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Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4 Companions List

Arcade Gannon - self-loathing sarcastic doctor

Boone - sad sniper, super sad edition

Butch Deloria - trash tunnelsnake dorklord

Cait - scary irish druggie with sad past

Cass - alcoholic sassmaster supreme

Charon - literally a slave??? why does no one mention that??? but a ghoul one

Clover - umm another slave??? wtf fo3 is up with you and slave Companions???

Codsworth - the Alfred pennyworth to your batman

Curie - awww cute lil french robot… oh now sexy lil french synth

Danse - pretty boy racist tin can

Deacon - liar, liar, pants on fire

Dogmeat - best puppy ever

ED-E - emotional beeping

Fawkes - sweetheart super mutant. awww

Hancock - badass cosplaying mayor plus chems

Jericho - rude ex-raider shitbag

Lily - adorable grandma nightkin that calls you dearie.

MacCready - sad sniper, dork dad edition

Nick - toaster detective. only time a fedora is acceptable.

Piper - cute nosy journalist

Preston - truest cinnamon roll to ever cinnamon the roll

Raul - ancient ghoul with so many stories that calls you boss

Rex - hat-shaming robo-dog

Sergeant RL-3 - cool ass Mr Gutsy to hang with

Star Paladin Cross - you’re gonna accidentally call her mom at least four times

Strong - scary super mutant

Veronica - smol lesbian in a potato sack

X6-88 - I’m totally done with ur shit, sir/ma'am

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(Unromanced) companions react to sole randomly winking at them while doing something normal.

I don’t know if all these senarios are ‘normal’, but ey, strange stuff happens in the Commonwealth sometimes!


Cait: Cait smirked at the flirtatious wink she received, returning it with one of her own. She didn’t understand the meaning behind the seemingly randomly timed wink - they were just sorting scrap, for crying out loud! Nothing sexy about that - but she certainly didn’t mind. In fact, she wouldn’t mind another wink, or perhaps a kiss. Maybe more. Sadly, the redhead knew that Sole was painfully unaware of her crush on them, and if that wasn’t frustrating enough, others had begun noticing and dropping hints as well. But did the vault dweller notice? Nooo, of course not! Were everyone as oblivious in the time before the bombs? Geez, if they were, Cait certainly wasn’t taking a trip there any time soon, Sole was bad enough on their own!

One day, though. Cait had promised herself - and Deacon, who seemed way too eager to play matchmaker - that she’d act on her feelings soon, but so far she hadn’t been able to find an ‘appropriate’ time for it. She stubbornly refused that the constant postponement was caused by fear, because she wasn’t scared! Especially not something as stupid as feelings. Soon, she’d do it soon, she was sure of it. Deep inside, she knew she wouldn’t though.

Curie: “Is your eye all right, Sole? Here, let me check it!”

The naive french synth clearly did not understand what a wink meant, and much to the embarrassment of Sole Curie didn’t have a problem with tilting their head back and examining their eye right there, at the poker table where MacCready, Hancock and Deacon couldn’t stop laughing. Her naiveness was adorable though, and even Danse - he wasn’t overly fond of the synth (yet) - couldn’t stifle a small chuckle and a smile from his corner next to Preston and - much to his dismay - Nick.

Sole’s smile vanished when they realized Deacon had used the opportunity to steal their caps and run off, cackling like a madman with Piper’s hat on his head. How did he pull off stuff like that? The rest of the evening was spent with Sole, MacCready and Piper chasing the spy while the other more amused companions were watching it all, Hancock sitting at the poker table with a careless grin. The ghoul had been losing the game anyway.

Danse: “Soldier! Focus on the task at hand!”

Despite Danse’s stern exclaim, no one could ignore the very red tinge on the power armor clad man’s face, eyebrows furrowed above comically widened eyes. Laughing, Sole returned their attention to the battle, stabbing a raider brutally with a wide grin on their face. Their laughter only increased and they had to take a break behind cover when they noticed how Danse’s laser beams kept missing the targets, the man clearly distracted, maybe even conflicted. Who knew a man of his size could be reduced to a blushing mess with the aim of a pre-war child, with just a single wink?

Deacon: For the first time in a long long time Deacon was confused. He wasn’t okay with that, not at all. He was usually the one to confuse others! But he was deeply and thoroughly confused by Sole’s very random wink. They had just been sitting in the grass in Sanctuary, discussing important plans (stupid ideas), battle tactics (dumb pranks) and how to get rid of the group of raiders hanging out too close to a settlement without casualties (how to get Strong mad enough to smash them all, just for fun).

The spy had been in the middle of explaining a tactic for them to improve the cooperation between the settlements (how to get Danse to loosen up and get drunk, the guy really needed it) when Sole suddenly turned their gaze to him, no longer watching dogmeat chase a small critter of some sort. They’d winked, and despite Deacon’s best efforts, he ended up stuttering for a good five seconds before composing himself, passing it off by launching into a story about how a sudden illness a few years back had caused him to turn a dark shade of purple and spread like a wildfire until everyone in HQ looked like a bunch of aliens. Judging by the smug look on Sole’s face though, his momentary slip had been noticed and he panicked internally, looking for an escape underneath his sunglasses. Eventually he lamely decided to pretend he had heard something and fled the scene, the vault dweller’s laughter echoing in his ears as his legs swiftly brought him further away. Crap, that was bad. How was he supposed to hide his interest now?

