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Can we take a moment to appreciate how Mrs. Potts is totally understanding of LeFou’s situation and doesn’t judge him at all? ‘Cause for all we know, he’s probably never had anyone tell him that it’s okay to be gay and here’s a fecking teapot telling him: “Oh, love. You’re a good lad and you deserve better.” 

Little is known about Isabelle Romée, mother of Joan of Arc before the birth of her famous daughter. She was born in Vouthon-Bas around 1377. She later married Jacques de Arc and moved to Donrémy where she gave birth to Joan. The last name Romee suggests that she made a pilgrimage to Rome at some point. She was responsible for her children’s education, including Joan’s, and taught them their prayers and their saints. The values that Joan embodied such as piety, honesty and bravery doubtless came from her mother. 

After her daughter’s execution on the charge of heresy, Isabelle worked to overturn the charge. For thirty years, Isabelle fought to clear her daughter’s name. She petitioned the Pope to reopen the court case and gave an address to a delegation of the Holy See. Her efforts were not in vain. Thirty years after her daughter’s death, an appeals court overturned Joan conviction. Isabelle was seventy at the time and died two years later. 

Though she was not a knight, I wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to Isabelle Romee. In popular retellings of Joan’s story, Isabelle is often left out. Wikipedia only lists two depictions of her in media. Isabelle taught Joan everything Joan knew about religion and spoke truth to power to right her daughter’s legacy. She is a key figure in the story of the Western world’s most famous Lady Knight and deserves recognition as such. 

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Two years ago I met a boy who went to the same university. We were lab partners and I had to help him out a lot since English wasn't his first language, French was. He was very sweet and I developed a crush on him since we would hang out a lot. He teased me all the time, hugging me, saying how cute I looked, etc. Anyway, one day he picked me up, spinning me and said "You're so cute, I could marry you." I jokingly said, "I wouldn't be a good housewife." His reply was, "I'll take care of the kids.


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1. Nicknames: Phil, Philou.
2. Gender: Female
3. Star Sign:  Libra
4. Height: Not the slightest idea but I’m average ^^
5. Time:  2:07 pm
7. Favourite bands: Atlas, Queen, the rolling stones, Kongos, Polo&Pan, Hans Zimmer, Of Monsters and Men, Houses, Alt-J, Parov Stelar, The Lumineers and so so so much more…!
8. Favourite solo artists: Paolo Nutini, Benjamin Clementine, Adele, Alex Clare, Edith Piaf, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles.
9. Song stuck in my head: “The River” by Blues Saraceno
10. Last movie watched: “L’Odyssée” by Jérôme Salle. It’s a French movie telling the story of the oceanographic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau as well as focusing on his son’s point of view. The sceneries of that movie are just breathtaking ! 
11. Last show watched: Game of Thrones / Peeky Blinders / Shadowhunters. I am indeed watching three shows at the same time ! ^^’
12. When did I create my blog:  Early 2016.
13. What do i post:  Shadowhunters fanarts that generally end up to be only Malec related <3

14. Last thing i googled: How to say “explorateur océanographique in english” lol ^^’

15. Do you have other blogs: Nope !
16. Do you get asks: At times yes ! And they are all extremely sweet ones !
17. Why did you choose your url: Because my nickname is Phil and I draw fan arts ! Simple as that lol =p

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20. Favourite colours: Blue Klein, blue Klein and well….Blue Klein !
21. Average hours of sleep: From zero ZZzz to around 9 when I sleep well ^^
22. Lucky number: 6
23. Instruments: I don’t play any but I wish I could play the piano !
24. What am i wearing: The “Sherwood looks good on me” black tank top with a black slim jean and I am barefoot because I am inside my apartment.
25. How many blankets i sleep with: 1 !
26. Dream job: Illustrator
27. Dream trip: Japan, New-Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, Russia, America (north and south), Korea, and I wanna go back to Thailand and Vietnam ! ^^
28. Favourite food: Paaaaasta and cheese as well as chocolate.
29. Nationality: French ^^
30. Favourite song now: Always and forever will be “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blonds !

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Florist/Tattoo Artist AU rant/notfic/thing

The Skywalker-Organa-Solo homestead is a four story mansion in the outskirts of the city, about 15 minutes away from the SkySolo florist shop, 30 minutes from the Skywalker nursery. Grandpa Anakin and Obi-wan “Ben” live on the fourth floor overlooking the acres of land left to the family after grandma Padmé died all those years ago. Ben likes to drink tea and work on his garden, Anakin likes to work on his old motorcycles and robots in the old barn across from the garden. They both like to “meditate” in the peace of their fourth floor abode. Little Ben walked in on them once in the middle of it, he’s gone by Kylo Ren ever since. Leia, Kylo and uncle Chewie occupy the third floor, half of which is dedicated to Leia’s political campaign with aides and interns using the spare rooms as offices and such. The other half is uncle Chewie’s weapons collection, primarily bows and guns. He’s always loaning them out to the museum and historical society. He’s known in the city for being a generous benefactor of the arts. The second floor is Luke and Rey’s. Han moved down to the ground floor during his and Leia’s separation, moved into Luke’s room almost exactly two months after the divorce was finalized. Rey’s best friend from high school and current one third of their triad, Finn, started living with them once he was thrown out of foster care. He keeps his own room even though he ends up snuggling up with Rey when he has nightmares from his time in the service. His good friend died right in front of him in combat, Leia had pulled every string and called in every favor to get him home safe as soon as they knew. Poe refuses to move in with his two lovers until he’s moved on from being Leia’s senior aide. Even so, he tends to spend more time in the mansion than at his own apartment even when he’s finished his work day. He never misses the weekly family dinner. Kylo hates how everyone is in each other’s business in this house. He only had about a month of knowing Hux before everyone in the house decided he had a crush on the tattoo artist that worked across from the florist shop. Han still brags he was the one to get them together. Grandpa Anakin gleefully savors the Skywalker tradition of falling for gingers. Leia and Luke share a twin moment about their father and ex/husband. The first time Hux is invited to family dinner, by Leia no less, Kylo makes everyone promise not to embarrass him. Then uncle Chewie spends the entire dinner speaking with Hux in French, telling stories from Kylo’s childhood. Uncle Chewie was the last person Kylo thought would betray him. Subsequent dinners the family decides Hux will be around a while so they shouldn’t bother hiding their crazy. Hux takes all their questions with grace while Kylo hides his face in mortification. After a few dinners Rey asks Hux if he’d work with her on a tattoo design she’d been dreaming of. Suddenly grandpa Anakin wants one and Ben is arguing with him. Somehow Hux’s modeling career comes up and the infamous lingerie pictures are shown. Hux makes a crack about Kylo liking the red lace on him more. The family decides he’s a Skywalker-Organa-Solo in that moment. Kylo internally screams, but also agrees. A year later Kylo proposes with a carefully constructed bouquet and Hux designs a tattoo of the same bouquet to be placed on his ribs right under his heart.