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Hey guys, I made a quick little tutorial on French Seams. I’ve done about 20+ meters of them in the past week, so I was on a bit of a roll lol.

French seams are a handy technique to know for:
- preventing seams from fraying without using an overlocker
- creating tidy looking seams inside unlined garments

Kind of a noob topic, but I thought it might be handy for some beginner cosplayers :)

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Faux Cuffs and Collar Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This is a tutorial to make a detached collar and (faux) French cuffs. I intended this to be for Playboy Bunny-style costumes, and that’s a good use for them, but I can see people wanting to make these for fashion purposes or other costumes, as well. 

The collar is functional and buttons at the neck, and the cuffs are functional but use a snap on the inside and decorative buttons sewn to the outside to imitate the look of cufflinks. This makes them easier to deal with during a con day and makes it easier to either make custom “cufflinks” or to use what you have in your sewing stash rather than buying or attempting to make actual cufflinks.

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Whether you have naturally long hair or you wear hair extensions, you can create this blown-out braid!
This is a great tutorial for those of you that cannot get to grips with braiding your own hair, whether you struggle to master the pattern or just find it too fiddly. This a simple cheat that will change your braiding game forever.

All you need is clear hair elastics, mousse & hairspray for added grip, and a spare 5 minutes! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

You could sport this gorgeous cheat-braid to a festival this Summer, or, you could strategically place some gypsophila down the braid and turn it into a stunning bridal / bridesmaid hairstyle.

Enjoy x

My latest hair braid cosplay/tutorial vid:


After seeing Beauty and the Beast, I could not pass up an opportunity to do a Belle-inspired hair tutorial this week.  This low twisted ponytail is loosely inspired by Emma Watson’s Belle during the first section of the new movie.  Be my guest to try this hairstyle out!


1) Brush

2) Small Hair Tie

3) Large Hair Tie


1) Begin by brushing out your hair and creating a part down the middle.

2) Gather two even sections of the hair from the front of the head and use the small hair tie to tie them together at the back of the head.

3) Create a hole just above the hair tie.

4) Flip the hair up and pull through the hole.  (This is a French Twist, click here for a full tutorial.)

5) Repeat step 4 another 2-3 times so that there is more emphasis on the twist.

6) Beginning at the front of one side of the head, use the remaining hair to create a twist towards the back of the head.

7) Incorporate more hair into the twist as you go along, stopping once you reach the back middle of the head.

8) Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other side of the head.

9) Take all of the hair and tie it into one low ponytail.  Finish with hairspray.

Two to One Braid | Super Styles

Recently, @wanhedaspirit asked for a tutorial on this hairstyle that can be seen on Kara Danvers in season two of the CW’s Supergirl.  After last year’s fun month of creating Super Styles, I was very excited to do another look from the TV show.  If you ever have any ideas for a new tutorial, feel free to send me suggestions here!


1) Brush

2) 3 Small Hair Ties

3) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing your hair.

2) On one side of your head, take three small sections of hair from just above the ear.

3) Cross the top piece over the middle piece.  The top piece has now become the middle piece and the middle piece has become the top piece.

4) Cross the bottom piece over the new middle piece.  Once again, the two pieces will swap places.

5) Begin a French Braid by adding in more hair to the top piece before crossing it over the middle.

6) Now, add in more hair to the bottom piece before crossing it over the middle.  (For a full French Braid tutorial, click here.)

7) Continue this process along the bottom of the head until the middle back of the head is reached.

8) Without adding in anymore hair, finish off with a regular braid.

9) Repeat steps 2-8 on the opposite side of your head.

10) Using bobby pins, combine the two ends of the braids together to create what looks like a large, multiple-strand braid.  

11)  Finally, tie the ends of the braid with a final hair tie and keep everything in place with hairspray.


60s french makeup tutorial

Twisted Ponytail

Here’s another option for those struggling with a French Braid.  Keeping track of three pieces of hair can be difficult and time consuming, especially when starting out.  This Twisted Ponytail is the perfect style for those who are looking for an alternative to the basic French Braid.  Check it out!