Dogmeat: Confused by his owner’s strange gesture, Dogmeat began blinking rapidly, growling in frustration when he couldn’t get the hang of only closing one eye at a time. He settled with holding one paw in front of one eye, turning to look at Sole with a wide doggy grin and a wildly wagging tail, so proud of this new discovery, and the positive reaction to it. The vault dweller and the nearby companions were chuckling at the dog’s adorableness, and that night he got extra threats. But now the problem was how to get him to stop…

Hancock: “Not to put ya down, Sole, you can wink at this ugly mug any day all day, but I don’t think it’s appropriate, given our current situation.” Hancock’s grin was cheeky and his expression was mischievous, even upside down. Sole huffed with a pout and would’ve crossed their arms if they weren’t tied together and attached to the cold wall behind them. They were surprised the ghoul could even see that it was a wink, due to the dimness of the cell and the bruised swelling of one of their eyes.

A ‘kidnapping’ had turned out to be a trap, ending them in that sticky situation with Hancock hanging from the ceiling upside down - because sure, an unarmed ghoul was much more dangerous than a maniac of a pre-war relic. It was kinda offensive, actually - and Sole tied up and chained to the wall. They had been in those positions for a few hours, sitting in silence as they both worked on their bindings, with no success. Somewhere in between the 2 and 3 hour mark, Sole had randomly cleared their throat to gain the attention of the Mayor, and when those jet black eyes were locked on their hues with a questioning tilt to his head, Sole’s non-swollen eyelid had dipped down in a wink, a sly grin keeping it company on Sole’s colorfully bruised face.

Hancock spent an unknown amount of time wondering if Sole had caught on to his ‘obvious’ (according to Fahrenheit. And Daisy. And MacCready. And even K-L-E-O. And-) crush on them, and was startled out of his thoughts by a tap to the face. Sole was crouching in front of him, tapping at his face a few times with a free hand, an amused grin resting on their slightly chapped lips. He recovered quickly and returned it, and within minutes they were both free and had brutally murdered everyone that had something to do with the setup. Together they made their way back to Goodneighbor, Hancock sneaking glances at Sole more often than usual, not that they ever noticed. That pre-war naiveness would be the death of him some day.

MacCready: The two of them were having a sniping competition, both flat on their stomachs on the top of a cliff, aiming down at a pack of wild mongrels in complete concentration. Sole had bet MacCready 20 caps that they could snipe better than he could - “any day, every day” - and he wasn’t one to reject a bet, especially when it was about sniping. They were both waiting for one to wander the furthest away, since the longer the distance the more points they’d get. Deacon was standing a few feet away behind them with a pair of binoculars, a self chosen judge despite MacCready’s protests.

They were both completely focused, barely breathing. That was, until Sole tapped his arm to draw his attention. With a sigh, the sniper turned to look at the vault dweller, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance over the interruption. That was, until they surged upwards until they nearly vanished underneath his hat. Sole had not only winked, but also bitten their lower lip in a way that made MacCready’s face heat up and turn beet red. The young man was a stuttering mess, widened eyes never leaving Sole’s as they laughed, turning away from him and taking a few shots. It was surprising that the targets hadn’t run off due to the loudness of Deacon’s laughter, the spy rolling around on the ground. He was clearly very amused by the flabbergast expression the mercenary wore, even after Sole had finished off the last of the mongrels and stood up, gleefully holding out their hand for the caps they had bet about, a teasing grin lingering on the lips that MacCready couldn’t stop staring at.

At the realization that he actually lost a sniping competition and had to pay for it he snapped out of it and stood up, throwing a bag of caps at Sole with a sharp huff, stomping off grumpily with his rifle slung onto his back, embarrassed and with a hurt pride. He couldn’t stop picturing Sole’s seductive expression in his mind though, and his cheeks simply refused to cool down. They cheated though! It wasn’t his fault he lost the bet!

Strangely enough, deep down, MacCready wasn’t too bothered by the fact that Sole cheated.

Nick: Nick was sitting at his desk, tapping his pencil on the folder he had opened up in front of himself, expression one of concentration and thought as he went over the details of that case for the twentieth time that evening. With a short nod he scribbled down a few more notes, resting his elbow on the desk and his head in the open palm, metal fingers cupping his torn cheek. The detective had been working on that case for a few weeks, constantly coming up with new theories and finding clues on his occasional travels with Sole.

Speaking of Sole, the vault dweller came walking down the stair, sleepily rubbing their eyes from the short nap they had taken upstairs, stretching their arms above their head. Nick did his best not to stare, but he found himself unable to truly focus 100% on the case again, Sole’ presence drawing his attention the instant they stepped into the room as it had for weeks. He knew what a crush was, and the old Nick had experienced it several times, but for synth Nick it was a completely new thing. For the first time in a while, he found himself unsure of what to do. Should he talk to them? Admit his feelings? Continue trying to hide it?

He was snapped out of his thoughts by a gentle hand on his shoulder, his glowing eyes flickering over to meet those captivating hues of Sole’s. “I’m heading out for some noodles, I’ll be back shortly.” A short nod and a familiar ‘be careful’ look was Nick’s reply, but before Sole headed out the door their looked over their shoulder and winked at the synth, closing the door and leaving the detective to drop his pencil and frown in confusion. What? Why? What did that mean? Was it a hidden message? A warning? A suggestion? They had never done that before.

