french radishes


Everything planned to be planted is planted!  5 raised beds have 6 assorted heirloom tomatoes each, with garlic, shallots, scallions, radishes, heirloom french marigolds, and freesias and sparaxis interplanted;  3 raised beds have assorted herbs; beets; lettuce; peas; cauliflower; short sunflowers, more marigolds, more something else (I can’t recall, but it’s all on paper and labeled);  I put a row of heirloom corn and a row of white sunflowers in the giant raised bed area (that I refer to as the “Orchard”);  last year I ordered from California and planted two antique apple tree varieties that were both supposed to be hardy to Zone 4, one did not make it (need to get a second tree for pollination (thinking about a dwarf “Honeycrisp”);  both the grapes I planted last year died (need to plant more hardy variety - live and learn again);  grass is growing like crazy out of the straw bales and I don’t like it - will weed eat as best as possible next week - but all plants are doing great and I have beans sprouting;  I have 42 tomato plants all groomed and ready to go in the greenhouse for this Saturday’s Farmer’s Market!; the white wooden basket is my replica of the post I rebloged last week (in its early stages of growth).

Everything is going really really well for Gardener Gal - I even think I lost some lbs. working my ass off here!  :-)