french sentiments


abhorrer - to abhor sth

avoir horreur de - to hate sth - e.g. j’ai horreur de ce genre de film

avoir une sainte horreur de - to hate s.body/sth with a passion

détester - to hate

être haineux - to be full of hate

haïr - to hate

honnir - to abhor/despise/revile

mépriser - to despise sth or s.o

rempli de haine - full of hate

un amour vache - a love hate relationship

une bête noire - a pet hate

L'homme ou la femme que vous aimez est rarement à la hauteur de votre amour. Parce que personne ne peut être à la hauteur de sentiments aussi forts, et au fond, peut-être que personne ne mérite de supporter un tel fardeau non plus.
—  Dennis Lehane

@onestenrepublique j’avoue tu m’as donné des idées 

merci @iamthefernman pour le découpage attentionné des oreilles de macron, il a apprécié je pense

La plupart du temps, on pense trop avec la tête. Les gens disent « est-ce qu'il faut que je fasse ceci ou cela ? » et ils se battent.

Mais pour trouver la réponse on doit aller 30 centimètres en-dessous. La vérité n'est pas dans la tête. C'est dans le cœur.


[1933 Human AU

As the event is starting to draw to a close and there haven’t been many new asks, I’ve created some ‘original’ content. A bit of an insight into Ludwig’s childhood in this AU.

This scene takes place just a year after the hyperinflation in Germany had reached its peak - however the Rhineland would remain under occupation of the French until 1925. Ludwig has been exposed to an environment with strong anti-British and anti-French sentiments so he doesn’t take kindly to his father doing business with an Englishman. Even less so to being told to spend time with said Englishman’s children.
In this AU, Arthur married a French woman, so Alfred and Matthew are the worst 8 year old Ludwig can imagine: half English, half French.]

J'ai ce sentiment bizarre à chaque fois que je te vois. J'ai ce petit pincement au cœur, j'ai tous les souvenirs qui remontent et qui me laissent ce goût amer en bouche. J'ai envie de te serrer dans mes bras. Mais j'ai aussi envie de t'arracher la tête et de la planter sur un pieu.

fightmeinthedesert  asked:

Since we all know the extent of Lafayette and Washington's relationship (that it was super adorbs) what about Lafayette and Martha Washington?

The first time that Lafayette met Martha Jefferson was around late April, 1778 when the Continental Army was still at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Lafayette was rejoining Washington at Valley Forge and resumed his command of the Virginia division. It was there that Martha Washington joined her husband and Lafayette found himself in her presence quite often. 

When he went back to France to attempt to collect for French sentiment and arms, Washington wrote “The American troops are again in huts, but in a more agreeable and fertile country, than they were in last winter at Valley Forge; and they are better clad and more healthy, than they have ever been since the formation of the army.” He included, “Mrs. Washington is now with me, and makes a cordial tender of her regards to you… we respectively wish to have them conveyed to your amiable lady.”

To Lafayette would Martha turn to when she needed a “large amount of new household goods.” He would then have the items requested shipped back to Mount Vernon, Virginia. “Martha [would] stand over him dictating her list of needs.” Lafayette repeatedly renewed his appeals to Washington and Martha for them to accompany him to France on his return journey in 1784. When he reached Mount Vernon on August 14th, “Martha was equally effusive in embracing their young visitor,” and she showed him the portraits they’d hung on their walls of Lafayette and his children; they hung in the more prominent place in the living room, above the mantel. Martha would sent Adrienne a variety of seeds and plants ranging from ginseng to corn. 

Cordial and loving. Treating him somewhat as a son, just as her husband did.