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After seeing Beauty and the Beast, I could not pass up an opportunity to do a Belle-inspired hair tutorial this week.  This low twisted ponytail is loosely inspired by Emma Watson’s Belle during the first section of the new movie.  Be my guest to try this hairstyle out!


1) Brush

2) Small Hair Tie

3) Large Hair Tie


1) Begin by brushing out your hair and creating a part down the middle.

2) Gather two even sections of the hair from the front of the head and use the small hair tie to tie them together at the back of the head.

3) Create a hole just above the hair tie.

4) Flip the hair up and pull through the hole.  (This is a French Twist, click here for a full tutorial.)

5) Repeat step 4 another 2-3 times so that there is more emphasis on the twist.

6) Beginning at the front of one side of the head, use the remaining hair to create a twist towards the back of the head.

7) Incorporate more hair into the twist as you go along, stopping once you reach the back middle of the head.

8) Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other side of the head.

9) Take all of the hair and tie it into one low ponytail.  Finish with hairspray.

Masterlist (New and Improved 5.23.17)

This is a fluid document. I’m constantly updating. FYI 

Separate Masterposts for Dean Imagines, Jensen Imagines, Sam Imagines, and Jensen/Dean Trash, my gif blurbs, and Various Series. I simply had too much stuff for this post. (All are linked below)

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I’m Hair For You - First Year Master Post

Today is I’m Hair For You’s official One Year Blogiversary!!  As there are now a year’s-worth of tutorials on this blog, I have decided to create this master post so that you can easily find the hairstyle you are looking for.  All of the hairstyles included in this master post were published between March 4, 2016 and March 4, 2017.  Note that many of the hairstyles listed may show up more than once as they fall into multiple categories.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming tutorials, please let me know, and again thank you all for the support!


