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Mata Hari Arrested

Mata Hari (1876-1917), pictured on the day of her arrest.

February 13 1917, Paris–The Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari  (Margaretha MacLeod née Zelle) was well-known in both Germany and France before the war.  Although her dancing days were largely behind her, both sides hoped she would be useful as an agent, hoping she could seduce her way to military secrets.  In 1916, the French used her intense relationship with a Russian pilot in the Russian Expeditionary Force to pressure her into working for them, only allowing her to see him after he was severely wounded if she agreed to work as a spy.  The French hoped she could seduce Crown Prince Wilhelm, for whom she had danced before the war; Wilhelm was serving as nominal commander of the German forces at Verdun.

She also offered her services to the Germans; whether this was part of a larger plan to serve as a French double agent is unclear.  In November 1916, she was briefly arrested at Falmouth, and was interrogated by Admiral Hall (of Room 40) and his equivalent at Scotland Yard; lacking any real evidence, they let her go.  By the end of the year, however, both the French and Germans seemed to have enough of her; she seemed to be only relaying gossip at best, or betraying both sides, at worst.  The French noticed that the limited information they had given her seemed to have leaked to the Germans.  A German military attaché in Madrid broadcast details of her (supposed) exploits for the Germans in a code that he knew that the French had broken.

On February 13, Mata Hari was arrested in Paris.  They found little in her chambers (apart from, supposedly, supplies of invisible ink).  Whether Mata Hari was actually working for the Germans in earnest, was actually trying to work for France and was framed by the Germans, or whether she was just trying to profit off of both sides, is still unclear.  Regardless, the salacious details of her exploits (real and otherwise) captivated public attention in France in 1917 and beyond.

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You Talking in Your Native Language while Cuddling with Them: BigBang

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“Kad tu žinotum kiek daug tu man reiški…”
If only you’d know how much you mean to me.”

“I’m making it a point to learn Lithuanian from now on. What did you just say?”


“я люблю тебя так сильно.”

“Oh, you thought me that phrase, once. I love you lots, too.”


“Tu es un homme si doux.”
“You’re such a sweet man.”

“Honey, your French might be seducing me…”


“Jūsu prieks padara mani laimīgāku.“
“Your happiness makes me happier.”

“I hope it’s a good thing that you just said..”


“Bebé, incluso si eres arrogante, todavía te amo.”
“Baby, even if you’re arrogant, I still love you.”

“¿Qué quieres decir con arrogante? Incluso aprendí español para ti, mocoso.“
“What do you mean by arrogant? I even learned Spanish for you, you brat.“

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Can you what?!

