french twist

something sadık does in his free time probably

- jade ottomanliest, 2014

HEADCANON // makeup & general appearance

in order to make herself appear older and less like a child for all eternity, jane has resorted to using makeup and certain hairstyles to give herself a more mature appearance. she fancies dark, smokey-eye looks accompanied by thick eyeliner. an added bonus of this makeup style is that it makes her eyes pop, therefore making her appear a little bit more dangerous. as far as her hair goes, she generally goes for an elegant french-twist. ( i’m also guessing that it was @trcppedqceen who taught her how to appear more like a woman. she wouldn’t confide in anyone else tbh. ) now to her clothes ! she still dresses in little baby-doll style dresses sometimes, and she’d be damned if she ever gave up her lil mary jane shoes! but every now and then she chooses a long, floor-length gown that goes nicely with her beautiful velvet cloak.