french vanilla cappuccino

Nothing Like You

Characters: Jensen x Reader
Words: 1027
Requested by @trippleberrydeanpie 
Based on “Nothing Like You” by Dustin Lynch

          You sat in your favorite coffee shop with a book in front of you. It was something you did pretty often.

           “Excuse me?” a tall man with a deep voice stood next to you.

           You looked up into brilliant green eyes and an award winning smile, “Yes?” you tried to keep your voice even.

           “I just couldn’t help but see you sitting over here by yourself,” he said, “And was wondering if you’d like some company.”

           You thought about it for a second and then shrugged, “Sure.” I mean, who could pass up a handsome man asking to sit with you?

           He sat across from you and smiled, “What are you drinking?” he pointing to the coffee cup next to your stack of books.

           “French Vanilla cappuccino,” you said.

           “What are you reading?”

           “Pride and Prejudice.”

           He smiled, “The same book you were reading when I met you.”

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Gas stations have ruined cappuccinos. That’s not a cappuccino that you get out of a machine. It’s powder and water! A real cappuccino is mostly foam. Don’t call me a dumb ass for messing up your “French vanilla cappuccino”, it’s not “too light” or “there is nothing in the cup”. You don’t know what you ordered, dick-wad