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Flatmates Ch. 7

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It wasn’t hard to get back into the swing of classes after the break. Henry liked to work, liked to keep busy, to keep his mind engaged. He’d already given most of his course books a light perusal and knew his schedule by heart.

It was odd now, living by himself. It wasn’t that he wasn’t cut out for it, because really it suited his reclusive nature quite to a tee, but rather, he did sometimes miss having others around him. Maybe that was why he spent so much time on campus or else holed up in a cafe sipping coffee and working on his assignments.

He was at one such place on the Friday of the first week of the semester, a quaint little coffee shop just down the road from his new flat. They didn’t have places like this in his old neighborhood. Just the little corner pubs and loads of residential buildings cramped together and nearly tumbling down. He was on the other side of campus now, the posher side, he realized.

Henry leaned back in his chair, pushing his wire frame glasses up to band about his crown as he rubbed at his sore eyes. The font in his economics text was positively minuscule and he had to take frequent breaks. Or at least, his Ophthalmologist had warned him that it was good for him to take such breaks so as to avoid eye strain.

Eye strain? Henry hardly believed that was a real thing at all.

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DELPHINE “I am so puppy happy to see you.” CORMIER

Tag Yourself - Castiel Edition

Which Castiel are you?

Castiel 1.0

- great hair but not the smartest cookie
- everybody loves him
- got drunk once and the story keeps getting wilder
- precious
- bad grades but A for effort


- not sure why he’s here
- v. religious
- wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up
- salty
- just wants to go home

Bizarro Castiel

- found out about the 60s and never moved on
- everyone is worried about him
- cynical
- thinks everyone and everything is beautiful
- is probably high


- thinks words like ”punk’d” and “rad” are “hip with the kids”
- cries easily
- tries too hard
- wears clothes under his clothes like superman
- good hair

God Complex

- “because I said so”
- the upgrade nobody wanted, like iOS8 or Windows 10
- thinks he’s better than you
- is probably actually better than you
- thinks he’s helping but is actually making a bigger mess


- ripped the heads off barbie dolls as a child
- fav song is the barney parody of “joy to the world”
- smiles a lot and nobody is sure why
- probably killed somebody and maybe ate them too

Castiel with a side of Nuts

- bees
- just wants to play party games and eat PB&J with his friends
- holding it together with dental floss and scotch tape
- no verbal filter whatsoever
- wants world peace and for every day to be pajama day

No-Shave-November Castiel

- bad at prioritizing
- loner
- contemplates life a lot
- low self-esteem
- just wants to do The Right Thing™

Steve from Gas ‘n Sip

- butterfingers
- works a minimum wage job with no benefits
- gives awkward high-fives
- stares at people
- can pull off Good Will Chic™

Totally Castiel (definitely not Lucifer)

- is either undressing you with his eyes or plotting your murder
- likes disco and tells dad jokes unironically
- gets sucked into addictive smartphone games easily
- c o n f i d e n t
- wants a puppy


i swear, one of these days i will actually draw something of real artistic value but until then 

(also, i realized too late that tater actually called holster randy (tater) but i couldn’t be arsed to change it)

Check, Please! Headcanon

So, Bitty says “Excuse my French,” after he swears and he’s with Jack, but Jack’s confused cause he speaks French and he says, “But that’s not French???” and then Bitty explains how it’s an American phrase and stuff and theN LATER JACK SWEARS IN FRENCH AND HE TURNS TO BITTY AND SAYS, “Excuse my French.”

Les Vocabulaire et Les Phrases de Le Petit Prince, Chapitres 1 et 2

  • Avaler = To swallow
  • Proie = Prey
  • Mâcher = To chew
  • Réussir = To succeed
  • Afin que… = So that…
  • Laisser de côté = Leave out/leave aside
  • Carrière = Career
  • S’égarer = To stray
  • Des tas de… = Piles of/heaps of…
  • Paraître = To seem/to appear
  • Une panne = A failure/breakdown
  • Réparation = A repair
  • À peine = Hardly/barely
  • Un naufragé = A castaway
  • Au lever du jour = At sunrise
  • Frotter = To scrub/to rub
  • Oser = To dare
  • Encombrant = Cumbersome
  • Bélier = Ram
  • Dedans = Within/inside
  • Suffira = It will suffice
  • Pencher = To lean

imagine that every summer on sunny days grantaire draws and sells his paintings on montmartre
enjolras hangs out there with him, they talk about art and argue about poetry and stare at the sky (and at each other) a lot and enj buys for r coffee and r gives him a kiss as a “thanks” and
they re so happy i cant


So….. I was listening to Papaoutai and thought of @zarla-s‘s handplates AU, and I just couldn’t stop myself from drawing it… Whoops.

I’m not fluent in French, please tell me if the translation is incorrect so I can fix it.

Will we be hated?
Will we be admirable?
Just passing on genes or geniuses?

Tell us, who gives birth to these irresponsible people?

Tell us who, 
Everyone knows how to make babies,

But no one knows how to make dads.

Mr. Know-It-All must have inherited it…