One thing Nick knew for certain was that he actually didn’t mind the gesture, but he did mind that he had to give up on the case for now, too absorbed in trying to guess the meaning behind the wink to focus. He even went as far to look it up in a book he kept hidden in his desk, a book on human behavior, unused until now.

Piper: “Sole! Stop winking! I’m trying to finish this interview! Focus!” Piper’s protests went ignored, and Sole continued to wink, constantly posing and occasionally changing between each eye. Some poses almost made her laugh, some made her roll her eyes in annoyance and a few made her blush and resist the urge to look away. She was trying to interview them after they had returned from the trip to the Institute, but now that she finally got them for herself, they wouldn’t stop messing around!

It took a while, but eventually the reporter realized that the messing around was a cover for the unwillingness when it came to talking about the trip. Sole had been unusually quiet about the whole traveling-to-the-Institute-situation, trying to avoid the subject as much as possible, and when they couldn’t, they would reply with short, joking answers that everyone wondered if were genuine or not. The guilt Piper felt upon realizing what was going on was overwhelming, so she quickly ‘gave up’ and left Sole to laugh at her frustration, not aware that the journalist had figured out what was really going on. They had no reason to suspect it after all. The only one who had noticed was Nick, which surprised no one, and Piper was satisfied with leaving the subject alone if that was what Sole prefered.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t curious about what happened, because wow, she’d love to know what happened, not only to get a good story but also to figure what caused their favorite vault dweller to act like this. As she was tucking away her notepad, crossing out of the title ‘Survivor survived trip to the inside of the monster of the Commonwealth’, she wondered how long it would take the other companions to notice, and how long it would take Sole to be willing to open up. Not any time soon, that was for sure, but she was prepared to wait for how long it takes.

Preston: “General, I have a request! Perhaps we could move the second turret closer to Mama Murphy’s house, then-” Prestons breath got caught in his throat as he looked up from his notes, the papers almost dropping from his hands as he stared wide-eyed at Sole. Preston was standing awkwardly in the middle of Sole’s living room when Sole turned the corner, clad in only a towel. They both stood frozen for a few seconds, both wide-eyed but one less clad than the other.

Then Sole smirked and winked, then returned to where they came from, leaving Preston to pick up his scattered papers and try to dim the blush that had managed to glow through his dark skin. Surges smirked at the reddish tinge on the minute man’s face, but didn’t comment on it as Preston power walked through the settlement, nervously shuffling his already sorted papers and averting his eyes. Everyone knew of his crush on the General, everyone but Sole, of course.

X6-88: The wink was, coincidentally, the day they also discovered that the courser had the ability to blush. Sole and X6 were cooking, the vault dweller determined to teach X6 some more passive activities other than hunting runaway synths and glaring at wasteland creatures. He was stirring in a pot that made his nose tingle with an unknown but pleasant way and made his stomach feel more empty than it probably was, despite the content looking rather gross and sticky. He refused to step close to the pot the beginning, but now Sole had trouble getting him away from it and the pleasant smell.

“Is it mixing well?”

X6 glanced at Sole with a silent nod, only to snap their gaze back to them with raised eyebrows behind the sunglasses, the hand with the spoon halting. Sole grinning knowingly and returned to their own task of chopping wasteland vegetables, but the courses wasn’t having it. Setting down the spoon, he strolled over, grasping Sole’s chin and tugging their head over to connect their gazes, eyebrows furrowed.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“The eye thing.”

“Oh, this?”

Sole winked once again, lips twisted into a warm grin. X6, despite not understanding the message behind the simple gesture, suddenly felt very hot and the small distance between their faces wasn’t enough. Letting go, he swiftly turned around and went back to stirring the pot, trying to keep his face turned away from Sole. The pleasant smell suddenly wasn’t important, instead, he focused more on the heated feeling in his chest and on his face, lips twisted into a small stern frown. What was going on?

“X6… Are you blushing?”


Oh. That was what was happening. Wasn’t it mostly the human women that blushed though? He had seen it on Piper when Nick gave her a sly compliment, but he had never thought further of it. The other times he had seen it had been between couples who had obviously been in… love. Oh uh. Was he malfunctioning? Was the wasteland wearing him down? Did he need to be reset? He couldn’t possibly be feeling love, that was a human emotion, an emotion that made one weak.

But. Strangely enough, the idea of losing that warm feeling in his chest seemed unpleasant. He wouldn’t mind losing the heat in his face though, or Sole’s laughter because of it.

Maxson: Elder Maxson was standing proudly in front of his highest ranks, receiving the weekly updates on different situations. The progress of finding the Institute, the frequent and unexplainable vertibird-crashes, the count of injuries, Sole’s smug expression, updates about-

Hang on.

Eyes narrowing slightly and mouth drawing into an even more stern frown, the Elder looked past Cade, who was eagerly talking about some new medical procedure no one understood a word of, and made eye contact with the vault dweller standing in the far back. They stared at each other for a while, one stern and strict, the other more carefree and grinning. What were they amused by? Him? Was his beard colored green again? Was it Cade’s rambling? Unknown by Maxson, a few of the other Brotherhood of Steel members in the room noticed, but they were used to the Elder’s glances towards the rather new arrival and didn’t comment. That didn’t stop the corners of their mouths from tugging upwards ever so slightly, amused by the obviousness of the young leaders crush.

