french wedding cake


For this Friday, here is a little inspiration for a pastel themed wedding.

From a dress so special that you’d want to keep it forever and wear it, like, every single day, to beautiful venue decorations - we made sure you find this post super handy.

Just decide which colors you want to use and then mix them together on paper until you get the perfect mix.

After that it gets so much easier. Usually.

Happy Friday to you all!

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My last job was in a small bakery where we did fancy things like French macarons & wedding cakes & shit
And around the time Pokémon go came out, this one dude called in and wanted 2 pokeball macarons
Now we don’t design custom macarons (henceforth referred to as macs) for free, and we definitely don’t do any designs on them
The most we’ll do is make them a custom color, but that’s a minimum of like 40 macs per batch, it’s intended for big events & such
So this guy goes apeshit, says “why can’t you just do it, it’s not even that hard!!” My coworker, who was on the phone, explains why we can’t, and he hangs up, mad
Every single day after that for a whole week, that dude calls back and tries to get someone to give him his pokeball macs, and every time he called, we would all give him the same spiel about what our custom pricing was, and other things he could do
He would get madder and madder each time he refused, and on his last call, he called my manager a bitch and hung up
Sucks to suck, buddy, we can’t do your fuckin pokeball macarons

If you’re looking at an opulent cake that’ll be the centre of attention, don’t hold back on the size and design. This Marie Antoinette-inspired masterpiece is an absolute showstopper with rich, ornate details. On a side note, I wonder how many can this confection actually feed. It’s huge!