french underweare

A widowmaker sketchy painting i did………didnt turn out as good as i wanted it so i wont finish it properly. i dunno whom shes shooting at, just wanted her by the morning window. “original”, bra-less version is under the cut.

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Dishwasher Safe - Two

Spencer had been feeling incredibly strange for the last few days. And whilst he knew what was causing the strangeness, he did not like it.

After the dishwasher incident he’d found himself thinking of Y/N completely differently. Before, she’d been a friend and colleague. One that he got on extremely well with and wouldn’t deny that she was attractive. It was no secret that she had sex, she’d come into work discussing her conquests with the other girls. And given the statistics, it was probable that she also masturbated, not that Spencer had ever found himself thinking about her doing that before. He’d had no reason to.

Now though? He’d seen her dildo, touched it even. His hands on been on something she used to pleasure herself. And she’d said dildo’s. Plural. Meaning she had more than one. Add that to the fact that if her toy had been in the dishwasher, then she’d been using it. Whilst he was in the bedroom next to hers. And that thought…. well that thought did something to his nether regions that he wasn’t proud of.

He shouldn’t be thinking of her that way, he told himself over and over again. She was his friend, they worked together. Yet he couldn’t help it. The last few nights he’d lain awake listening for any sound that she might be doing something. If she was though, she was keeping herself extremely quiet. But maybe she was, maybe that was something she was into…

No! He needed to stop thinking about it, stop thinking about her.

Maybe he should just move into a hotel like he’d originally planned. But then how would he explain that to Y/N?

“I’m sorry but ever since I found your dildo in the dishwasher I can’t stop thinking about you using it on yourself?”

Nope, that wouldn’t do.

Cold showers, plenty of cold showers. That would be his thing until he could move back home.

“Spence, you at the apartment?” Y/N had called him, almost as if she knew he was thinking about her. But then again, he was doing a lot of that lately.

“Yep, why? What’s up?” light and breezy Spence, light and breezy.

“I need you to do me a favour. I put a load in the dryer before I went out. It should be done by now. Would you mind running down to the laundry room to grab it for me? You know how pissy people get in this building about leaving laundry unattended.”

“Yeah sure, I can do that. You really shouldn’t go out though when you’ve left laundry in. It’s in the rules… ”

“Alright Sheldon, chill,” he smiled at her reference to The Big Bang Theory, one of the the shows they’d found themselves enjoying in their evenings together. “I thought I’d be back in time but I’m running late. It’s in the third machine from the door, my blue laundry basket is on top of it. Just throw the basket on my bed when you’re done.”

He told her that he’d do it for her and then disconnected the call, heading down to the basement where the buildings laundry room was. Spotting her laundry basket straight away he walked over to the machine and opened the door. It was still warm so obviously hadn’t long finished so he carefully reached inside and started pulling out Y/N’s clothes.  It took him a few seconds to realise that this wasn’t just any wash load. It was a dryer full of her delicates. Bra’s, panties, hose. Things that probably shouldn’t have been through a tumble dryer at all.

Spencer rushed the job, trying desperately not to linger on the fact that he was handling Y/N’s underwear. A particularly lacey item slipped out of his hands and to the floor, and he bent over to pick it up. Black french knickers.

Oh fuck. French style underwear were one of his major turns ons. Something about the way they cut across the ass cheeks. Did she wear these to work or were they just for going out? What underwear was she wearing now?



He finished the job at hand and hurried upstairs, tossing the basket onto Y/N’s bed as she’d instructed him to. He scanned his eyes around her room, something he should not have done as he suddenly became fixated on her bedside cabinet. With the top drawer slightly ajar. And if he leant over just a little he could see that purple toy he’d handled. He exited her room quickly, grabbing a book from her bookshelf and sitting on the couch.

Reid’s brain would not concentrate on the words though. All it could think about was what else could be in that drawer.

When did he become such a perv? Focus on reading.


“You want to know, she’s not home. Go and look,” the tiny devil on his shoulder piped up and before his conscious could tell it to shut up, he was back in her room and tugging the drawer open.

And oh jesus christ.

Dildo’s, vibrators, hand cuffs and blind folds. Various flavours and types of lube.  And was that… A butt plug? Yes, yes it was. In fact, there was more than one. And some beads.

She used all these things?

Had she used all of these things whilst he’d been living here?

“If you wanted to borrow a butt plug you only had to ask, Spencer.”