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Because 19th century is full of funny historical figures and writers, Jane Austen is actually the only person thinking, Chateaubriand the biggest drama queen in Europe and Goethe hides his gothic kid side.

So it’s Yom HaShoah today (that’s Holocaust Remembrance Day for the goy in the room) and I’ve been trying to think of something meaningful or insightful to say for most of yesterday. I’m sure most of the people who follow me aren’t Jewish and that’s fine, but because you’re not you will never understand the mental space the Holocaust takes up for us. I think about it all the time, it’s place in a wider Jewish story. In 2015 the world Jewish population finally reached the same level as it was in 1939. Think about that for a moment, it took us over 70 years to recover. When my Grandfather the son of European immigrants was born in 1924 there were about 9,500,000 Jews living in Europe, today 93 years later there are 1.4 million, in the countries of Eastern Europe there were 4.7 million Jews before the war, 867,000 in 1945 and only 70,000 today. Poland was 10% Jewish over 3 million Jews, speaking their own language, Yiddish. 90% of Polands Jews died, today only about 80,000 Jews live in Poland after 800 years as the beating heart of European Jewry. Yiddish went from 10 million native speakers to an all but dead language. The world of my great-grandparents is gone, I can never go back to where they came from because it’s gone, in the blink of an eye. However in some ways their world is alive and well, tonight, the night of Yom HaShoah over 7 million French people voted for a party founded by an anti-semitic fascist Holocaust denier. His Daughter that party’s candidate for President, the person over 7 million French voters wanted as their President, just this week denied any French responsibility for the deportation of France’s Jews to death camps. She gets to be in the run off election in two weeks and polls say 40% of French people will vote for her, she wants to BAN the wearing of Yarmulkes in public. And today of all days France choose not to reject her but move her forward. Never Again means Never Forget. 

101 Reasons NOT to commit suicide today

1. I’m (you’re) awesome.
2. Miraculous Ladybug Season 2
3. Try all pop tart flavors
4. Will Adele come out with a 27 Album?
5. I (you) haven’t traveled to all countries in the world
6. Will they make another Sherlock Season?
7. First female doctor (Doctor Who)
8. Rewatch reread Harry Potter
9. I (you) haven’t heard all songs in the world
10. First female US president
11. First openly gay US president
12. First trans US president
First US president of Asian decent
13. First Native American US president
14. First (insert thing that hasn’t happened yet) US president
15. I (you (maybe)) haven’t kissed anyone yet (romantically)
16. Will I (you) ever like alcohol?
17. What has happened to my (your) kindergarten teacher?
18. End to the civil war in Syria
19. Understand what is going on between Israel and Palestine
20. I (you) haven’t eaten entire bucket of ice cream
21. I (you) haven’t been to a concert for my (your) favorite band
22. I (you) haven’t baked a three tiered cake with FONDANT decor
23. I (you) haven’t gone skydiving
24. I (you) haven’t gone normal diving
25. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
26. I (you) haven’t gone to a pride parade
27. I (you) haven’t come out to your conservative family
28. I (you) haven’t been to Paris (and not gotten sick/hospitalized)
29. I (you) haven’t confessed your love to my (your) (past) crush
30. My (your) soulmate (I BELIEVE)
31. My (your) wedding
32. What is the undefined answer to something divided by zero?
33. My (your) best friends’ weddings and future kids (who are gonna be cray)
34. Are there aliens out there?
35. What in hell is a pop tart (insert all weird candy here)?
36. Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Ramadan, …
37. Will I (you) ever (finally) get a girlfriend (or significant other)?
38. Finding clothes I (you) feel HOT in
39. Will there be a Saeran or V route in mystic messenger?
40. Being able to drink legally
41. Going to university
42. Throwing an actual party (which I haven’t done)
43. Seeing what all my (your) friends end up doing with their lives
44. Will my (your) friend become a drunkard? @deathtobluejeans
45. Have a couch for my (your) possibly drunkard friend to use (I got you @deathtobluejeans)
46. Finish writing my (your) fan fictions
47. Will the US fall to shit?
48. Helping people if/when the US falls to shit
49. Laughing at a clown fish
50. Pull a successful prank
51. Stand up to the person who bullied me (you)
52. Having a successful come back
53. PUNS. That’s it just puns. Using them.
54. I (you might) want to go to some place where couples make out (like those Make out Point places in movies) and blast the Macarena and start to dance on top of my (your) car with my (your) future wife (spouse)
55. Having a child and showing them every Studio Ghibli Film and crying for hours
56. Will there be a toy story 4??
57. The Incredibles 2 (daarling)
58. Getting another (or just a) pet *cough* dogs rule *cough*
59. Doing pranks and such with my (your) child
60. Best friends’ birthdays
61. Pancakes.
62. Going skinny dipping
63. Getting into a college
64. Discovering/Eat more exotic food
65. Seeing gay marriage legalized in all countries
66. Helping the earth through climate change
67. See an armadillo in person
68. Summit (another) mountain
69. Will I pass my learners permit test?
70. Get my license
71. Breakfast tomorrow
72. Going to a music festival
73. Going to a film festival
74. Going to the oscars
75. Going to Shakespeare in the park
76. Directing my (your) own show
77. Create my (your) own album
78. Riding a bike and not falling on my (your) ass
79. Taking a nice shower
80. Seeing mental health being addressed in government/society
81. Overcoming my (your) anxiety, depression, eating disorder…
82. Becoming fluent in Mandarin (or other language)
83. Yelling at people in French (or another language you might be proficient or fluent in)
84. Becoming fluent in ASL and LSF
85. Sneaking out of my (your) house (to get food lol)
86. Watch my (your) favorite youtubers’ videos
87. Buying myself (yourself) lingerie
88. The feeling when I (you) ace a test
89. Falling in love (again) and when my (your) heart races
90. Miraculous Ladybug Seasons 3-483937373
91. Jam session in my (your) car
92. Making fun of my (your) best friend when around their crush
93. Getting a good night sleep.
94. Feeling the butterflies on my (your) first date with someone
95. Rewatching Pokémon (and finding my old deck (catch ‘em all)
96. What will I (you) have for lunch tomorrow?
97. Mike Pence official website
98. My (your) next birthday
99. Should I (you) get a tattoo?
100. I am (you are) unique in all the world and no one can ever replace me (you), because i am (you are) one in an infinite number of people that are or could have lived right now