Arthur’s eyebrows shot upwards a few inches when Sole tipped their head sideways, ran their tongue across their lower lip and winked. Cade even halted his medical rant at the sudden change in behavior of the usually stern Elder. Everyone turned their heads to follow Maxson’s gaze, but Sole had already vanished, much to the confusion of the people present. What was going on? A few had already figured it to have been one of Sole’s tricks, Cade included, but most had no clue and worried for the mental state of their leader. The Elder turned his back and quickly dismissed them all, postponing the updating for the next day in a gruff voice. Everyone left in complete silence with unanswered questions, and he was left alone to ponder about how to hide his obvious crush on one, cheeky, annoying vault dweller. While also trying to stop picturing the face Sole had made.

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Companions reaction to Sole Survivor going a little crazy and trying to bite them after sustaining intense radiation

Engrossed in the mission at hand, neither Sole nor their companion realized the amount of radiation they were taking. Sole’s Pipboy ticked ominously, and only when Sole felt feverish and aggressive did anyone realize something was wrong.

Cait: “You feelin’ alright?” she questions, a little unnerved by Sole’s nervous twitching. Sole mumbles a reply she doesn’t quite catch. As much as she dislikes physical contact outside of fighting, she steps forward, hesitantly nudging Sole’s shoulder with her fingertips. “Sole, I said-” Her words turn into a cry of shock as her companion whips around, lunging forward and snapping their jaws at Cait’s wrist. On instinct she yanks her hand out of reach, and pops Sole right in the kisser with her other fist. The punch dazes Sole, and they blink, their eyes refocusing. When they realize what they did, they apologize, reaching out to hold her. But Cait refuses to let them touch her until she’s seen them down two packets of Radaway and a bottle of Rad-X. And even then, she’s shaken.

Codsworth: “Er… Mx. Sole. You don’t look well. Are you sure you’re-” Sole cuts them off with a low, growling reply. With a stern puff of his jets, the Mr. Handy hovers over to Sole’s front, wagging his claws as he chides them. “Mx. Sole, I really think you ought to-” Something flashes in Sole’s eyes, and Codsworth yelps as they run forward, striking his torso and attempting to bite down on one of his eyestalks. But rusted metal and teeth do not mix, and Sole jerks their head away as their mouth strikes the bot, whimpering like an injured animal and clutching their jaw. Quite disturbed, Codsworth’s protective instincts take over, and he gently guides Sole somewhere safe and tends to their radiation and bruised mouth. The faint bite marks on Codsworth’s body embarrasses Sole afterwards.

Curie: Being a doctor, Curie was the first to realize Sole’s condition. “Monsieur/Madame, I insist we stop. You are not well, and going any further would not be good for your or my health.” Sole shakes their head, insisting that they’re fine, that Curie is being ridiculous. But the French synth is just as stubborn, pressing her lips together and coming forward with a pack of Radaway in her hand, speaking gently to soothe her agitated companion. But despite her best efforts, Sole loses it, growling and lashing out, even attempting to bite at the woman. Curie’s first instinct is to run in fear, but her responsibility as a doctor comes first, so she sets her jaw and injects the Radaway into Sole’s exposed neck. Sole calms down after that, and after apologizing, Curie assures them she holds no grudges.

Danse: He’s oblivious. That, or he thinks Sole’s sudden, surly attitude is somehow his fault. It only clicks for him when he accidentally gets in Sole’s way, prompting them to growl and snap their teeth against his Power Armor. Oh. Uh-oh. Understanding that they’re not in their right mind, he waits until they’ve fallen asleep, then slips a needle into the crook of their arm and pumps in the Radaway. “You’re welcome, soldier,” is all Danse says, before going back to sleep. He does it himself because he doesn’t trust civilian doctors, and he knows that if he were to take Sole to the Prydwen, to convince the Brotherhood to help them, the doctors do not look kindly on ghouls. If they could abandon Danse himself so easily, they might do just the same to Sole if they think Sole is going ghoul.

Deacon: He and Sole are gathered in a settlement market square, packing up on supplies. But Sole’s been more cranky than usual the past couple days, more tense and twitchy, and it shows. Deacon has to step in more than he’d like, apologizing for Sole’s behavior and smoothing ruffled feathers. When he takes Sole aside and asks for an explanation, Sole just snaps their teeth at him, and that’s all the explanation he needs. Wrangling them to the nearest wasteland doctor, he tosses the doc a sack of caps and locks Sole in, whistling cheerfully on the other side of the door and waiting until Sole emerges, embarrassed and apologetic. “Apologize? For what?” Deacon questions with an innocent expression. “I just thought you had a thing for biting. Not my fetish, personally, but I don’t judge.”

Dogmeat: It’s been a couple days since they had a decent meal. The canine’s starting to feel it in his stomach, and he whines pitifully. Sole’s feeling it too, and coupled with the uneasy, dizzy feeling they get from the radiation tingling in their blood, their judgment is starting to be clouded. One day, when looking through a dumpster for something to eat, Sole lets out a cry of frustration, their gaze slowly moving to Dogmeat. Not expecting the attack, the dog yelps when Sole jumps forward, curling their fingers into their dog’s scruff and on the verge of taking a bite out of the animal. But they feel Dogmeat wriggling in their grasp, whimpering in fear, and hot shame burns behind their eyes, making them tear up. Quickly pulling Dogmeat into a hug, Sole is ashamed of even considering the idea.