    • Braided Half Up

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Half Up Fishtail

    • French Braided Bun

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • Side Braids Into Ponytail

    • Dutch Braid

    • French Braid

    • Fishtail Braid

    • Double Dutch Half Up

    • Crown Braid

    • Prim

    • Box Braid

    • Snake Braid

    • Dutch Space Buns

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • Diagonal Dutch Braid

    • Pull Through

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Stacked Buns

    • Full Braided Crown

    • French Braid Tucked Bun

    • Side Triple Braid

    • Easy Crown Braid

    • Uneven Braid

    • Horizontal Bun

    • 4 Strand Fishtail

    • Braided Half Up

    • Braided Top Knot

    • Fishtail Accent Ponytail

    • Dutch Braided Low Pony

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Faux Fishtail

    • Secure Sports Braid


    • All Around Twist

    • Twisted Pigtails

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • French Twist

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Waterfall Twist

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Rope Twist Ponytail

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Rope Twist Pigtails


    • All Around Twist

    • Sleek Runway Ponytail

    • Side Braids Into Ponytail

    • French Twist

    • Box Braid

    • Super Ponytail

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Pull Through

    • Wrapped Ponytail

    • Fishtail Accent Ponytail

    • Rope Twist Ponytail

    • Dutch Braided Low Pony

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Secure Sports Braid


    • Box Braided Bun

    • French Braided Bun

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • Ballerina Bun

    • Dutch Space Buns

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Stacked Buns

    • French Braid Tucked Bun

    • Horizontal Bun

    • Braided Half Up

    •  Braided Top Knot

    • Knotted Bun

Half Up Half Down

    • Braided Half Up

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Half Up Fishtail

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • French Twist

    • Double Dutch Half Up

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • Full Braided Crown

    • Easy Crown Braid 

    • Uneven Braid

    • Braided Half Up

Hair Down

    • Sock Curls

    • Crown Braid

    • Snake Braid

    • Waterfall Twist


    • Twisted Pigtails

    • Dutch Braid

    • Rope Twist Pigtails

Easy Essentials

    • All Around Twist

    • Sock Curls

    • Dutch Braid

    • French Braid

    • Ballerina Bun

    • Fishtail Braid

    • Super Ponytail

    • Snake Braid

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Waterfall Twist

    • Side Triple Braid

    • Easy Crown Braid

    • Uneven Braid

    • Faux Fishtail

Student Tutorials

    • Gleneagle Features Page

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Sleek Runway Ponytail

    • Dutch Braid


    • Easter Bunny

    • Reindeer Bun

    • Half Up Heart

Text Posts & Updates

    • About I’m Hair For You

    • Meet Kendra

    • Gleneagle Features Page

    • Changes

    • One Year Blogiversary

    • First Year Master Post

When Two Worlds Collide Pt. 1 - The French Twist

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas

Pairings: To be revealed

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,800

Summary: Your world collides with the world of the Winchesters. You are a fan of the show Supernatural and one morning the stars of the show, Jensen and Jared, turn up on your doorstep. You discover quickly that these two men are actually the characters, Sam and Dean, from the show and not Jensen and Jared, the actors who play them.You tell the boys about the episode “The French Mistake” when they were thrown into your world by Baltazahr, and they tell you they actually lived it. Now the two worlds, the one in which all monsters, angels and demons alike, are real  and yours, seemingly monster free until today, have collided and become one. The world where Supernatural and Sam and Dean are just a show is gone.  The boys are tracking a demon and need your help. You try to wrap your mind around the fact that Supernatural’s world has invaded yours and seems to be sticking around.

Things to know: Not sure what you’ll think of this one. It’s gonna be long and twisty. I promise. ;)

Most images are not mine

There was a rap at your door. You rolled over in bed and checked your phone. Who could possibly be knocking on your door so early, you thought to yourself as you checked the time. You realized it was already ten when there was a second, more insistent knock on the front door.

You sighed, irritated, and swung your legs over the edge of the bed throwing the quilt to the foot of the bed. You looked at your cat who was still curled up in a ball. “Guess someone wants my attention early, sis,” you mumbled softly, as you pet her. She gave a purr in response.

By the third knock, you had grabbed the nearest hoodie and thrown it over your tank top. It almost covered the shorts you had worn to bed. Whatever, you muttered to yourself getting to the door just as the visitor started banging on the door.

You swung the door open, the man’s was hand midair about ready to strike again. “What the hell…” your voice trailed off as you got a good look at the man at the door. You knew that face, it was Jensen Ackles from Supernatural dressed in a suit and tie. Your head began to spin. You gave yourself a smack on the cheek saying, “Wake up, y/n. This must be a dream.”

He looked at you with a smile, a bemused look on his face. Behind him, an extremely tall man was walking up to your door step, who you realized was Jared Padalecki. You blinked twice, slowly, trying to force your eyes to focus. You looked up at both men utterly confused.

Jensen spoke first. “Are you Ms. Y/L/N? We just need to talk to you about Y/BF/N. You knew her correct?” he asked as you looked back and forth between Jensen and Jared. “It’s Y/N, right?” Jared asked when you didn’t respond.

Your voice came out just barley a whisper, “Jensen and Jared?” you asked in response to Jared’s question. “What on earth are you doing here, at my house?”

The two men exchanged looks, something dawning on Jared. “Ma'am did you just call us Jensen and Jared?” he said as the same realization came to Jensen as well, and he rolled his eyes as Jared spoke.

“Yeah, you play the Winchester brothers on Supernatural,” you mumbled. You pointed at Jensen first then Jared. “You’re Dean and you’re Sam.”

The two men exchanged a look before Jared spoke. “Look,” he said with a sigh, a look of sympathy crossing his face. “This has happened to us before. We are not this Jensen and Jared. My name is Sam,” he said placing his hand on his chest then he placed his hand on the shoulder of the man next to him, “and this is Dean.”

You laughed out loud. “Haha! You guys really are joksters, aren’t you? Am I some part of a practical joke? Is Misha here too?!” You said leaning your head out the front door looking for Misha to jump out and yell, surprise!

Dean looked at you with a confused and frustrated look. “Seriously, Y/N. We came to talk to you about your friend Y/BF/N. If you watch the show Supernatural, or whatever it’s called, then you know what we do. You know what we hunt and what is really out there. Tracy’s disappearance wasn’t a disappearance,” he finished with a sigh.

You looked from one man to the next, a nervous laugh escaping you as you felt reality closing in around you. Next thing you knew, you were blacking out and falling.

The world around you was going dark. The last thing you saw was Jensen/Dean’s shocked face and his arms reaching out to catch you before you lost consciousness.

