cherry cordial chan
  528. jasmine green tea chan
  529. maple cream kun
  530. chocolate cappuccino cheesecake kun
  531. fruit tartlet chan
  532. choco pie kun
  533. blackberry ice cream kun
  534. salted caramel chocolate kun
  535. iced lemon pound cake chan
  536. blueberry rainbow cake kun
  537. blueberry muffin kun
  538. peppermint candy chan
  539. zebra cake kun
  540. choco cheesecake kun
  541. korean rice punch chan
  542. cranberry apple crostata chan
  543. orange creamsicle vodka senpai
  544. reese’s pie kun
  545. blackberry tiramisu kun
  546. coconut cake kun
  547. strawberry taiyaki chan
  548. mini raspberry triffle chan
  549. mountain cake tan
  550. rainbow poptart chan
  551. spotted dick kun
  552. sweet bean paste mochi soft serve sundae san
  553. taco dessert chan
  554. raspberry ice cream san
  555. alexander torte san
  556. mini blueberry muffin chan
  557. green pandan jelly kun
  558. milk pudding chan
  559. hit cookie kun
  560. whipped cream chan
  561. mitarashi dango kun
  562. butter cookie chan
  563. candied bacon kun
  564. mountain dew and doritos cupcake kun
  565. strawberry peach mini tart kun
  566. dippin dots kun
  567. latte flan chan
  568. frosted lemon cookie chan
  569. haole brownie kun
  570. skull candy kun
  571. dulce de tomate kun
  572. semla chan
  573. jelly doughnut kun
  574. battenberg cake chan
  575. raspberry ripple meringue kun
  576. raspberry semifreddo san
  577. avocado kun
  578. matcha goma mousse cake kun
  579. mango cheesecake kun
  580. anpan kun
  581. rice pudding kun
  582. chocolate peanut butter truffle chan
  583. dark chocolate kun
  584. noka chocolate kun
  585. luumu kun
  586. cake batter cheesecake kun
  587. watercolor cake kun
  588. lucuma and pumpkin cheesecake san
  589. gold flake sundae kun
  590. pastel cake kun
  591. wedding cake ouji sama
  592. usagi otsumami kun
  593. coconut barfi san
  594. red bean mochi san
  595. choco trifle kun
  596. tangyuan chan
  597. crisp ruby chan
  598. rolo cookie kun
  599. hakuto jelly kun
  600. biscotti kun
  601. samoa kun
  602. mocha java cake kun
  603. grape jellybean crepe kun
  604. white rabbit candy kun
  605. churro senpai
  606. mocha frappe kun
  607. stickies kun
  608. pop candy chan
  609. mocha semifreddo kun
  610. bombe alaska san
  611. sakura mochi kun
  612. eggnog kun
  613. takenoko chocolate san
  614. melon shaved ice tan
  615. white macaron kun

good morning oatflakes!
breakfast on this windy cool day was wholemeal toasts spread with vanilla greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon + banana, almonds and raisin; almond milk cappuccino on the side 

OT5; Key’s Great Grocery Shopping Adventure 2k16; PG

hey remember jonghoodie au bc this au is that au lmao

“I am tired,” Key hisses, “of going to the store. With this list.” She jiggles her bag with a scowl. “And coming home. And having you–all of you–whine at me that I didn’t get you the right thing.” She yanks open the front door and ushers them all outside, fixing Tae’s hair again when ve passes. “So we are all going to go to the store,” she repeats as Minho and Junghee pass. “And you are all going to tell me exactly what you mean when you just put down generic shit like cereal. Jinki,” she adds pointedly, throwing them a glare when they pause to lock the door behind them.

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THE SIGNS - "Did you know....?"

…PISCES isn’t really “psychic” about people, they just Facebook stalk too much?

…ARIES’ farts sound like a French Horn filled with yogurt?

…VIRGO once wrote a poem, but it rambled and then turned into the lyrics from that CHUMBAWAMBA song?

…SCORPIO may look really cool, but they’re actually crapping in their chair?

…SAGITTARIUS chose to be recruited by the Bloods over the Crips because they thought it would get them out of the Matrix?

…CAPRICORN’S favorite beverage is “Diet Water?”

…CANCER is super excited they finally made it to level 2, in the box of chocolates they were just eating?

…GEMINI is actually just a shimmering mirage in the desert?

…AQUARIUS’ house is always covered with birds? And thus, bird shit? Also, it’s on top of a sea-cliff? Also, it’s actually not a house, it’s just a cave?

…LIBRA can be lured to a Hanson concert with the promise of ham?

…LEO sang David Bowie covers on cruise ships under the name “David Buoy?”

…TAURUS is banned from all Cracker Barrels for life, for confusing “Speed dating” with “dating on speed?”


I decided that I’d do some homework a bit earlier than usual on this beautiful Labor Day. I am currently working on APHUG notes for a chapter quiz tomorrow. I also decided that it was time for breakfast. Normally I eat a doughnut or two depending on how hungry I am. Today I decided that I would eat a doughnut and a bit of french vanilla yogurt with strawberries and granola. I also decided that I really wanted hot chocolate which is different considering its 90 degrees fahrenheit outside. Oh well, good luck with your day!