Hancock: He might not be a doctor like Curie, but he knows a little something about ghoulism. Not one to beat about the bush, Hancock confronts them about their symptoms, and Sole assures him that they’re fine, they’ll see a doctor when they get to the next settlement, they’ll buy some Radaway. But they’re all promises Sole forgets as soon as the conversation is over. One day, when they’re in combat, Sole forgets who is friend and who is foe, and accidentally tries to sink their teeth into Hancock’s ridged neck. There’s a brief moment of sharp, petrifying terror; Is Sole feral? They’re not, but for how much longer? Placing a tight, angry, frightened hand over Sole’s wrist, Hancock drags them to the nearest doctor, not leaving their side until every rad is drained from their system.

Nick Valentine: He puts up with their attitude for approximately two seconds before grabbing them, holding tight to their arms and looking them dead in the eye. “Something’s wrong,” he states, expressionless. “You’re not yourself.” When Sole protests, his grip tightens, metal digits pressing into their skin. “Damn it, don’t lie to me. You’re not like this, and I need to know why you’re acting like a damn-” The truth hits him the same time Sole does, lunging up to bite at his nose and trying to swing their foot into his leg. With a heavy heart, he latches handcuffs around their wrists, cold fear prickling in his chest as he wonders just how far gone Sole is. When he manages to subdue them long enough to get them help, he’s reminded of just how fragile the human is, compared to him.

MacCready: Sole’s being surly? He hadn’t noticed. He himself is cranky often enough that if they snap back at him a little more often than usual, he writes it off as nerves or stress. But then their appearance changes. Their complexion turns sallow, they… bite, sometimes at whatever they’re fighting and sometimes at nothing at all. It turns his stomach, but he reserves judgment, until Sole makes a poor call and tries to sink their teeth into his forearm. It’s instinct, really, and he’s not sure what his hands are doing until he feels his gun barrel digging into Sole’s temple and words that aren’t his growling from his lips. His hands are shaking. He already lost one person to ghouls and sickness in his life. He won’t lose another.

Piper: They’re heading through an old museum, with a caved-in ceiling that lets in just enough light to be atmospheric. Piper’s taken out her camera and it snapping pictures, and the bulb flashes with each picture taken, the shots coming out in the slot at the bottom and developing in the cool air. “Say cheese!” Piper announces, and snaps a picture of Sole. The bright light makes then hiss, and terror flashes across the journalist’s expression as Sole snarls and runs forward, like they’re about to leap at Piper and attack her. Their hands and teeth stop inches from her face, and they both look horrified as they realize what’s happened. Lowering their head in shame, Sole admits that they aren’t well. “R-Really,” Piper says, still a little shaken up. “I’d have never guessed.”

Preston: They’re in one of the settlements, responding to a call for aid, which amounts to rebuilding some walls and debugging some turrets. Preston’s wiping sweat from his brow when he hears commotion. Looking over the barricade, he sees Sole arguing with one of the settlers, growing increasingly more violent and agitated. He jogs over, catching Sole’s shoulder in an attempt to make them see reason, trying to turn them around and away from the crowd. The settlers gathered all gasp as their precious General lunges forward, shouting like an animal and biting down on Preston’s wrist. It’s enough to draw blood, and to leave marks in the man’s skin. Horrified, Preston can only watch as Sole is subdued by the settlers and dragged into a cell, whereupon they’re forcibly medicated.

Strong: It’s very confusing for him. In his semi-developed mutant brain, his instincts tell him Sole is an enemy. But also not? They smell like ghoul sometimes. Not just like the blood-and-dirt smell of human, no, but the sweet and spicy tang of radiation, the flavor that burns the mouth and makes you sick. Sole tries to bite at him sometimes too, but that only confuses him further. He doesn’t know what Sole is, anymore, and that upsets him. But he doesn’t know how to articulate this thought, and if Sole goes too long without seeking help, Strong may abandon them out of frustration.

X6-88: Regardless of their relationship, X6 is too fast to be caught off-guard when Sole loses it and tries to bite him. He ends up with his hand wrapped around Sole’s throat, and a sudden, shocked expression on their face. Something he remembers is called worry burns at the back of his brain, but he puts it aside. Without even a comment on the bite, he calls in a teleporter, calmly escorting Sole to the medbay and getting them treated. While the medicine is being added to their bloodstream, X6 ponders the strange feeling he experienced when Sole’s eyes… flashed, like that. They looked less than human. But X6 himself is not human. Is that not a poor analogy? And betrayal, too. Worry, betrayal, concern. These are not emotions befitting a Courser. And yet…

((Thanks for the ask, anon!))

A Day in The Life of Curie

As requested by @reverse-jesus, a day in the life of everyone’s favourite French synth darling, Curie, while Sole is away on their adventures. Enjoy :D

5:30am : Curie wakes with the rising sun. She will wash and clean herself with what is available at the settlement, afterall, hygiene is paramount to Curie and she informs others daily, somewhat to their annoyance. After washing, Curie makes her bed (if romanced she will leave Sole to wake up in their own time before doing this) and dresses for the day.