A/N: Klaus x HumanF! Reader, so Elijah has been helping the reader learn French, until he has been called away, so he asked Klaus to take over, reader having a crush on him tries to impress him with what she knows but asks him something very…dirty. Warning: Smut dont like no read! Story: “Bonjour je voudrais vous parler” Elijah said smiling when Y/N looked confused and hesitantly said “Hello, I would like to speak with you?” “Très bon” (Very good) Elijah smiled. “Now tell me what would like to eat, in French.” He testing her, he has been teaching her for the past two weeks, he didn’t mind, she was very pleasant company, she wanted to learn a new language so he offered to teach her. He did find it very adorable when she would get flustered when she was having a hard time pronouncing the words she learned. “J'aime manger de la cuisine italienne, surtout leurs déserts” she said slowly. “I didn’t know you liked to eat Italian sand..” he teased. She blushed. “Tu sais ce que je voulais dire!”(You know what I meant!) She pouted. “Yes I did but others would laugh at you.” He replied “Like you did” she continued to pout. “It’s very cute.” She blushed as he said that. He didn’t have romantic feelings toward her neither did she but they were considered friends. Just then his phone rang “Excuse me.” He got up and started talking to the person on the other side. Klaus walked into the room, Y/N blushed, he seeing them smirked at her “Hello Y/N, what are you doing here today? I noticed you have been coming to see my brother these past two weeks, you wouldn’t be cheating on me now would you?” He liked her, he liked her alot, even though he was only teasing, he hoped there wasn’t anything going kn between his brother and her. “Oh never my dear Klaus, you now I only long for you.” She joked/flirted back. Before Klaus could respond. Elijah said “Niklaus great timing brother, could you perhaps take over teaching Y/N French, I have other matters to attend to sadly” Klaus raised an eyebrow “French?” He asked looking between his brother and Y/N. “Yes, you are also quite fluent in the language as I remembered.” Elijah said walking past them, “Thank you Niklaus and I will see you for our next lesson Y/N,Au Revoir (goodbye)” he left the room. “Alors, le français? Essayer de séduire quelqu'un avec la langue de l'amour?”(So, French? Trying to seduce someone with the language of love?) Klaus smiled taking her notebook looking at her notes she took when Elijah was teaching her. “Quelle? Vous avez dit trop vite.”(What? You said that too fast.) She asked, Klaus was impressed, she was a fast learner. “You’re trying to seduce someone with the language of love?” Klaus said “You also have very neat handwriting…” he noticed “Thank you and no, I just always wanted to know more than one language.” She replied, curling her hair between her fingers. She wanted to impress and flirt with him so she tried to say ‘Je t'aime vraiment, je peux t'embrasser?’ (I really like you, can I kiss you?) But said “ Je t'aime vraiment, je peux te baiser?” ( I really like you, can I fuck you?) Thinking she said something alittle more innocent she looked confused when Klaus choked caught completely off guard. “Can you what!?” Klaus asked shocked. He was happy she liked him because he liked her but the second part completely threw him off she was not the type of girl to just say something like that. She rarely ever cussed. “Wait, What did I say?” She embarrassed now looked at him wide eyed. “You said You really like me, can you fuck me” he now laughing. She turned red and shouted “I meant kiss you, KISS!” She panicking, oh my God she was an idiot she thought. “I think I’m gonna go!” She got up quickly and tried to leave but he was quicker and before she could leave the room he had closed the door, turning to her. “Mais je n'ai pas répondu à votre question…” (But I didn’t answer your question..) he said smirking, he backed her up into a wall. His hands on her sides leaning close to her ear “Vous pouvez faire ce que vous voulez pour moi…”(You can do whatever you want to me) he kissed her neck, she blushed biting her lip. His hand took a hold of her hair tilting her head to the side so he had more access to her neck as he kissed and sucked on her flesh. Her legs became like jelly and she moaned as his hand went under her shirt, groping her breast. As she moaned to his touch, he kissed her lips,sliding his tongue on her bottom lip asking for entry. She shyly opened her mouth and his tongue full advantage, her tongue shyly moved with his. She was wearing a button down shirt and a miniskirt and flats. He wearing his long sleeve shirt and jeans with his shoes. He ripped her shirt showing her pink bra “Quelle belle vue ..” (What a beautiful sight..) he whispered. She helped him out of his shirt as she ran her hands down his chest. “Je pourrais dire la même chose pour vous” (I could say the same for you.) She smiled. She pulled at his belt, he undid his pants and they dropped to the floor, she unzipped the side part of her skirt and stepped out of them, she was wearing matching panties. He kicked off his shoes and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around him and walked over to the table he pushed the books off and layed her ontop kissing down her body, she whimpered under him as he slowly slid her panties off kissing along her thighs as he did so. “Je me demande comment vous étonnez goût” (I wonder how amazing you taste.) He said spreading her legs open, She blushed and gasped as he kissed her folds, she bit her lip as he started to suck and lick her clit, “Klaus…” she moaned as she tried to buck her hips for more friction but he held her hips in place. He put two fingers to her mouth with a command of “Sucer” (Suck) She did as she was told until his fingers who nice and coated, he then slid his fingers into her core as she gasped. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, “Klaus…S'il vous plaît laissez-moi vous plaisir …” (Klaus please let me pleasure you..) she moaned, he shook his head and became rougher with his fingers and stronger with his tongue. “Je veux que tu me relâches dans ma bouche mon amour” (I want you to release into my mouth my love.) She whimpered. She was close,so close she moaned loudly as she came. He licked her juices and licked his fingers off. Looking at her his cock ached, he didn’t want foreplay he just wanted to take her now. He pulled her closer to him his tip to her entrance. “J'ai rêvé de ce moment” (I have been dreaming of this moment) he thrusted into her, she moaned as he groaned, she was so tight, she felt amazing, his hand gripping her hips as he thrusted into her,the table creaking under them. She wrapped her arms around his neck “Plus vite..” (Faster) she panted, he kissed her as he thrusts became faster and harder. “Je vous manque depuis très longtemps” (I have been wanting you for a very long time) Klaus said between groans. “Je ne veux pas qu'un autre homme te touche encore.” (I don’t want another man touching you ever again..) Y/N was a moaning mess, his words came out so husk so sexy. If he keeps talking to her this way she will cum just by his voice. “Vous êtes à moi, et à moi seul.”(You are mine and mine alone.) He was now getting really close. She was becoming too tight “Cum pour moi, mon amour” (Cum for me, my love) with a few more thrust she cried out cumming,he shortly came after her, riding his high, he slowly pulled out of her. She sat up and kissed him, he kissed her back. “That was quite a lesson” She smiled. He smirked “Well you’re a very good student, luv.” ~~♡~~ Y/N went home after their ‘lesson’ he had to give her a shirt, and they cleaned up the place before she left. He couldn’t stop smiling. He heard someone clear their throat. He smiled knowing Elijah had come back. “I see it went well” Elijah walked around the room. Noticing something on the floor. Klaus chuckled “It went really well. Perhaps I will take over more often.” “Brother I don’t need you taking advantage of her.” Elijah sighed. “She asked me..” Klaus turned to his brother. “What do you mean?” Elijah raised a curious brow. “Je t'aime vraiment, je peux te baiser? (I really like you, can I fuck you?) Was her wording.” Klaus looked at his brother who now was chuckling, picking up the item he saw on the floor. “I certainly did not teach her that.” He said smiling at his brother. Klaus raised an eyebrow “It seems she forgot something.” Elijah said as he held up Y/N’s panties. Both brothers shared a laugh and Klaus took her underwear from his brother. Y/N got home and realized and was a blushing mess, she pulled out her phone and called Klaus. He picked up still laughing “Yes Y/N?” “Did you find my…panties?” “Elijah did.” She wanted to die..she wouldn’t be able to look Elijah in the face again. “I’m going to go kill myself now.. bye bye” “Don’t do that love, we need to continue our lesson tomorrow. I was going to teach you our safe word” Klaus purred. Y/N’s blush darkened “Safe word?” She asked. “Oh, je vais avoir du plaisir à vous enseigner ..”(Oh, I’m going to have fun teaching you..“ he purred “See you tomorrow ” he said hanging up. Y/N Slid down the wall of her bathroom, “Oh my…” she blushed. ~♡Fin♡~ AN: Tell me what you think of this one. I might do one with Elijah. I hope you enjoyed it. I had fun writing this. Xoxo GIF Is not mine.