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ID #45844

Name: Claudette
Age: 17
Country: Mexico

Hey! My name’s Clauds and I feed on memes, dreams and books. If it helps, I’m Ravenclaw (ENTP)
I love to read and I do debate at school. I’m interested in International Law and Relations which leads me to my third point: I’m studying a third language: French (hopefully I’ll get to learn more)
My hobbies include organizing stuff at my school (I’m at the Student’s Council), learning new things, watching nerdy films and starting tv shows (most of the times I don’t finish them) and dreaming, mainly.

Preferences: 17-20 years old.
Also, I’m probably looking a decent human being who:
*Likes to ask and answer tons of questions (I’m an annoying piece of trash who loves to learn from people and their culture) 💆🏻
*Is interested in a long term friendship (cheesy, I know) 👫
*Loved Shrek before it was cool 👀
*Is comfortable with the idea that I’m a Pro Life Catholic 🔆✝️ (Chill, I won’t talk about it unless you want to. Nevertheless, I mention this in case having a pen pal like this makes you feel uncomfortable.
If you have two (or more)out of this four weird points, feel free to contact me!
Gender is not an issue for me, though it would be interesting to have a boy pen pal.

anonymous asked:

So I know Mulder and Henry aren't hanging out playing poker together every Thursday night, but are there any occasions where they do find themselves in the same room? What was that first size-up like from either guy's perspective?

Scully has scheduled the dinner at a restaurant so it isn’t on anyone’s turf. Besides, Mulder’s house would be torture and she finds Henry’s elaborate kitchen somewhat daunting. She agonizes over reviews and menus, trying to eliminate as many variables as possible. Henry had tried to help, but her snippiness drove him off in short order. She is nauseous for a week beforehand, asking Henry if she had lost her mind and should cancel, asking Mulder the same.

“I want to meet him,” Henry says, passing her a glass of wine. “He’s part of you, so he’s important to me.”

“If this is to get my blessing, Scully,” Mulder says over the phone, “you already have it. But yeah, I’d like to meet the guy wonderful enough for you to ignore the fact that his job title contains the words tax and attorney.”


She puts on a black sheath dress, then decides it looks too much like the one from their movie premiere. My god, the movie…has Henry seen it? Or Viv? She is afraid to ask, and afraid not to know. She pushes the thought from her mind for now, pushes her and Mulder and that limo away. Scully rummages through her closet with increasing anxiety, finally settling on a burgundy pencil skirt and fitted navy sweater. Her hair is being impossible, and after half an hour with the curling iron, she opts for a French twist. She keeps her makeup light and tosses back a handful of Tums to quell the acid tide in her stomach.

Henry’s in jeans and a blazer, drinking coffee with Viv and her girlfriend. There’s a heated argument about Iron Man taking place. “You look great,” Henry says. “Ready?”

“No. But let’s do it anyway.” She plucks at invisible fuzz on her skirt.

He takes her arm and they head to the garage.

“Have fun at the circus, kids!” Viv calls after them.


They are seated at a table for four, Henry and Mulder facing one another, herself between. She holds a multigrain roll from the breadbasket in her lap, using her nails to pull out every tiny piece of millet, extract every last pumpkin seed. She drops them to the floor like daisy petals.

“I read your book,” Henry says. “Really impressive research. I recommended it to some colleagues.”

Mulder stirs his drink. “Thanks. Spend a lot of time on the dark web between billable hours, Henry?”

Scully kicks him lightly under the table, nostrils flared.

Henry chuckles. “No, I’m just a dilettante.”

The silence is thick and heavy as they peruse their menus, and Scully curses herself for this egregious decision. The back of her neck prickles, her face is hot and itchy. Moments stretch like saltwater taffy on a summer day.

“So, uh, Henry,” Mulder says at last, rubbing the side of his face.

Henry looks up. “Yep?”

“My, uh, my finances are pretty complicated due to some trusts and inheritances, plus my pension. The accountant I’ve been using is retiring. You think you could recommend anybody trustworthy?”

“Oh, absolutely. I’ve got a great guy in Alexandria,” Henry says. “He’ll save you a fortune.”

Mulder nods thoughtfully. “”I’ll put it towards my post-apocalyptic underground bunker. To which, of course, you’re all invited when the end times come upon us.”