6:00am: Curie treads lightly around the settlement as to  wake none of the other residents, she is aware of the tempers some can have, especially Cait, of being disturbed during beauty sleep. She often bumps into the person returning from night watch, smiling and bidding a good morning. Curie will then proceed to sit for a few minutes watching the morning the sun. In her opinion it is one of the most beautiful sights available and she enjoys basking in the magnificence of the natural and scientific wonder.

6:15am: Over time it became routine for Curie to feed Dogmeat in the morning as she was often the first up, apart from the likes of Danse who could be seen around sometimes, early in the morning. Curie fetches fresh water and prepares what food is available for Dogmeat, often remarking to herself there should be more cans of dog food while prepping. She will also play with Dogmeat for a few minutes after he has ate to stimulate him mentally and physically, she also practices tricks with him and again, over time has fallen into another role, Dogmeat’s trainer ( she often requires Sole’s or Danse’s help in commanding)

6:35am: Checking what is available, Curie often prepares the ingredients for a breakfast for the settlers and Sole, picking the healthiest ingredients that she believes benefits the settlers the most, if Shaun is present at the settlement she is often stricter on what he eats, making sure he is consuming the right foods.

7:10am: Curie eats with the others, though she only eats what she needs to sustain herself, while the others will eat as much as possible most of the time.

7:20am: Curie then takes another walk around the settlement, taking in the sounds, smells and sights of the place gearing up for the day. ( if romanced she likes to take the walk with Sole, either hand in hand or their arm around her shoulder, she likes the quality time together before they must split to attend to their responsibilities, unless travelling together)

7:40am: Curie attends to a little plot in the garden, Sole planted for her as a gift, a few flowers and her own personal Mutfruit plant reside in a neatly placed and maintained garden at the back of the house. She will often spend about an hour just attending to this, she finds it fascinating how life can adapt to such conditions and can often be found thoroughly documenting any changes within her garden

8:40am: She is reluctant to see Sole leave if they go on a mission, and bids them a goodbye and a safe journey. If romanced she will kiss them softly on the lips and whisper into their ear for them the come back to her at days end, or when possible. At this point she will often converse with Nick, Danse or Piper about current events, listening attentively as they talk for a few minutes.

9:00am: Curie attends to her chemistry station and begins work on her wonderful research. Curie could lose herself for hours, and often does, while she works on her research.

12:30pm: After several hours working on her research, Curie takes a break and mingles with some of the settlers and companions. She will also feed Dogmeat again and refill his water. She often checks in with Cait (post vault 95) to see how she is doing, depending on the day she is either dismissed or welcomed by Cait. Cait appreciates that someone else also cares, though she’s not too good at showing this appreciation.

12:45pm: While on break, Curie takes a few minutes to further read one of the mountain of books, Sole has managed to salvage for her over time. She takes great care of an extensive set of medical and scientific papers found, as well as a full set of encyclopedias.

1:00pm: Curie returns back to her station and continues working into the late afternoon, sometimes with the assistance of Shaun, doubling up as a science lesson for him also when he is around

5:30pm: Curie finishes on the station for the day and heads to her room to freshen up, it is often a struggle to separate Curie from her work, one of the only things successfully doing so, being Sole returning from a days adventure in the waste.

6:00pm: After freshening up and taking a well deserved breather, Curie pitches in with the cooking again, making sure the meal is balanced, healthy and tasty for those eating. What follows is a decent and hearty meal for the settlers and companions after a long day of doing what they do, be harvesting crops or guarding. Curie tends not to partake in the dinner table banter but rather converse with others like minded, such as Nick. At least once a day around this time, Curie has to politely decline Hancock’s request to use the station to make some new chems

7:15pm: After dinner and conversation with the settlers and companions, Curie will usually do her own thing for a while. (if romanced this will usually include Sole) be it reading or going for a walk around the settlement watching the Sun starting to set. Around this time Curie again feeds and waters Dogmeat, as well as play a few games with him to keep him entertained, Sole and Danse can also be found doing this with her.

7:45pm: At this point Curie ideally wants quality time with her favourite Vault Dweller. She wants to know everything, how their day was. What they did. Was it a god trip? etc. Curie fears she sometimes is too intrusive but simply hangs off Sole’s every word.

8:45pm: After spending time with Sole Curie will wash and prepare for bed. Getting used to her  new body she goes to bed earlier than the others, as she tires much easier while getting used to her body, though she copes and falls well within a healthy sleeping pattern, unlike many of the others. 

9:15pm-9:40pm: Curie is often in bed by this time. If romanced she will sleep with Sole. Sole will not be far behind her on getting to bed, usually 20 minutes or so after, saying goodnight to the others and usually having the one drink to be social with the rest of the companions and will snuggle with a curled up Curie. If non romanced, Curie will sleep in her own room in a secluded area away from noise but not too far away from Sole in case of emergency. Curie will usually take 5-10 minutes to drift off before waking up again with the sun at 5:30am the next day.

