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10 Types of Students During Finals Week:

(As explained by Supernatural.) 

1.  The Responsible One:  

Though few and far between on most college campuses, this strange and unusual creature is one of the rare few who actually does his assignments when he’s supposed to.  He keeps up with required reading, has a clearly defined study schedule, and writes five-page essays earlier than the night before.

Is aggressively despised by his procrastinating peers, unless they have an assignment they need to copy. 

2.  The Grind: 

This person is the Responsible One on steroids.  The two are easily differentiated based on the fact that the Grind is even more difficult to come by, and unlike his predecessor, you may legitimately be concerned for his health. 

Spends finals week camped out in the library in a makeshift tent, and prioritizes good grades above health and personal hygiene. 

3.  The Procrastinator (Model A): 

This person avoids living in constant panic by systematically ignoring his problems.  Presentation in the morning?  Paper due in an hour?  Dormitory literally on fire?  There is no pressing issue that this model can’t stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. 

Is most frequently seen binge watching Friends, going to parties, or off hunting supernatural creatures with his father – anything to avoid actually dealing with the far more pressing issues at hand.   

4.  The Procrastinator (Model B):

Not to be confused with Model A, although he may have at one point been one.  This is a person who has come to terms with his impending demise and is surprisingly unbothered by it.  Is usually either a senior, clinically depressed, or both.  

5.  The Clueless One: 

In spite of his best efforts, this person never seems to know what’s going on.  Whether he can’t quite get his head around advanced calculus, shows up to class an hour early, or wrote down all his French exam answers in Spanish, the Clueless One will always be just a little out of sync with his peers.  

Not to be confused with the Procrastinators, the Clueless One is almost always trying his hardest in any given situation, whether or not he actually succeeds at it. 

6.  The (Super)Natural:

Not to be confused with the Responsible One or the Grind, the Natural is a person who is acing all her classes with seemingly zero effort.  Costs seamlessly through classes that are destroying nearly all of her peers, and how much they despise her for it varies depending on how much of a jerk she is about it. 

7.  The Cheater:  

This is another person remarkably nonplussed by the oncoming finals, albeit for a very different reason than his predecessor:  this man rigged the system.  He knows every trick in the book, from simple notes up his sleeve to a cheat sheet under the coca cola label.  May or may not be willing to share his services, for the right price.  

8.  The Sore Loser:  

This person persistently mopes about poor grades.  Expects sympathy from others, despite the fact that you know he put virtually zero effort into achieving a better outcome.  

Whether he cheated and got caught, kicked all the angels out of heaven and stole his brother’s grace, or simply didn’t study, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Sore Loser deserved what he got (except maybe his own.) 

9.  The Cheerleader:  

Despite having an abundance of her own problems to contend with, this person devotes her life to basically adopting fellow students.  She coaxes her friends through everything, from late night study sessions to emotional breakdowns, and though she’s not always appreciated for her efforts, the world is a better place for having her in it.   

10.  The Ball of Anxiety:  

Prone to late night rants at himself in the library bathroom, stress eating, and is convinced a poor grade will mark the end of his academic career.  

Usually a Procrastinator whose poor habits have caught up with him.  

Nct 127 reaction to their S/O being a hand model

Request:  Hi ! Can I request NCT127’s reaction to their S/O being a hand model please ? Hope you have a lot of success with your blog 💪🎉 -french follower-

Bonjour mon cheri! I hope you like this reaction and thank you so much for the kind words, wishing you the best too lovely! 

-solar  ❀


Originally posted by planettaeil

(fuCKin rUDE) 

had to get that out of my system, anyways moving swiftly on. Honestly Taeil wouldn’t be very surprised upon hearing that you were a hand model because his eyes were always transfixed by how pretty your hands looked when they were playing the guitar and the sweet melodies they created. 


Originally posted by exoticnctlife

In all honesty johnny was already obsessed with your hands, when you sat down and watched a movie together the first thing he would do was to subconsciously pull your hand into his lap and play with your fingers before placing his hand over yours and grazing his thumb over your fingers.  


Originally posted by taeyonghi

Again Taeyong wouldn’t be surprised as he loved your hands, he instantly felt at ease upon your touch. After a long day he’d come home and release all of his stress and worries to you as you held his hand in yours and he forgot what he was even supposed to be ranting about because he felt so at peace. 


Originally posted by taei

(you’re Taeil) he’d think it was so cool that you hand modelled and he’d constantly be talking about you to anyone and anything that would listen, he was just so in love with you and proud of any achievements you had made. He supported you with your job just as much as you did with his.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Doyoung honestly wasn’t very big on PDA but if he was to show one sign of affection outside, he would hold your hand, it was comforting to him to know that you were always by his side, he loved the difference in size between your hand and his but somehow they still moulded together like his hand was meant for holding yours. ( he was the one that encouraged you to become a hand model) 


Originally posted by neotechs

Like Doyoung he probably encouraged you to take the job when you were offered it. He would support you in everything you do and was proud of you, he would often sit with you on a lazy Sunday on the sofa with you tucked into his arm as he kissed your knuckles every now and then. 