Henry’s eyes crinkle at the corners, Scully sees, and her chest loosens. “We’ll bring a pie,” Henry says.

Mulder smiles. “Don’t let Scully make it. Great cook, lousy baker.”

The waitress comes for their orders, and they are chatting easily by the time the food arrives.


Henry sits outside on the porch, staring up at the sky. He names the constellations to himself as he sips a tumbler of Macallan. Dana perches on the arm of his Adirondack chair, knees drawn up to her chest.

“I like him,” Henry says at length. “Very funny guy.”

Dana nods slowly. “He is.”

Henry crunches an ice cube. “He’s still in love with you.”

“Does it bother you?’

He looks at her, ethereal in the moonlight. He is afraid at times that he will awake to find she has disappeared, burned off like the mist. “I want everyone to love you.”

She shakes her head, smiling. “Henry.”                                                             

“You love him too,” Henry says.

She hunches her shoulders, glances down. “Does that bother you?”

It might, he’s not sure. He felt the ineffable thing between them, but he understands the weight of history. “Love doesn’t have to be a zero sum game. Is there space in you for both of us?”

“It is impossible for more than one object to occupy the same space at the same time,” she says. “There are different spaces for each of you.”

Henry considers this. “Why’d you leave, Dana?”

She cants her face to the sky, eyes wide. “There’s a…a recklessness in me, Henry. A self destructiveness you haven’t seen.”

Is this where his gentle doctor ends and Mulder’s sure-shot partner begins? “Scully,” he says, trying it out.

Her eyes slide closed. “Don’t.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…please keep going.”

“That part of me blooms with him. It thrives. And I knew, I know, I couldn’t live like that. I couldn’t survive it another year. And I…I ripped it away and left it behind. That’s the place in me for you, Henry. That wound. You and Viv and Alice and Simon; you heal me there.”

He hears the thickness in her voice, feels it rising in his own. “Dana,” he says roughly. He knows about wounds and empty spaces. A piece of him went into the dark earth with Joan.

She turns her head to look at him, a slice of her lovely profile. “If that’s too much, I understand. I do. It’s a lot to ask.”

He shakes his head. “I’d rather share you than lose you,” he breathes. “If I….if I can make you feel whole, that’s a privilege.”

She makes a small noise, a hiccup or a sob, and crawls into his lap.

“It’s okay,” he says, arms wrapping around her. He kisses her temples, her eyelids.

She curls tight against his beating heart.


They don’t bother with the superfluity of hellos. She calls, he answers, they talk.

“I liked him,” Mulder says, bouncing a basketball. “I didn’t particularly want to, but he seems like the kind of person people just like.” Mulder finds this a kind of character flaw of its own, but does not mention as much.

“Yes,” Scully says, her voice soft. “He is.”

“A tax attorney though, Scully. Ouch.”

“Mulder, please.” The note of actual pleading in her voice startles him.

“I’m sorry,” he says, sincere. “I know this isn’t easy.”

“It’s okay.”

He shoots the ball into the hoop at the end of the driveway. “Three-pointer,” he tells Scully.

“The crowd goes wild.”

There’s a long silence, just one another’s breathing.

“Listen, I don’t know if you know this, but I have a bit of a background in psychology and behavioral science.” He makes a foul shot.

“You don’t say.” There’s a smile in her voice.

“Truth. So I want you to know that my impression of Henry is that he, um, he knows the value of what he has. With you.” It hurts to admit this to her. To himself.

“Oh,” she breathes. “Mulder, I didn’t exp-“

“No, I just, let me finish. And he, um. He’s really a good guy. His life is, you know, well. Your life, really, I guess. It’s good. It’s what I wanted for you and I’m just, you know. I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you.” His eyes sting.



“I’m here.”

He hears tears in her voice. “Okay. Okay, good. This is hard, but we, um. We’re always friends, aren’t we?”

“Of course. Always.” She sniffles.

“I feel like Henry, he understands that. He seems like he really wants you to be happy, that he’s not the jealous type.” Shit, shit why did he say that? “Not that he should be jealous, I don’t mean to imp-“

“It’s okay. And you’re right. He knows that I’m…that we…he knows how we are.”

Mulder swallows hard. “How we are,” he repeats.

They never say goodbye, either. The silence grows and drifts, then she finally disconnects the call.