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OK I HAVE A REALLY GOOD THEORY THAT CAME TO ME IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS (I literally saw the word Homer and this just appeared)

So we know that Scott went missing along a different time span than the OA, and Homer did too. The reason the boys were questioning the story was because they didn’t add up… but what if they didn’t need to?
There is a theory circling around about how the original 5 and the second 5 are on different timelines, represented by French looking in the mirror and seeing Homer while he was in Cuba. French had never seen Homer before, so how could he know what he looks like? Also why would he see him while he was in Cuba? I believe that while French is looking around the OA’s house is (in a different dimension) Homer in Cuba.
My theory is that Hap’s basement is in a different timeline.
Scott /DID/ get kidnapped (I believe they said in 2004)
But once he entered Hap’s basement the time changed.
This is probably out there, but if it were true that would mean Scott got home safely.

Das Schloss Linderhof is a palace in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany, near the famous Ettal Abbey. It’s the smallest of the 3 palaces built by King Ludwig II and the only one he lived to see completed. Ludwig knew the area from his youth when he had accompanied his father King Maximilian II on his hunting trips in the Alps. When he became king in 1864 he inherited the so-called Königshäuschen - in 1869, he began enlarging it, then decided to tear it down and rebuild it on its present-day location in the park. Although Linderhof is much smaller than Versailles, it is evident that the palace of the French Sun-King Louis XIV (who was an idol for Ludwig) was its inspiration. The symbol of the sun, which can be found everywhere in the decor represents the French notion of Absolutism that, for Ludwig, was the perfect incorporation of his ideal of a God-given monarchy with total royal power. The palace is surrounded by formal gardens that are subdivided into 5 section, decorated with allegoric sculptures of the continents, the seasons, and the elements.

3.7 - Low back rounded vowel [ɒ]

Note: light pink refers to this vowel as an allophonic variant. Dark pink is a phonemic vowel. French is represented here, but its vowel is nasal and not oral.

Present in some english dialects, some french dialects, Valencian, hungarian, some norwegian dialects (also formerly in Danish), persian, dari, tajik, uzbekh, assamese, khmer, and other scattered tribal languages.

guys I am in shock I’m finally watching the English dub of Rogercop and Hawk Moth’s opening lines have me appalled

“Parent-child relationships can be so complicated, and a perfect breeding ground for stress. When there’s no more law and order there’s only chaos left.”

well wouldn’t YOU know Gabriel ditched-my-son’s-career-day-to-make-akumas Agreste???


Creating Concorde | Via

“We’re going to take you to the edge of space, where the sky gets darker, where you can see the curvature of the Earth, we’re going to travel across the Atlantic twice the speed of sound, faster than a rifle bullet, 23 miles every minute, we’re going to travel so fast we’re moving faster than the Earth rotates and the world will be watching us.”

-  Mike Bannister, Cheif Pilot of British Airways Concorde Fleet

When, in 1947, the U.S. Air Force’s Bell X-1 became the first manned aircraft to fly at a supersonic speed, it inaugurated a new age of intercontinental travel.

The U.S., Soviet Union, UK and France all raced to develop designs for supersonic passenger aircraft, seeking to drastically reduce transatlantic flight times. But such an aircraft would need to fly at supersonic speeds for sustained periods of time — not a requirement for its military predecessor.

In 1960 a representative of French company Aérospatiale was sent to the UK’s British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) to discuss a partnership. (France had already decided to use British jet engines rather than develop their own.)  The result of that meeting was an Anglo-French treaty to create a new craft.

New technology was required throughout the plane. A distinctive design innovation was the plane’s droop nose, which was lowered during takeoff and landing to increase a pilot’s view of the runway. The steering and control systems used an electronic interface known as fly-by-wire.

There was a minor argument over the spelling of the name. Concord was the English spelling of the word, the French was Concorde. In both languages, the word means agreement, harmony or union. The French version was finally adopted by the British.

The first flight of the Concorde took place on March 2, 1969, with the first commercial flight almost seven years later, on Jan. 21 1976. The U.S. barred the Concorde from its airports until the following year.

There were hopes from the plane’s backers that that hundreds of sales would follow, but the high cost led to numerous cancellations. In total, only 20 planes were ever built, including prototypes.

After a crash killed all on board in 2000, amid a changing economic climate, the Concorde was retired from service in 2003. All but two of the aircraft are preserved in museums.

There is currently a proposal to return the Concorde to active flight status, possibly in 2019, subject to funding. A new supersonic airplane is also under development, hoping to offer commercial flights by 2023.


Thought that I’d share.The gentle, sweeping violin represents the sweet, sentimental spirit of Mrs. Hughes. The strong, warm tones of the woodwinds and French horn that join representing the tones of Mr. Carson fits perfectly.The swell of the music is the coming together of two souls that find their way to one another.  John Lunn’s The Butler and The Housekeeper is a fitting tribute to the downstairs patriarch and matriarch of Downton Abbey. 

i actually forgot to say this after watching jurassic world, but THANK GOD for omar sy being hired in american movies, it was high time we got a supposedly french character speaking actual french instead of your usual heavily accented canadian bullshit which is SO NOT realistic lel

My brother was French, Algerian, and of the Muslim religion. He was very proud of the name Ahmed Merabet, proud to represent the French police, and to defend the values of the [French] Republic: liberty, equality and fraternity.

Through his determination, he had just received his judicial police diploma and was shortly due to leave for work in the field. His colleagues describe him as a man of action who was passionate about his job.

Ahmed, a man of commitment, had the will to take care of his mother and his relatives following the death of his father 20 years ago. A pillar of the family, his responsibilities did not prevent him from being a caring son, a teasing brother, a generous uncle, and a loving companion.

Devastated by this barbaric act, we associate ourselves with the pain of the families of the victims.

I address myself now to all the racists, Islamophobes, and anti-Semites:

One must not confuse extremists with Muslims. Madness has neither color nor religion. I want to make another point: stop painting everybody with the same brush, stop burning mosques or synagogues. You are attacking people. It won’t bring back our dead, and it won’t appease our families.

—  Via Vox: Malek Merabet’s eulogy for his brother Ahmed, an Algerian policeman killed during the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo

im just wondering why the french flag has to be the chosen symbol of grief & solidarity. why not a candle or something. why this symbol of nationalism? bc the french flag is a symbol of nationalism. the imperialist kind, the colonialist kind, the racist kind. i wouldn’t want facebook to set up a profile filter for the ankara attacks (not that they would have anyway, bc who cares about anywhere that’s not the west???) with the turkish flag. the turkish flag isn’t why people died, and it’s not why people mourned afterwards. and the turkish flag, like the french flag, represents something i do not support.