Originally posted by nctinfo

okay winwin thinks that your hands are absolutely magical and would support you 110%, after a long day of practice he’d come home absolutely exhausted and lay his head on your lap as you softly played with the ends up his hair, lulling him into a sound and peaceful sleep.


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I definitely don’t think he’d see this conversation coming and it took him by surprise a little, he’d find it pretty cool and he found himself looking to buy you a cute couple ring so that you could show it off whenever you were called in for a shoot. 


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Unleash bragmaster 3000. He would love to tell everyone about your unique job and found it so cool however he take it a step further when you were on a date and say “ ONLY I CAN HOLD THESE HANDS MUAHAHA”  and after that he had to try and catch those hands that were hurling towards him. 


2015 Triwizard Tournament

After positive reactions to the last Triwizard Tournament, resurrected in 2011 by the International Confederation of Wizards, the controversial championship has been cleared to continue indefinitely. The Durmstrang Institute is hosting this year’s event. 

The Daily Prophet brings you exclusive news about this year’s Champions, named just yesterday at Durmstrang: the students who will compete for eternal fame and glory are Durmstrang’s Isold Mendel, Hogwarts’s Kendall Dormer, and Beauxbatons’s Bastien Giroux

Mendel, 17, has named Herbology her best subject; Dormer, 16, Transfiguration; and Giroux, 17, Runes. This might make for an even more interesting show than the last one, where all three Champions happened to excel at the same subject (Arithmancy) and share the same role model (Harry Potter). As one of this year’s Champions has named a troll as her role model, we expect the 2015 Triwizard Tournament to be very different indeed.

The British Ministry of Magic, working with the French Foreign Office and Germany’s Magical Sporting Bureau, has released official footage of past Triwizard events, obtained via pensieve. The footage is strictly for use within the three competing schools only, to prepare the students and to educate them on the Tournament’s history, but Rita Skeeter tweeted last night that she has already obtained a copy. 

More 21st century wizarding here

This concludes my ashleydemon request case file!

Privacy and the Miraculous Heroes

Here is what we know about our protagonists:

  • Marinette is a Chinese-French aspiring fashion designer. She has a crush on Adrien.
  • Adrien is a model. He takes Chinese, fencing, and piano lessons, and he plays basketball.
  • Marinette is clumsy and absentminded, and can be petty when she thinks someone (Chloé) deserves it, but is quick to repent and kind to everyone (else) she knows. She is very openly enthusiastic about what she likes (not just Adrien! think Jagged Stone).
  • Adrien models to make his father happy. His home life is lonely and impersonal. He often acts as the voice of reason, and tries to encourage those around him (best shown in the Adrien+friendships gifset), up to and including how he calls out Chloé in Horrificator.
  • Marinette babysits and helps around the bakery. She does not know Chinese. She plays video games with her father, so she is skilled in at least one game. She is also good at designing mechanical elements as well as fashionable ones (her diary case).
  • We have on various occasions seen Adrien at a photo shoot, or speaking Chinese, or at fencing practice, or tossing garbage away without a glance at the garbage bin.

We know a lot about Marinette’s character from the outset, which makes sense, because she is the main character. Outside of fashion, though, we don’t know what skills she has until an episode crops up and (from the viewers’ perspective) she is suddenly a gamer.

Stop and think about this for a second, though. Why is it sudden to us? Because it wasn’t mentioned before. But why should it have been mentioned before, when it really wasn’t relevant? An episode dedicated to showing off her gaming skills isn’t actually a terrible idea: it shows the audience something new and gives depth to Marinette’s relationship with her father.

By contrast, we know a lot about Adrien’s skills from the outset through Marinette, but she doesn’t tell us very much about his character beyond a flat “perfect gentleman.” It takes scenes featuring Adrien (usually as Chat Noir)— few and far between, compared to the plethora of attention on Marinette— for the audience to glimpse what makes him tick, and even those scenes require some interpretation.

What I suspect is happening is that the creators are contrasting a normal life to a high-profile one. We get to know Marinette in stages, and this means that we don’t necessarily know everything about her, and that is why she gets to surprise us with tidbits about herself, like how she does not know Mandarin (which is a wonderfully representative fact, but I digress), or how she is in fact an amateur gamer. By contrast, Adrien isn’t going to get these “I didn’t know he could do that!” moments from viewers well entrenched in the miraculous fandom (although less involved viewers might be unaware of Adrien’s Chinese prior to the episode).

Point being, so much of what we know about Adrien and his talents was introduced to us before being shown, while Marinette doesn’t get the same luxury— or, more accurately, she doesn’t have the same public aspect to her life. Marinette is the one who tells us about Adrien, but who’s supposed to tell us about Marinette?

