french people have the best comebacks i s2g like someone could walk into the room like “j'ai ramené de la salade” if you’re mad at them you could tell them “c'est toi la salade” and it’d be considered as a real Drag


Small worlds.


If anyone is interested and confused by the French presidential elections, which is a total disaster, I found this cool thread on Twitter
More info about the candidates under the cut

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You think you’re joking when you say Valjean was super passionate about bread, but try to put a French person in another country and within the first few days you’ve heard them complain about how nobody in this fucking country sells real bread and all their attempts and making a baguette are laughable

even me, I don’t eat that much bread on a regular basis but I will still bitch about how others DON’T KNOW WHAT BREAD IS because when I eat bread it’s “real” fucking bread

you think this is a cliché

it’s not

none of you guys can make bread especially not you UK and US

if we’re condescending assholes about one thing trust me

it’s bread

French Movies

Hey guys! Movies helped me a lot to improve my French. I love French movies and French cinema and now I wanna share a few of my favorite movies and must-sees with you! I hope they’ll help you!

  • La peau douce (a bit older, about a man who has an affair with a young girl, black&white, a bit dramatic)
  • La vie d’Adèle (LESBIANS!)
  • Sur mes lèvres (a very nice thriller about a deaf girl and a criminal)
  • Dans la maison (a high school student writes stories about the mother of his buddy and it escalates)
  • 8 femmes (lesbians, bisexuals, drama, a dead man, nice clothes, takes place in the 50ies)
  • Swimming Pool (you see boobs sometimes, a British writer spends a few days in the South of France and writes about mysterious things that happen there)
  • Sagan (a biopic about Françoise Sagan, dramatic and a bit gay)
  • Le placard (a guy pretends to be gay so he doesn’t lose his job)
  • Poltergay (gay disco ghosts from the 70ies mess up a man’s life and relationship)
  • Une nouvelle amie (great movie about a trans woman)
  • Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (y’all know this one)
  • Belles familles (family drama about a house and feelings, a man falls for his very young step sister)
  • La femme d’à côté (a man discovers that his new neighbour is his ex girlfriend, a lot of amour fou, sad film, dramatic)
  • Le dernier Métro (a Jewish theater director hides in his theater and his wife falls for an actor, during WW2, nice clothes, 2 gay characters (not main characters but still…))
  • L’enfer (1994 version) (a jealous man turns his wife’s life into a real nightmare, very interesting film)
  • L’homme qu’on aimait trop (based on a true story, takes place in Nice, crime, mystery)
  • Lila dit ça (drama, 2 teenagers living in Marseille, sad love story, a bit nsfw, about a writer)
  • La belle saison (Lesbians in the 70ies, unshaved arm pits for the win, cute yet sad, takes place on a farm)
  • Rien à déclarer (a very funny film about French and Belgian ppl and stereotypes)
  • Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (y’all should know this one!!! a classic! watch it with French subtitles!!!!)
  • Persepolis (animation film, an Iranian girl tells us about her life in Iran, France and Austria, very moving, based on real events)
  • Les innocents aux mains sales (older movie, with Romy Schneider!! a woman kills her husband but he’s not as dead as she thinks he is)
  • A la folie… pas du tout! (You think this is a cute romatic lil film? you are SO wrong!!)
  • Les intouchables (y’all know that one I guess)
Today's National French Fry Day 🍟🍟🍟

And I need like a truck-full, because when I’m feeling crappy I crave unhealthy food. Anyone else?

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