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tell me about claude of france ( pretty please )


  • she was the eldest daughter of Anne of Brittany and her second husband Louis XII. Even though Louis cringed a little bit when she was born, it didn’t take long to him to decide that a girl was a good sign and would just call for more boys later (which unfortunately didn’t happen).
  • she and her sister Renée were deeply loved by their parents. The four of them formed a very close and loving family.
  • when she was born and several years into her childhood, she received the honors of a Dauphin de France. Some pictures released then show her, held by her mother, surrounded by angels and saints and the courtiers (mostly men) bowing down to her.
  • she wasn’t pretty but she was really intelligent. It often happened that she spent the morning in her father’s cabinet while he was working. 
  • she was deeply religious and dutiful.
  • there are speculations that, at some point, Anne and Louis thought about making Claude the heiress of the Kingdom of France, and dispositions were taken by the Queen about the Duchy of Brittany; she wanted it to remain an independent estate and should Claude ascend the throne, Brittany would be part of the french territories. However seducing, the situation worked for a common matrimonial alliance as well. 
  • contrary to what had been said over the centuries, though she really appreciated her husband Francis and probably was very sensitive to his charm, Claude wasn’t completly under his authority. 
  • she was pregnant most of her adulthood; she gave birth to a child on average something like every sixteen months. She died pretty young (at 24), though not directly from childbirth, but definitely from childbearing. When she passed away, she was completly exhausted, all of her strength absorbed by the maternities. 
  • contemporaries and historians always pretend that Francis didn’t care much about her because she wasn’t pretty nor really pleasure-seeking and because he had mistresses. To be honest, the amount of pregnancies indicates well that he never avoided his matrimonial duties (and God knows Francis wasn’t the kind of guy to just follow the orders he was given). Also, he was really miserable when she died. 
  • however, Claude was never afraid to remind Francis that the duchy of Brittany was hers. And also that he was King of France partly thanks to her.