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Serbian Vocab: Careers

This post is an attempt to add to the small amount of online Serbian language resources, but it is also a way to listen to one of my favourite bands as a successful method of studying.

First, here is a song: Pekar, lekar, apotekar. Its narrator names careers he could have had if he had listened to his father. Instead, he became a musician.

Note that the tone of the song (as is the case with many by this band) is quite ironic and some of the careers named are obviously outdated or used in jest. 

Career terms in order of appearance in the song:

  • Пекар (pekar): baker
  • Лекар (lekar): doctor
  • Апотекар (apotekar): apothecary
  • Колар (kolar): wheeler, wheelwright
  • Столар (stolar): carpenter
  • Књиговезац (knjigovezac): bookbinder
  • Стаклорезац (staklorezac): glazier
  • Видар (vidar): healer
  • Зидар (zidar): builder
  • Критичар (kritičar): critic
  • Политичар (političar): politician
  • Педагог (pedagog): pedagogue
  • Демагог (demagog): demagogue
  • Полицајац (policajac): police officer
  • Пајац (pajac): jester
  • Месар (mesar): butcher
  • Тесар (tesar): carpenter
  • Клесар (klesar): stonecutter, stonemason
  • Ковач (kovač): blacksmith
  • Тровач (trovač): poisoner
  • Млинар (mlinar): miller
  • Винар (vinar): vintner
  • Ветеринар (veterinar): veterinarian
  • Кувар (kuvar): cook
  • Чувар (čuvar): guardian
  • Дактилограф (daktilograf): typist
  • Фотограф (fotograf): photographer
  • Сценограф (scenograf): scenographer, production designer
  • Географ (geograf): geographer

For more songs by Riblja Čorba around this same theme listen to Hoću majko hoću (about someone who spitefully tells his mother he wants to work as a cleaner for the city), and Lutka sa naslovne strane (which takes a very pessimistic look at a model’s upcoming career).

Below I’ve listed a bunch of general vocab related to jobs and job searching, as well as more specific careers.

Some general terms and phrases related to work:

  • Посао (posao): job
  • Каријера (karijera): career
  • Професија (profesija): profession
  • Рад (rad): work / Радити (raditi): to work
  • Студент/студенткиња (student/studentkinja): student
    • Универзитет (univerzitet): university
    • Факултет (fakultet): faculty
    • Учити (učiti): to study, learn, teach
  • Незапослен/незапослена (nezaposlen/nezaposlena): unemployed
  • Пензионисати (penzionisati): to retire
    • Бити у пензији (biti u penziji): to be in retirement
  • Тражити посао (tražiti posao): to look for a job
  • Запослити (zaposliti): to hire
  • Отпустити (otpustiti): to fire someone
    • Добити отказ (dobiti otkaz): to get fired

Here’s a long list of professions and their translations. They’re all in singular form, and I’ve only included a few feminine forms for the sake of simplicity.

  • Глумац (glumac): actor / Глумица (glumica): actress
  • Уметник (umetnik): artist / Уметница (umetnica): f. artist
  • Сликар (slikar): painter
  • Историчар (istoričar): historian
  • Библиотекар (bibliotekar): librarian
  • Уредник (urednik): editor
  • Фризер (frizer): hairstylist
  • Кројач (krojač): tailor
  • Новинар (novinar): journalist / Новинарка (novinarka): f. journalist
  • Писац (pisac): writer
  • Песник (pesnik): poet
  • Музичар (muzičar): musician
  • Певач (pevač): singer / Певачица (pevačica): f. singer
  • Плесач (plesač): dancer
  • Режисер (režiser): director, stage manager
  • Директор (direktor): director
  • Продуцент (producent): producer
  • Кореограф (koreograf): choreographer
  • Учитељ (učitelj): teacher / Учитељица (učiteljica): f. teacher
  • Професор(profesor): professor
  • Таксиста (taksista): taxi driver
  • Возач (vozač): driver
  • Пилот (pilot): pilot
  • Поштар (poštar): postman, mailman
  • Ватрогасац (vatrogasac): firefighter
  • Конобар (konobar): waiter, bartender / Конобарица (konobarica): f. waiter, bartender
  • Благајник (blagajnik): cashier / Благајница (blagajnica): cashier
  • Надзорник (nadzornik): foreman
  • Инжењер (inženjer): engineer
  • Механичар (mehaničar): mechanic
  • Електричар (električar): electrician
  • Биолог (biolog): biologist
  • Хемичар (hemičar): chemist
  • Научник (naučnik): scientist
  • Ботничар (botiničar): botanist
  • Медицинска сестра (medicinska sestra): nurse
  • Психијатар (psihijatar): psychiatrist
  • Психолог (psiholog): psychologist
  • Фармацеут (farmaceut): pharmacist
  • Оптичар (optičar): optician
  • Бабица (babica): midwife
  • Болничар (bolničar): paramedic
  • Војник (vojnik): soldier
  • Зубар (zubar): dentist
  • Адвокат (advokat): lawyer
  • Судија (sudija): judge
  • Преводилац (prevodilac): translator
  • Рачуновођа (računovođa): accountant
  • Статистичар (statističar): statistician

Good luck!

