french paper


there’s only a month left till my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and well i’m not TOO stressed because i’m up to date with my revision :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Le matériel scolaire- school supplies

le livre scolaire- the text book

le feutre- the marker

le cartable- the book bag

le sac a dos- the book bag

l’écran- the screen

le panneau d’affichage- the bulletin board

la salle de permanence- study hall

la piste de course- the track

le bac- the exam

la rédaction- the composition

l’exposé- the oral report

la grille- the rubric

facultatif- elective

obligatoire- required

échouer- to fail

effacer- to erase


Plates from Vol. 2 of Fantaisies Florales by Jean Pilters, published in the first decade of the 20th century in Jersey City, New Jersey by H.C. Perleberg

Jean Pilters was a little-known French ornamentist. Apart from publishing several pattern books in France and Jersey City, he also contributed to the publication Dekorative Vorbilder published from 1889-1929 in Stuttgart by Julius Hoffmann.

This volume is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Watson Library. These images are my own personal scans of the book.


Joalland pistol

Manufactured by L. Joalland & Cie in Bourges, France c.mid-1850′s - “Pistolet à aiguille système Joalland pour cartouche en papier” - no serial number.
.40/10mm centerfire paper cartridge, single shot rotating-bolt needle-fire.

A very odd almost retro-futuristic pair of pistol which saw limited production around the 1850-60′s when needle guns were en vogue.

The trigger mechanism is linked to the bolt and rotates 45° to the right, allowing it all to be pulled back to cock the firing mechanism. After the bolt is put back into place, pulling the trigger releases the needle-like firing pin - visible protruding from the bolt face just above - to pierce the paper cartridge and hit its percussion cap, firing the gun.