No one. The series shows us what the characters are like, not just what they do. We just notice more when they throw a skill in.

Extra Reading

French Char B1 Heavy Tank. One of the best tanks during its time, German tanks and anti tank guns couldn’t penetrate it’s thick armor. The Char B1 suffered from a one man turret which made the commander extremely busy, he would have to command the crew, spot the enemy, and man the gun. There was to be a further development of the tank to have thicker armor and a two man turret, but was canceled due to the surrender of France a couple of months later. This model wouldn’t have stood a chance against any of the newer German model PZIVs or Tiger tanks


「  Miraculous Ladybug RW Aesthetics  」

As a child, Adrien did not have the time to believe in silly things like magic and superheroes. The son of influential, world-famous designer Gabriel Agreste, he has been modeling for his father’s label since he was merely five years old; in between a full time job and a schedule full of lessons, there was little time for anything other than sleep. Now a young man of twenty-two, he is perhaps the best known French model in the industry. But he has a secret: when the light from the reflectors dies, Adrien Agreste becomes Chat Noir, the leather-clad superhero who is most at home in the middle of chaos and mischief. His partner in saving is the mysterious Ladybug, in whom he takes much interest…

For her part, Marinette Dupain-Cheng struggles to balance her unexpected nightlife with her plethora of troubles, like the bane that is university and her keen best friend’s infatuation with her heroic alter ego. With ambition and optimism, she aims to become the next hot thing in the world of fashion and paste her designs all across the world. In the meantime, she must find a way to survive in the dark heart of Paris, and keep herself in check around both childhood crush Adrien and her adorkable super-colleague.

Will their masks tumble and the secrets spill out? We certainly hope so.

i can’t believe this gay nerd fell asleep holding a book, like she was reading and she’s just so exhausted that she fell asleep before she got a chance to put it down or even just close it

and clarke’s sitting across from her drawing her which probably means that lexa knew clarke was drawing her (i mean later lexa definitely knows because when they come in with Pandora’s the Azgeda Box, the sketches are in full view as clarke puts them away)

but like what if clarke was just drawing lexa reading and she told her to hold still, so of course lexa didn’t move a fucking muscle and she was so determined to be the best french girl for clarke to draw her like model and that’s why she fell asleep like that??? that happens a lot, i would not be surprised

Submission. What if..,

…you were an artist who was thought to be very intellectual about art and ideas. However one day you got so frustrated with yourself.
“Dammit!” you yelled out as you threw yet another crumpled up paper at the wall. There was a pile of crumpled up drawings in the corner next to a garbage can. You held your head in your hands. You just couldn’t wrap around the concept of drawing people, no matter what you used; internet pictures, different approaches, about everything. You couldn’t take it anymore, you wanted to lay down and cry yourself to sleep. ‘How could I ever continue in art school in spring?’ you questioned yourself. You flopped on your bed burying your head in your arms.
Your phone rang and showed Mark’s face on the phone’s display. You slightly smiled and accepted the call.
“Hi Mark,” you said into the phone with a bit of monotone.
“[r/n]! How are you?” you could hear Mark’s smile in his voice.
You decide not to lie, he would find out eventually, “Not good, Mark. Not good.”
It was quiet for a minute, “I’ll be right there,” the line went dead afterward. You didn’t doubt yourself, you needed him.
After a short time, you heard a knock on your apartment door. You weakly rose from your bed and made your way to your door, seeing that Mark had let himself in. His face seemed to be of much concern. He came toward you, you didn’t move looking away, feeling silly for making such a fuss. Mark wrapped his strong arms around you, his muscles hugging you tightly. His embrace was warm and comforting, you nestled your head in his chest listening to his soft heartbeat.
“Could you tell me what is the matter?” Mark said gently. You could hear his deep voice rumble in his chest.
You pulled away silently, led him to your bedroom, and pointed at the trash can while you sat on your bed. Mark opened the crumpled sketchbook pages and examined the attempts at drawing.
“Seems to me you don’t have the right resources to help you,” he turned to you smirking and pulled a chair parallel to your bed. He motioned for you to sit in the chair and gave you your sketchbook and a pencil. You were deeply confused at what he was doing; he was running around the room turning on lights and shutting the door. Mark sat on the bed and smiled at you, he knew that you had a crush on him. Slowly, he removed his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. His Instagram photos did not lie, he was fully built with hard defined lines that would look great on paper. A model, yes, a real model was what you needed; to see the lines and definition of the body in a way you had never seen before. You felt your cheeks heat up as you looked at him and he noticed. He laid down on your bed and gave you a revealing pose of his body, so you could see everything.
Before you set your pencil to paper he said in his deep voice, “Draw me like one of your French girls.” It was your best drawing ever.