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some good bands you listen to?

all about 80s new wave/german and french minimal synth/italo disco and just cheesy 80s or any pop tbh

the cure, a flock of seagulls, the human league, bal pare, heaven 17, grauzone, kid n play, kmd, new order, alphaville, trans x, cyber people, absolute body control, asylum party, devo, duran duran, nwa, english beat, general public, missing persons, jesus and mary chain, kraftwerk, oingo boingo, kate bush, omd, the the, tears for fears, ultravox, thompson twins, simple minds, anything box, japan, john foxx, book of love, cause and effect, blondie, blancmange, depeche mode, cabaret voltaire, martin dupont, flash cero, martial canterel

MMFD Fanfic: Feel Good, Inc. Chapter V

I could not stop myself. Reader beware, you are in for my first foray into smut. (omg)



The afternoon was the best she’d had in recent memory. Strolling through the crowded stalls at Camden Market, trying on strange novelty hats, snacking on fresh samosas – it was like she was walking in a dream. It was like this unspoken chemistry that had never left had just been lying dormant all these years. What we lacked in time, we always made up for in chemistry, Rae thought, studying Finn’s stubbly face from across the rows and rows of vinyl at her old employer, Platter Princess. It was the only female-owned and operated record shop in London and they specialized in music of the indie-girl-rock persuasion. Finn thumbed through some old Huggy Bear albums, a Le Tigre album tucked under his arm. He still had that intensity about him, a seriousness that masked his inner playfulness and gentleness that had carried Rae through some of the darkest times of her life. He furrowed his brow and he returned the Huggy Bear and scanned the bright pink pop palace and smiled at the giant poster of Blondie that adorned the wall.

“This place is brilliant, Rae.”

It was brilliant. University had introduced Rae to woman studies and it was through these iconic women that she found an outlet to express herself. It was fine and dandy to relate to the pining words of beautiful blokes, but these women helped her find her strength. Embrace what made her Rae. Platter Princess was her favorite place in London and she was so excited to share it with Finn. It was like having him read her diary. She winced, remember all too well that he’d already done that and it did enough damage back when they were involved. She now kept her diary on a password-protected encrypted file on her laptop. She never left it to chance again.

Finn headed to the register and then linked arms with Rae and headed outside. She felt her heart pounding against her rib cage. She tried to act cool, like walking arm in arm with a gorgeous lad was an everyday occurrence.  She snuck glances at him as the ambled leisurely back toward Islington. Time had been kind to Finn Nelson. If at all possible, he’d grown even more into his brooding features, still broad-shouldered and well fit. His hair was a little longer on top then it had been when they were young, his fringe messily swept to the side. It occurred to Rae that after several blocks, neither of them had said anything.

“Well, where to next?” she asked casually. Our bodies are just pressed against each other. It’s no big deal. Breathe.

“I figured we’d just head back to yours? Maybe play a little music? Finish what we started?”

What we started? Rae instinctually pulled away from him. He looked down confused, and mimed a joint in his hand. Rae laughed a little too loudly.

“Yes. Absolutely. Yes, we did start that.”


She couldn’t believe he put on bloody Elliott Smith. Of all albums, he chose the most introspective, haunting, and broody album in her collection. He flopped onto the couch, his domain in the sea of Archie and Rae’s clutter. He was living very neatly out of one duffel bag. It was this Spartan simplicity she had always envied. She was nostalgic, busy, and prone to sentimentality. She perched on the edge of the couch as Finn passed her another expertly rolled joint. It was dusk now, and the apartment was sparsely lit. She and Archie usually lit candles but it seemed like it might send the wrong idea in present circumstances.

“So it was just like that?” she asked.

“Excuse me?”

“You just up and left Manchester.”

“Yeah. It was, y’know, the right time.”

“And Laura just…?”

Finn turned his body towards her, lifting his arm up on the edge of the couch. Smoke lazily escaped his lips as he considered her. Rae’s entire body felt charged. It was as if her panties were about to drop of their own accord. She swallowed hard and grabbed the joint out of his hands.

“Laura and I just didn’t fit. We tried. But you can’t fake it until you make it, I’ve found.”

Rae nodded a little too emphatically. Her head was starting to feel light and buzzy. Her whole body was pleasantly warm.



He hadn’t stopped looking at her. She nervously passed the joint back, but he placed it on the ash tray on the table.

“You know I’m not really good at, er, speakin’.”

She nodded, avoiding his gaze. Is this really happening?

“More of an action-oriented person, really.”

 "I remember that about you, funnily enough.“

She looked back up at him and he ran his eyes down her body and he leaned in a bit closer.

“See, there’s just something I’d like to…if it’s okay with you…”

Rae felt a burning deep in her belly. Her lips were suddenly tingling with want. She nodded slightly and then as if she’d been hit back by an all-encompassing wave of warmth, his lips were on hers, gentle at first, and then passionately pressing against her. His strong arm came down off the couch and wrapped around her, pulling her into the kiss.

They broke for a moment, foreheads pressed together. It’s like he was saying paragraphs with just one look. She knew that she was already in way, way too deep. I could stop it now. Just get up. Just get up and walk away. She felt his breath on her cheek and she knew it had been a long time since she’d felt this. Not just horny, but alive with every fiber of her body. Her entire body ached with need in that moment that they were apart.

She took a deep breath and pressed her lips hard back on his and a Molotov cocktail of passion exploded between them. As she opened her mouth to invite his tongue in, his hands gently roamed her body, refamiliarzing himself with her skin, her legs, her arse, her breasts, her face. She leaned back, allowing him on top of her and wrapped her arms around his neck, running her fingers through his hair. He groaned against her and she felt her back arch with anticipation.

