french pea

The signs as characters from Veggie Tales

Aries: Archibald Asparagus

Taurus: The French Peas

Gemini: Mr. Lunt

Cancer: Larry the Cucumber

Leo: Pa Grape

Virgo: Madame Blueberry


Scorpio: Mr. Nezzer

Sagittarius: Jimmy Gourd

Capricorn: Bob the Tomato

Aquarius: Junior Asparagus

Pisces: Jerry Gourd


@dreamwips at long last, here it is, except it’s mostly crack and was written at like 1 am

i apologize for keeping u waiting just for this but  H E R E   G O E S


- as the new miraculous are introduced, they don’t know each other’s identities (even CN and LB) 

- Surprisingly, Chloe is the first outside of the Lucky Duo to get her miraculous

- Bc Chloe is #smart she keeps up her rude persona in her personal life, while simply being goal-oriented as Honey Bee. 

- Like really a few people have their suspicions about CN and LB’s identities but literally no one suspects Chloe to be Bee. No one 

- The next is Alya, who, as Blue Peacock (Blue Feather?? I dunno), is literally the most enthusiastic about all of them 

- Unfortunately her fighting style is a bit more rough because of it

- Seriously she will live tweet a battle I kid you not

- Next up is Jade Turtle, who’s actually surprisingly chill about everything 

- Except Blue Peacock 

- He /hates/ her and the feeling is entirely mutual 

- surprise Nino and Alya are actually dating whoops 

- The next is Monarch, as Ali stumbles across the miraculous, which had been taken away from the mansion by Nooroo 

- Unfortunately, Hawkmoth, with all the negative energy collected from his Akumas, is now able to create them without his miraculous – like he’s a straight-up magical being at this point, regardless of miraculous 

- Monarch actually sorta feels bad because he feels he isn’t as useful, even his special power relies on other people

- The last addition to the Dream Team is Volpina, who is met with coldness because no one believes she actually is the wielder of a miraculous 

- They eventually warm up to her, with time 

- Despite that, Lila and Marinette become friends, and Lila and Chloe get weirdly blushie around each other because they’re NERDS 

- Their total fighting style actually fluctuates from time to time, bc fighting as a massive team can be difficult, especially when everyone’s miraculous gives them a different insight on how a problem should he handled 


- Blue Peacock’s style relies on distraction. Like an actual peacock (a peafowl, btw), she’s shimmery and jewel toned – though not great for stealth, she keeps an akuma’s eyes away from other teammates and throws her limited supply of feather darts

- Her special power is Fowl Play (see I’m funny (just kidding that’s the only pun I suck)), which allows her to throw an special trick feather dart (like Hawkeye!) – unfortunately, she doesn’t know what her kwami thinks she needs done until the feather is thrown 

- Jade Turtle is highly defense – he protects himself and his friends, while also throwing his shell like a discus – though not as versatile as a yoyo, it does always come back to him, which is cool 

- his special attack is Encompassing Shell, which creates a temporarily impenetrable bubble around him and those in close proximity 

- Honey Bee is light on her feet, and has super speed (bees are fast and they scare me). If she runs fast enough and with enough vigor, she may lift off the ground for a short distance. She relies mostly on her bow, with lil bee stinger arrows bc she’s just that scary 

- Her special attack is just “Swarm” in which a bunch of bees (like the cleansing ladybugs) just. come out of nowhere. she commands them, so they can lift people up, attack them, or fly around them in circles just to annoy 

- Monarch, despite being on a prestigious hero team, is still pretty insecure abt his powers – he can sorta beat things up with a staff similar (and weaker) than Chat’s, and the veil that protects his identity also makes him seem like a larger and scarier version of himself to enemies (like a Blue Morpho)

- His special attack is the creation of the positive akumas! I always thought that Hawkmoth had to recharge after creating one so, since it’s the same miraculous, it fits

- Volpina has the same manipulation powers, but only on a smaller scale. Also, they shimmer weirdly, so someone with a trained eye could tell they’re fake from a distance. She is also #fast and she and Bee race often ;D

- Her special attack is Sly Fox, which renders her completely undetectable for a short period of time 

 OTHER STUFF (n thangs) 

