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Find out the motivation behind your favorite products.

Have you ever wondered what gave someone the idea to create the products you really love? This month, we’re uncovering the hidden details behind some of our most adored brands by talking to the incredible founders who made them.

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When fashion designer Stella McCartney set out to create her first fragrance, she drew on childhood memories to infuse her signature scent with meaning and personality.

“I was outside so much as a child, and those memories are very much connected with scent. I would watch roses go from the tightest buds to full blooms that fall away. I wanted to interpret that experience in fragrance.”

—Stella McCartney

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For creative spirit and tattoo artist Kat Von D, finding inspiration has never been hard. The founder says she has filled many notebooks with ideas that she’s accumulated over the years.

“I approach any form of creativity like I would a drawing or a tattoo. I don’t keep a lot of technology or modern luxuries in my house, because I find them distracting. So I surround myself with things that inspire me: nature, architecture, and books.”

—Kat Von D

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French native Mathilde Thomas’s skincare brand, Caudalie, took off when the she discovered the powerful science and antiaging properties within the grapes grown on her family’s vineyard.

“I’m inspired by working with the professors and doctors at the University of Pharmacy in Bordeaux and the Harvard University of Medicine. We study compounds that enhance the life of skin cells. It’s absolutely fascinating to me.”

—Mathilde Thomas

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Today, Carisa Janes is a beauty industry veteran and the founder behind the revolutionary Hourglass brand. For her whole life, she’s found an endless source of inspiration by simply playing with makeup.

“When I was four or five I got a makeup and hairstyling doll that came with colors for the eyes, lips, and nails. Even back then, I was hooked on the transformative power of makeup. There’s something magical about it, and that’s so inspiring.”

—Carisa Janes