french tattoo artist



I am going to be tattooing at the convention 3-5 October in Nantes, France! I have some spots left, so please get in touch with me at ASAP if you’d like to book something. I can’t book through tumblr asks because I don’t have records of our conversation that way!

I will also almost certainly be tattooing a day or two in Berlin, so let me know if you’d like an appointment there.

I’m excited to see you again, Europe!

It’s been about two years with this girl and I couldn’t be happier. Words cannot describe my love for her. 

I get scared about the future easily, but I cannot help but plan my future with this girl in city with our lovely french bulldogs. Her, the tattoo artist and I, the civil right lawyer/activist. I love you to the moon and back K.

Her: Kieran (the taller one with the grey beanie):

Me: Dani (the shorter one with the black beanie):