- After being a part of the team for a while, an unrevealed Chloe shocks everyone that knows her when she demands that the team be treated as civil servants, and receive a paycheck 

- Like I kid you not jaws were dropped - So now a monthly deposit is charged to an anonymous account with a bank 

- Chloe, Ali, and Adrien don’t personally need it, so they give 100% of their share to the charities of their choosing 

- The others are not in as much of a financial high spot – they still give money, ofc, but they also have the remaining sum sent to a trust fund only accessible when they’re 18 (sorta like a Coogan but French) 

- Pea manages literally all of their social media – the Insta, Tumblr and Twitter are all full of selfies, insider details, and short interviews 

- (The Ladyblog now covers the whole team but she can’t exactly chase them down anymore, can she? So she passes it down to Max under the strict circumstances that he not attempt to unmask them)

- In fact, social media is how identities unravel 

- Nino, Adrien, and Mari are using Alya’s phone to look at cat videos while she’s in the restroom 

- aaaaand alya left their team Instagram logged in 

- yikes 

- yikes 

- Of course, neither Mari, Adrien, or Nino know that the other two are in the team as well, so each of them tries to wrestle the phone away in an attempt to save their teammate’s identity 

- Cue Alya walking back into the classroom with Nino, Adrien, and Marinette in a tangled heap on top of a desk 

- all of them try to pretend that nothing happened but when Alya sees that her Instagram was open (close ur apps kids) she decides that they need to talk 

- after school she drags them all to Mari’s room 

- “Now that we’re all here, hey, I’m actually Blue Peacock and I help defend Paris against Hawkmoth." 

- Nino /cannot believe it/ he HATES Pea but is dating and kind of in love with Alya W H A T 

- in an attempt to diffuse the situation, he snorts 

- "if you’re Blue Peacock, I’m Chat Noir." 

- Adrien’s blush and glance at his ring do not go unnoticed by Alya’s hawk eyes


- Mari screams 

- she screams 

- "Mari, are… you ok?" 



- cue Adrien falling over 

- Alya is laughing and crying slightly because tbh that’s a normal reaction 

- Nino is actually more chill about it (turtles, man) and just kind of sits and transforms 

- "Well, then, do we tell the others?" 

- Mari and Adrien regain slight sense (Alya did not after her boyfriend turns out to be her SWORN ENEMY) 

- they decide, yeah, it’s probably best to hold off on telling the others for the time being until they themselves sort all this out

~fin for now :’D~

Facts about Peas:

-Peas have been around since 4800BC

-Pea leaves are considered a delicacy in China

-The average pea weighs between 0.1 and 0.36 grams.

-Eating peas when they are green became fashionable in the 1600s and 1700s but was described by the French as “madness”

-The peas in the pod that I am holding in my selfie are fucking adorable

-Peas are said to give relief to ulcer pains in the stomach because they help ‘use up’ stomach acids

My point is, peas please reblog my selfie.


Name:Daniel the Lion
Age: 2 days old
Will come to you if you have green hair.He enjoys french fries and peas and chicken.
If found please return to nearest 5SOSfam member or owner @michael5sos on twitter.
Please help us find this beloved stuffed animal…

Split Pea soup is traditionally served as a part of a French Canadian Easter meal. Along with specialties from the Sugar Shack, or “Cabanne a Sucre”, Split Pea soup is a soothing accompaniment to pancakes and maple syrup, eggs, baked beans and other seasonal French Canadian goodies!

1 tbsp of butter
2 cups of dried split peas
1 onion (cut in cubes)
4 celery stalks (sliced)
3 ham steaks (cut in cubes)
1 cup of frozen green peas
¼ cup of Jacob’s Creek Semillion Chardonnay white wine
12 cups of chicken or vegetable stock
1 tbsp of parsley
1 tsp of turmeric

Method: In a large pot add the butter and let it melt. Add the celery and onion and brown a little. Add the cubes of ham and mix. Add the split peas and mix well. Add the wine to de-glaze the pot. Add the 12 cups of stock, and bring to a boil. Add the frozen peas, parsley and turmeric. Turn down the heat and let simmer covered for 45 minutes. Serve with whatever sides you like!

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