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This isn't a question more a suggestion but if anyone had trouble with laundry I found a great app on the Google Play Store called The Stain by VeryWear. It's a free app that has a laundry/dryer timer, an expansive list of laundry symbols and what they mean, how to clean virtually any substance out of clothes, and it even let's you save and search labels off your own clothes. It has a user forum too but mostly in French. I figured it may be useful to anyone who struggles with (1/2)

or how to keep clothes nice. Sorry if this is out of place, it helps me with executive dysfunction so I figured others might find it useful too! :D

Thank you, I’m awful about remembering laundry…

-mod Ari

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Elgang(rebellion classes) react to Harmony festival. (Rena and Ain were invited to sing and entertain for festival.)

Elsword misses about half of Rena and Ain’s performance because he’s busy getting food and fighting Aisha for it. He does appreciate their vocal talents in his own way, though-despite not being at the performance, he talks to them for days about how nice voices are.

Aisha is a little more polite about the performance. Even though she’s got food to line up for, once she hears the voices drift through the busy streets, she rushes back to the town square to watch. With a few flicks of her staff, she summons a cloud of petite Angkors to blink like lights overhead.

Rena is having so much fun, dancing and singing songs that she never thought she’d have the chance to sing again. She’s also really glad that Ain knows some of these old songs too-after all, it’s been a few hundred years since she sang them last.

Raven has never had much experience with singing.  Seris used to sing sometimes, but she wasn’t very confident in her voice. Hearing the harmony of the voices intermingle into the night sky fills him with joy and peace.

Eve doesn’t really understand the whole singing thing, but through her interpreting software she can understand that the song is a dedication of thanks to the El. She can dig that; the El is her source of life too, after all. She sees Chung clapping and tries to just follow his example.

Chung didn’t know Rena could sing so pretty, and that Ain had such a deep voice! He spends the entire performance lightly clapping along to the music, watching mesmerized as Rena dances across the stage like a pixie. He’s tempted to join her(his dad had him trained in dance as a kid) but he’s afraid his armor would drop him through the stage.

Ara is tempted to go up to sing and dance too, but she’s wearing heels and she hasn’t warmed up her voice yet. Instead, she borrows a two-stringed fiddle from a nearby stand and provides accompaniment. She’s surprisingly good, despite not having played it in many years.

Elesis loves this kind of merriment, when all the world can come together and share in the joy of the holiday season. She’s the one who shamelessly dances her way onto the stage, steps all over Ain’s feet, and accidentally starts a new tradition of bringing the festive dance onstage.

Add is beyond confused when he’s interrupted from his precious pie and is dragged onstage by a very enthusiastic Elsword and Elesis. Even if he won’t admit it, the dance is fantastically fun. On the downside, when it ends, someone has stolen his pie.

Lu is pigging out on stolen pie when someone says that no one can beat Elesis in a dance competition. Fools, step aside. The queen of dance is here. Whereas Elesis has more of a modern-type dance, Lu is great at doing the gavotte and the sarabande. She brings home two prizes and a pie.

Ciel is tired. One minute Lu’s shoving pie in his face, the next she’s gone. He finds her and Elesis doing a very dramatic tango onstage, as everyone around them claps to the beat. Despite his worries, he can’t help but laugh. Lu is so short that Elesis has to lift her off the ground.

Rose is waiting in line for warm apple cider when she hears the laughter from the town centre. She wants to join the dancers so badly(especially the red-haired girl and the tiny demon, that has to be fun) but Zero reminds her that she can’t reveal herself to them. Instead, she stands awkwardly behind Raven, Eve and Chung, clapping along to the dance steps.

Ain has transcended confusion. He’s more than happy to sing with Miss Elf, but then Miss Knight Captain dragged Elsword onto stage, and now the demons are dancing??? Why is Mr. Ancient being tossed into the air? Is this a ritual? Oh wait, now he’s on the floor. Must be a human thing.