101. Will there be another Avatar series (last airbender/legend of korra NOT THE BLUE PEOPLE)

Les Amis being French

un post co-écrit avec avec crysass et bowdowntothequeers dédié aux Amis de l‘ABC faisant des trucs 100% français qui sentent bon le reblochon et la vinasse

  • les amis qui chantent Les lacs du Connemara bourrés à 3h du mat’
  • qui se battent sur qui a mangé le dernier bout de baguette 
  • qui se battent sur qui doit aller racheter de la baguette 
  • qui se plaignent
  • qui font la grève et manifestent dans la rue 
  • l'accent gascon de ceux d’entre eux qui viennent du sud (excusez moi mais si Courfeyrac ça vient pas du Périgord ou du Gers alors je suis pas française)
  •  les amis se mettent à jouer à la pétanque ironiquement jusqu'à que ce soit plus ironique du tout 
  • roadtrip dans le Sud en écoutant de la variété française sur radio nostalgie
  •  Grantaire et Courfeyrac passent littéralement leur temps à citer Nos Jours Heureux et Astérix Mission Cléopâtre 
  • Bossuet, Joly et Grantaire ont un peu trop souvent des débats sur  l’œnologie et se disputent à propos des meilleurs crus 
  • Bahorel qui pleure en regardant Intouchables 
  • Feuilly qui se plaint que Paris c'est ‘reuch’ 
  • Joly qui ne supporte pas l'incourtoisie des garçons de café 
  • Enjolras qui pète un câble parce que la ligne 13 a encore des problèmes 
  • Combeferre et Jehan ont pleuré en visitant l'Opéra Garnier 
  • Bossuet qui se fait attaquer par des pigeons. Et par les chèvres du Jardin des Tuileries 
  • atelier cuisine française tradi chez JBM 
  • au réveillon du Nouvel An Enjolras traite le foie gras de nourriture de bourges et Ferre lui répond “oui enfin j’te rappelle que tu en as bouffé les 18 premières années de ta vie saNS PROBLÈME" 
  • Joly a tout un carnet de haïkus sur la RATP. Chaque haïku comporte au moins un gros mot. Exemple:

Putain de rer A
La populace en boîte
Ta mère

  • A 4h du mat, après une soirée bien arrosée, ils tombent sur une rediffusion de Plus belle la vie et Marius dit: "oh j'avais bien aimé cet épisode ! J'adore cette série.” Grantaire se lève et sort de la salle 
  • Courf qui prend une photo sur la place de la concorde, allongé par terre de manière à ce que l'obélisque apparaisse au niveau de son entrejambe 
  • De temps en temps en hiver ils mettent des marinières, font de la soupe à l'oignon et regardent Amélie Poulain en chialant 
  • Les amis après la légalisation du mariage pour tous : ON VA S'AIMEEEER 
  • Enjolras qui n'a jamais avoué a personne sauf ses amis les plus proches qu'il est VERSAILLAIS 
  • Bahorel qui dit “Doux Jésus” et d'autres phrases de cathos pour déconner puis ne peut plus s'en passer 
  • Courfeyrac l'Algérien qui se met toujours en colère contre la romantisation de la Seine alors que tant de gens ont été jeté dedans, rien que pendant la Saint-Barthélémy et la guerre d'Algérie, et Combeferre le Mauritien qui renchérit en disant que c'est à cause du point de vue américain imposé au monde entier à travers leur cinéma. Courf le regarde avec des yeux de merlan-frit et lui dit “putain prends moi” alors qu'ils sont en plein public et JUSTE AMIS 
  • Jehan le Polynésien et Combeferre qui chantent “Sous les sunlights des tropiques” quand ils sont seuls ensemble 
  • 50 photos de Joly absolument dégoûté de faire du boudin et musichetta genre :DDD
  • les amis qui pourrissent joyeusement la Manif pour tous en se roulant des pelles (Grantaire doit retenir un Enjolras rageux de sauter sur un “catho” qui les a insultés) 
  • Enjolras REFUSE de mettre les pieds dans un Starbucks car c'est le parfait exemple du capitalisme américain alors Grantaire lui achète un triple frappucino 
  • Courf traîne Ferre dans le “it’s a small world” de Disneyland puis passe sa journée à chantonner la musique jusqu’à ce que Ferre menace de brûler ses oreilles de Mickey. Quant à Enjolras, il est blacklisté du parc pour trop d'antiaméricanisme
  • Feuilly qui s'énerve sur sa biscotte Heudebert parce qu'il n'arrive pas à la beurrer sans la casser (”parce qu’il est soft mais déchaîne sa haine sur la biscotte matinale pour bien commencer la journée”)
  • Bossuet qui dit tout le temps “ça se tient” et Joly qui répond immanquablement “c’est ferme”
  • Grantaire qui connaît TOUTES les références de pub débiles genre “c'est écrit dessus c'est comme le Port-Salut”, “tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin, Maurice”, “il me faut de l'eau, DE L'EAU”, “et alors la marmotte elle met le chocolat dans le papier d'alu - MAIS BIEN SÛR”
  • Les amis regardent tous les jours le Petit Journal, Enjolras pour les infos, Grantaire pour le sarcasme, Eponine pour Yann Barthes et Cosette pour Martin

Grantaire le breton pour bowdowntothequeers

  • Grantaire est breton et un jour Enjolras dit que c’est vraiment horrible qu'on ne puisse plus avoir de drapeau français dans la rue dans se faire prendre pour un partisan du FN, parce qu’ils n'ont pas le monopole sur la république, merde !!!! et Grantaire dit “bah on a qu'à le remplacer par le Gwenn ha Du hehehe” et Enjolras le regarde en mode shady genre “es-tu secrètement pour l'indépendance bretonne ??" 
  •  Grantaire qui répond aux personnes lui demandant la cause de sa dépression en disant : "c'est la consanguinité” avec l'accent le plus plouc au monde 
  • Jehan qui part en vacances faire un stage chez un magnétiseur/coupeur de feu en Bretagne et il développe un amour fou pour les fest-noz et finalement il revient plus breton que Grantaire

Ajoutez les vôtres!!

LGBT+ Vocab List - Italiano/Français

Translation in french from Langs-and-lit’s LGBT+ vocabulary list.

