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Flobert pistol

Manufactured in France c.1845-1890′s - no markings.
5mm rimfire single-shot, ebony stock , engraved metal fittings, octogonal heavy barrel.

People back then liked shooting things so much they made sure to have a gun on hand that allowed them to shoot stuff in the comfort of their home.

Le salon de Madame Récamier à l'Abbaye-aux-Bois (1826). François-Louis Dejuinne (French, 1786-1844). Oil on wood. Musée du Louvre.

Juliette Récamier was a woman of letters and held a literary salon in an apartment of the Abbaye-aux-Bois rue de Sèvres in Paris, rented 7 April 1820. She moved into this religious establishment with her niece in October the same year.

Title: La Douleur Exquise 
Word count: 2,403
Character: the Marquis de Lafayette

“Another sonata, Madamoiselle Y/N!” A familiar, teasing voice called out to you from across the room. You smiled, shaking your head, allowing your fingers to dance over the keys yet another time. The merriment and dancing swept through the room again, making the flooring of the chateau positively shake beneath the brilliant light of chandeliers. Night had long fallen beyond the tall windows, but French salons stopped for nothing, especially not those held in Paris; in fact, the darkness contributed to the often radical discussions that floated through salon rooms. You melted into the atmosphere well, considering the only job your mother assigned you was keeping the crowd entertained with harpsichord pieces accompanied by a popular Paris musician on the violin.

However, as your ears blurred out all the voices and focused entirely on the melody, your mind drifted somewhere else– rather, onto someone else. Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette was always invited to your mother’s salons, who adored him due to how he had always treated you amiably despite his position as an awkward orphan, albeit a wealthy one. He had so far not made an appearance anywhere in the crowd of thirty or so people, which was odd, considering he usually did his best to attend. Or maybe you were overthinking it because you had not seen him in two weeks, which had been suffocating your mood for the entire fortnight. 

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The Salon Jury (1885). Henri Gervex (French, 1852-1929). Oil on canvas. Musée d'Orsay.

The painting, a piece of official art during the Third Republic shows a meeting of the Paris Salon in 1883, in a room on the first floor of the Palais de l'Industrie. Shown in it are several identifiable artists of the time, including Barrias, Benjamin-Constant, Bonnat, Bouguereau, Cabanel, Carolus-Duran, Guillaumet and Vollon, who are involved in judging the works of art shown.