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I picture Sandor to look like French rugby player Sebastien Chabal. omg. Like every time I look at him in my head I go :"sup Sandor" -Anyway any good fic recs? I'm looking for something steamy ;)

Oh yes, we like him for Sandor inspo too!

And now, here are links for erotic Sansan fanfiction:


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And here is Ladycyprus’ List.

Happy reading!


Blackwall - Sebastien Chabal

I did not make this up all on my own. Someone else once came up with this brilliant faceclaim but I adopted it. Wholeheartedly and in an instant. Because it was love at first sight (like with Blackwall himself) and the realization, that from the moment I saw this man, I could never make him unseen to me. 

There are other incredible and wonderful fitting Blackwall faceclaims out there and I can happily accept every single one. Because it is like in books. Every one has their own picture of a person and even Blackwall is kind of already  given to us, it’s a sweet fantasy to come up with a living person and make Blackwall even more real to us.

But what I like with Chabal is just he’s the whole package:

  • Not a youngster anymore (assuming that he and Blackwall might be kind of the same age +- a few years). 
  • Still in an amazing athletic constitution for a huge man of his age.
  • The beard (do we really have to discuss the beard?) - I am going a bit after the ‘Joaquin Phoenix-Theory’ when it comes to Thom Rainier in his younger years but in fact I just want to stay with the beard!
  • A fighter on the sportsfield (for those who don’t know: Sebastien Chabal is a French Rugby-Player) 
  • A wicked sense of humor (go check his Valentine-Comercial)
  • but also I think he has a quiet and reflective side
  • the voice (ok let’s just assume thats orlesian he’s speaking)

Finally I want to apologize to my followers for it is not the first photoset of this kind I’m posting. Forgive me please but I just can’t :)