french swimming team


bad time to find out about your language kink for Makoto, Haru.
bad time to find out your boyfriend doesn’t care where you Do it, Makoto.

I like to think Makoto took language courses in university. He knows some French and a little more English now, but he’s most proficient in Spanish.

Based on ep1 of the current season of The Amazing Race! AAAAAAA I’m watching for Burnie and Ashley!! theyre so adorable they kiss a lot 😭😭 I thought their energy and affinity was so makoharu-like I just had to dRAW! I hope they win!

team makoharu winning the race and the 1 million dollars 🎉🎉🎉🎉

This little guy is amazing

He is 20. He is a two time olympic champion (and something tells me he is not done). He is the cutest boy ever, level headed, nice, not haughty one bit. He loves reading (he favors russian authors), he is found of philosophy… 

When the wetsuits arrived in the swimming world competition he was 14 and he decided, on his own, that, no, he wouldn’t swim like that, that he would swim with a normal bathing suit because that’s how you swim. At 14.

This little guy is amazing and I can’t wait to see him conquer the whole world.