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Name: Morgan
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hello! I’m Morgan, a 19 year old from the USA. I’ve had a few pen pals in the past and am looking for another. I love to travel and explore the world, so getting to know someone from a different perspective is incredibly interesting. I’m a student at university who is studying mechanical engineering and french. I love to cook and to garden when I’m not hitting the books!
I am also a huge sci-fi nerd( Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, LOTR, Harry Potter, Marvel, Dark Horse… you name it I’m probably at least heard of it!) I love to sing, listen to music and read and am always looking for new book and music recommendations. I am nearly fluent in French and fluent in English, so either language works for me. I’m happy to swap adventure stories, day to day happenings, or geek out about whats happening in the sci-fi world!

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk to people in my age group (18-25) but really anyone with a good sense of humor and similar interests! If you’re down for snail mail too after a while that’d be awesome!

I read my first Valerian and Laureline comic :D It liked it very very much! I’ll have to get the others that have been translated recently! (for some reason, same as Spirou, only 10 are available in english it seems)

I read ‘Empire of a Thousand Planets’ which is the second story from 1969/1971. I didn’t want to start with number 1 because the second story is a space adventure while the first book as a dystopian future story of a 1980s New York. But I’ll think about getting the first book now!

I like the art for Laureline a lot. it’s VERY French.

And the blurb at the back says the parts that I probably was unsure about will only get better as it sites the second book as having “all the promise and clumsiness of beginners starting out.” So that’s great! It means the albums will only get better!

Anyway I liked it a lot. When I one day have money again I will buy the others.

Also omg Star Wars took so much from this album alone X’D I heard it was an inspiration for Star Wars but DAMN.

As much as I love ACOMAF and SoC, I feel like they’re the only bookish posts popping up on my dash. So if you post about any of the following books (or just books in general), please like/reblog so I can follow you. Thanks!

  • The Hunger Games
  • Angelfall
  • Fangirl
  • The Darkest Minds
  • The Young Elites
  • Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy
  • Jodi Picoult books
  • Love, Rosie
  • Kasie West’s Books
  • Illuminae trilogy
  • Nevernight
  • A Study in Charlotte trilogy
  • Nicola Yoon’s books