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Making A Change

Lafayette x Reader

Note: so I took the suggestion that @coololdsoulpoetlove gave me and took it a lot further than I think anyone really expected. I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Warnings: I don’t think anything needs a warning

Word Count: 3,421

Life had become boring.

You thought that after finishing college, moving to the city of your dreams and finally having the chance to live alone that you’d feel accomplished and fulfilled. You thought that you could live the life of a writer that you always dreamed of living. You got a job, it payed decently enough and it helped you get buy while you spent as much of you time as possible writing, trying to get something finished so you could attempt to get it published.

But soon enough you started working more than you first intended to and your job became your first priority. All your old notebooks, the books on writing and the poetry books you read over and over again to feel inspired were packed away. Your jeans and sarcastic t-shirts were put away in favour of slacks and blouse’s that were more suited for the more professional office job that you had taken, mostly for the better pay.  

And now every day seems the same, you wake up alone in your big bed, go through your usual morning routine of showering, drying your long locks, putting on your makeup and then spending 10 minutes picking out an outfit that makes you look kind of decent before heading to work and then repeating the same again the next day.

Each day is tiring and boring, and even though you would rather do anything but sit in your apartment alone all night, you can’t bring yourself to go out with your friends when they want to get dinner or catch a movie. It’s been like this for a while and you’re well aware of the hole you’ve fallen into, but you’re not sure how you’re supposed to get yourself out.

It feels like you need a spark, something to brings back all your creativity and your love of life and new experiences that you lost.

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summerpipedream  asked:

How about Sasori/Sakura or Shisui/Sakura as competing bakery owners with their bakeries right across the street from each other?

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sasori and shisui both own bakeries; sakura owns a coffee and tea shop.

“They’re at it again,” Hanabi says, acerbic smirk belying her occupation as a college student.

Sakura barely bites back a groan. “We’ve been open for less than two minutes!” she hisses.

Hanabi shrugs in that way that shows that she is not responsible for this mess.

Sakura does groan as she hears the calls of her name.

“Let the games begin,” Hanabi mutters.

Sakura restrains herself from flipping off her young employee as she trudges up front, feeling that she is headed to the gallows.

She steps up to the counter, eyeing her two customers warily.

To her left stands Shisui Uchiha, king of the traditional Eastern-style pastries. He owns the shop next to hers,  The Sharingan. His hair is left loose and curling as he tilts his head in a disarming manner when she arrives.

To her right is Sasori Akasuna, expert on French pastries. His shop is across the street from hers, Red Sands. His amber brown eyes are focused in on her intently.

“How may I assist you?” Sakura asks.

They immediately begin shoving each other.

“Sakura, I have a new-”

“I want to see which you think is-”

The men stop, glaring at each other before setting their plates down on the counter.

“Which drink pairs best with this?” they ask at the same time.

Sakura looks down at the plate of mochi and plate of eclair. She is well-used to the drill at this point. While she is thankful for these two for giving her business a boost, their antics are more than slightly tiring. She tries a bit of each, starting with the mochi. Sakura does her best to ignore the smug grin on Shisui’s face as he stares at Sasori.

“Milky Way Espresso for the eclair; Tokyo Fog for the mochi,” Sakura says thoughtfully.

“I’ll add it to the board,” Sasori says, brushing his fingers over hers. “Thank you Sakura.”

“I’ll let the customers know,” Shisui says, ignoring the way Sasori kicks him in the shin.

Sakura slumps against the counter as the two men leave, taking all the crackling tension with them.

“What idiots,” Hanabi says scathingly by Sakura’s shoulder. “Why do you put up with it?”

“Brings us more customers,” Sakura replies, straightening as the first customer walks in. “Besides, I like the free treats.”

Hanabi rolls her eyes and gets to work.