But then he broke the kiss and froze. She seized with anxiety. What’s wrong? Am I not living up to expectations?

“I…I can’t.”

Rae’s face immediately began to burn.

 "You what?”

Shit. Shit. Shitting shit.

“I can’t let this sad-sack music be the soundtrack to this…”

Finn gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and rolled off her and made mad dash to her turntable. Rae couldn’t help but laugh as she adjusted herself on the couch, laying awkwardly as he pulled out a new record. The needle dropped and to her immense approval, the first track of Air’s Alone in Kyoto began. Sexy-trippy French synth-pop.  Of fucking course. Rae’s breath caught in her throat as Finn resumed his place on top of her, kneeling between her legs and kissing her sweetly on the lips.




Rae reached up to remove his shirt, which caught on his head. He ripped it off and she ran her hands all over his chest before pulling him down to her.

His kisses traced from her lips to her jaw down her neck and to her shoulder. He carefully pulled her scarf from her neck and pulled off her shirt, leaving a cleavage-y dress below. He swore at the sight of what were, in his opinion, the gold standard in breasts. He was tempted to spend the rest of the night reacquainting himself, but decided to head on down to see what else he’d been missing.

He gingerly tested Rae’s comfort-level by raising her dress up to feel her soft tummy. He was relieved to find she no longer seized up with terror when touched in this area. Emboldened by her heavy breathing and occasional moans, he pulled down her leggings, planting kisses down her leg as he slid them off.

Entranced by  her body’s delicious warmth, he plunged his head between her legs. This action was met with a cry of approval from Rae. It was about here that he completely lost it. It was like something primal had taken over. He endeavored to make her come harder than any bloke she’d been with since their tender fumbles way back when. He slid his fingers inside of her, feeling her tense around him. He teased her with his and pumped his fingers in and out in rhythm to the music. It wasn’t long before he felt her entire body tense up and release in an amazing rush.

She sat up, breathing heavily, face masked with lust. She pulled him up to her mouth and kissed him hard on the lips. He felt his cock threatening to burst in his trousers. He pressed himself against Rae and she reached down to stroke him. He cursed into her neck as she unzipped his pants and he sat up to pull his pants and trousers down.

“Have you got a johnny?”

“I’m, er, on the pill…”

Finn nodded and kissed her with renewed fervor. She guided him in and he felt his entire body tense as he made his way back home. He took it painfully slow at first –drinking in every sigh, every tug of skin against skin. He looked into her eyes and it was like everything they couldn’t say was said. There was no going back. He picked up his pace and she cried out against him, then stiffiled a giggle.

“What?” he whispered, much raspier than he’d expected.

“This is…too lovely.”

He pulled himself out and with a swift motion flipped her over. She readjusted herself and he entered her from behind. He pressed himself against her back, wrapping his arms around her and whispered what he was sure was incoherent horseshit into into her ear. He brushed his lips up her spine, delighted by the the shivers it seemed to send through her.

He grinned to himself and buried his face within her hair. He gave it all he had and within moments their bodies both collectively tensed and released. Out of breath, Finn rolled off of her, lost his balance, and landed on the floor. Rae couldn’t stop laughing.

He was delirious.

“Rae…listen, Rae…” He was choking on his words again. There was so much he wanted to say. Rae shushed him as she helped him back onto the couch, wrapping her arms around him.

“I think you should know by now. Words are overrated, mate”

Finn felt like that was a bit of an understatement and pulled her into his arms.


So this is my first smut. Hope it’s not too awkward? This has been a fun writing excersie, guys! Thanks for reading. Not sure if there will be more. I had ideas of a roadtrip back to Lincolnshire to see our old friends Chop, Izzy, and Chloe?

Let me know what you think!


“hey karli how do you have so many giant fucking guns?”

Well friends.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Enemies will automatically respawn after a certain number of in-game days, and Brotherhood enemies will always have gatling lasers, miniguns, and power armor (and subsequently fusion cores and ammo). So if you want infinite all of that:

1.) Grab some big-ass guns and stimpaks. It doesn’t hurt to stock up on chems, either. Maybe snag some power armor. (Or do what I do and just bring a giant fucking murder-bot ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ) 

what up son

2.) Fast travel to the Boston Airport or Prydwen (OR BOTH) You can still fast travel onto the Prydwen as an enemy of the Brotherhood, weirdly, so you Do Not need to be friends with them. 

3.) DESTROY  E V E R Y O N E (or, if you’ve got the pickpocketing perks unlocked and DON’T want to be enemies with the Brotherhood, STEAL FROM  E V E R Y O N E, but honestly where’s the fun)

never speak to me or my french synth girlfriend ever again


5.) Repeat. Seriously they just keep respawning. Prydwen took a bit over a week to respawn for me, but don’t quote me on time. Just go travel around; play the game; idk.

Named NPCs (like Elder Maxson) won’t respawn, but their loot will. I currently have 5 Maxson Battlecoats. I’m gonna put one on every non-human settler and companion I have, outta spite.

eat my entire ghoul-loving ass, brotherhood

***fun fact: some bodies will respawn loot, but still be naked. Don’t let the undies fool you; they got guns in there!

get fuckin wrecked maxson


Fallout 4 :: Nick Valentine, “je suis un synthétique”