1) Brush

2) Hair Tie


1) Begin by brushing your hair.

2) Take two pieces of hair from the middle top of the head.

3) Cross the two pieces of hair so they have switched places.

4) Add in more hair to each of the two pieces.

5) Once again, cross the two pieces of hair so they have switched places.

6) Continue this process of adding in and twisting hair.

7) Once all of the hair is used up, tightly tie into a ponytail.  Finish with hairspray.

Someone on Instagram asked me about french seams, so I’ve made this little tutorial for you guys! French seams are a wonderful finish for sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza, or on areas of a costume that will be visible. I’ve used French seams on capes, tulle skirts, and organza sleeve insets. They are super easy, but do take twice the amount of time as a normal seam. First, pin your seam allowances wrong sides together. This will seem counterintuitive, but trust me! Next, stitch at half the width (or less/more depending on how wide you want the finished seam to be) of your finished seam allowance. Here I am stitching at ¼" because my finished seam allowance is ½". Trim the excess down to 1/8". You can grade the seams if you are working with thicker fabrics. Turn the fabric right sides together and press with an iron. Stitch again with the remaining width of your ideal seam allowance (for me this is ¼" again because my finished SA should be ½". ¼ + ¼ = ½). Press to one side. Tada! Your seam allowance excess is nicely encased within itself and there will be no raveling or ugly seam allowances!

Faux French Braid

If you struggle to keep hold of hair when creating a French Braid, then this Faux French Braid may be the alternative for you.  This tutorial will take you through the steps to create a style appearing similar to the French Braid, but using a different and more simple technique.


1) Brush

2) Small Hair Tie


1) Begin by brushing your hair.

2) Take a section of hair from the top middle of the head.

3) Use the section to create a regular braid.

4) On the right side of the head, separate a small section of hair.

5) With the other hand, create a hole between one stitch of the braid.

6) Thread the piece of hair through the hole made in the braid.

7) Separate a section of hair from the left side of the head 

8) Using the same hole created before, thread the second section of hair through.

9) Move further down the head and create a new hole.  Repeat steps 4-8.

10) Continue this process until the nape of the neck.  Finalize with hairspray.


Monday the 15th of May 2017

Getting back on track: day 6/?

So I finally finished my exam/UMAT study timetable and honestly I have so much to do. I really need to get started. I had a full day of classes and by the time I got home I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy to force myself to study. It’s worrying me a bit since it’s like the first day of this plan and I’m already falling behind.

What I achieved today:

  • Finish planning exam study
  • The rest of the to-do list is kinda based on that plan so TBD
  • Study french vocab wasn’t on the list but I did it.

What I want to achieve tomorrow:

  • Watch Chem Wk2 Tues
  • Notes Chem Wk1 Mon
  • French Tutorial Prep
  • Science or Fiction Meeting 1pm
  • Watch Chem Wk2 Wed
  • Notes Chem Wk1 Tues
  • Watch Bio Wk2 Fri
  • Notes Bio Wk1 Mon
French Braid | Back to the Basics

Welcome to I’m Hair For You’s Back to the Basics month.  This month, tutorials will consist of some of the most basic and well-known hairstyles that are essential to your knowledge.  This week’s tutorial features the French Braid.  The French Braid is great as either a full head braid or as a small accent.  Its continuous incorporation of hair makes it very tight and clean, perfect to keep the hair off your face.


1) Brush

2) Hair Tie


1) Brush out hair.

2) Begin with three medium sized sections of hair at the front-centre of the head.

3) Cross the right section over the middle section.  (The right section is now the middle.)

4) Cross the left section over the middle section.  (The left section is now the middle.)

5) Gather some hair from the right side of the head and incorporate into the right section.

6) Cross the right section over the middle.

7) Gather some hair from the left side of the hair and incorporate into the left section.

8) Cross the left section over the middle.

9) Continue this process down the head.

10) Once you are at the nape of your neck, where all of your hair is now incorporated, begin a regular braid.

11) Continue this regular braid down to the bottom of your hair and tie off with a hair elastic.  Spray over with hairspray to hold in place.