  • affetto - affection
  • amicizia - amitié
  • amico – ami.e
  • arcobaleno – arc-en-ciel
  • bacio – baiser, bisou
  • bandiera arcobaleno – drapeau arc-en-ciel / drapeau LGBT+
  • cuore - coeur
  • diritto - droit
  • famiglia - famille
  • famiglia arcobaleno – famille LGBT+/gay/homosexuelle
  • marcia - marche
  • orgoglio gay, orgoglio omosessuale - gay pride, marche des fiertés
  • orgoglio - fierté
  • parata - parade
  • uguaglianza - égalité
  • adottare - adopter
  • dichiararsi – faire son coming out
  • fare coming-out – faire son coming out
  • festeggiare – faire la fête, célébrer
  • marciare - marcher
  • protestare – protester
  • androsessuale – androsexuel.le
  • asessuale – asexuel.le
  • bi - bi
  • bisessuale – bisexuel.le
  • etero - hétéro
  • eterosessuale – heterosexuel.le
  • gay - gay
  • ginesessuale – gynésexuel.le
  • intersesso - intersexe
  • omo - homo
  • omosessuale – homosexuel.le
  • orientamento sessuale – orientation sexuelle
  • pansessuale – pansexuel.le
  • polisessuale – polysexuel.le
  • semisessuale – demisexuel.le
  • transessuale – transexuel.le
  • transgenere - transgenre
  • androromantico - androromantique
  • aromantico - aromantique
  • biromantico - biromantique
  • eteroromantico - hétéroromantique
  • gineromantico - gynéromantique
  • omoerotico - homoérotique
  • omoromantico - homoromantique
  • orientamento romantico – orientation romantique
  • panromantico - panromantique
  • poliromantico - polyromantique
  • semiromantico – demiromantique
  • agenere - agenre
  • cisessuale – cissexuel.le
  • cisgenere - cisgenre
  • genere - genre
  • genere binario – genre binaire
  • genere non binario – genre non-binaire
  • identità di genere – identité de genre
  • identità di genere fluida – gender-fluid / personne à genre fluide
  • sesso - sexe
  • sessualità - sexualité
  • spettro della sessualità – spectre de la sexualité
  • poliamore - polyamour
  • poligamia - polygamie
  • poliandria - polyandrie
  • poliginia – polygynie
  • omofobia - homophobie
  • omofobo - homophobe
  • transfobia - transphobie
  • transfobo - transphobe
  • xenofobia - xenophobie
  • xenofobo – xenophobe
  • bifobia – biphobie
  • bifobo- biphobe
  • panfobia – panphobie
  • panfobo - panphobe

Just so we’re clear.

I’m not here for white tears about the fact that y'all can’t have white pride without being seen as racist. I know some people haven’t opened a history book in the last decade, but that doesn’t make the historical context of it go away.

Whiteness is a construct made specifically to oppress non-whites. And yes, some Europeans weren’t considered white, like the Irish. But guess what? They assimilated to whiteness. Today in the United States, they are considered white and they reap the benefits of whiteness. There are no longer “Irish Need Not Apply” signs in businesses. Gingers are not oppressed for their hair color. “Leprechaun” is not equivalent to the n-word or slurs hurled at Latinxs or other POC. Saying you have “white pride” is literally saying that you are proud of your oppressor status.

You can have your German pride, your Irish pride, your French pride. Those are nationalities, not races. This means that Irish/German/French Pride is NOT the same as White Pride. There are Black Irish, Black Germans, Black French, who could all have pride in the country they are born in. They may be a small percentage of those populations, but they still exist. Erasing them is an act of racism, point blank.

White Pride is the precursor to violence against non-white people. That is the historical context we have today. If I’m out and about and I hear someone shouting “White Pride!” I have to worry about my safety. White Pride rallies call for violence against Black people, Jewish people, Latinx people (and even if they are just saying “Mexican,” you know they’re talking about all of us), Asian people.. basically if you’re not white, they want you gone. And whether that’s voluntarily or by force, they don’t care. hell, I know some of them would love to try and violently force us out.

This is not the case for Black/Latinx Pride.

Black/Latinx Pride rallies don’t lead up to violence against whites. We are showing pride in our cultures, which white people have tried over and over to destroy or steal. We are showing pride in ourselves and our families and our ancestors for making it. For surviving the violence that has etched our history. We are showing that we still love ourselves despite being taught that we should be ashamed.

It’s not the same. 

Like at all.

And saying so, quite frankly, is racist as fuck.

So is coming to a person of color, a person who would be targeted by the neo nazis at UVA, with tears because saying that “white pride” is equivalent to “”“pale shaming”“”“ which is not a thing, but that’s a whoLe ‘nother argument.

Unbelievable that this has to be explained.