french open 2009

It’s cool playing the Semis of the World Tour Finals. I would prefer to face Nadal in the Final, even if I have no preference. The rivalries, they are unique in many ways. The more I play Novak, the more special it becomes. But with Rafa I go back further. We were the new guys and the face of the tour for so long. The fact is obviously the epic Wimbledon finals. Then we had all these matches for me which were hard, the French Open finals. But they were very important for my career as well to win the French Open in 2009. This Rivalry is extra special
—  Roger on his rivalry with Rafa again

2009 French Open Final

Every time I think about this final a goofy smile comes on my face. Hopefully he’ll be able to lift up this trophy again.

“It might be the greatest victory of my career. It takes away so much pressure. Now, I can play in peace for the rest of my career.Nobody will never tell me again that I have not won Roland Garros. It’s nice to be up here on the podium as a winner this time." - Roger