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Climb ev'ry mountain by Cees
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Climb ev'ry mountain Ford ev'ry stream Follow ev'ry rainbow ‘Till you find your dream


  • 600 names - all of these names can be used for any gender, but I divided them into what gender they traditionally are (male, female, unisex)
  • Common and unusual names
  • Definitions and nationalities
  • Pronunciations for Irish/Scottish Gaelic names
  • English, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Greek, German, Latin, French, American, Spanish, Scandinavian, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Iranian/Persian names

** denotes a name heavily associated with a preexisting entity, fictional or real

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French Meadow Wedding

Cozylemonade’s 300 follower gift part 1

Size: 40x30

Lot Type: Bar

Cost: $146,027

CC Needed: Cottage Garden Stuff

Packs Used: 

Get To Work

Spa Day

Cool Kitchen Stuff

Get Together

Dine Out

City Living

Origin ID: Rachel__Shapiro (I promise im not a cat fish and my name is acutally Jessica its just a long story.) 

Tray Files: xx.

Thank You guys so so so much for 300 Followers!!! Here’s some photos of sims getting married so you can see that the whole lot is functionable.


My day was better than your day.

I picked Becky up from the mega bus this morning. We had a real life coffee date at French Meadow Bakery. It’s so much better in person.

Then we went to packet pick up and got our race goodies.

I made us some lunch and Becky hung out with Little Mister. He used sign language for milk for the first time today while she was here!!!!

Before the tumblr meet up we met Katie at the house that’s she’s looking after. They have maybe the largest window seat I have ever seen!

We went to Bario and had margs and guac so we could catch up. Then headed over to dinner at Di’Amico and Son’s.

We were bad tumblrs and didn’t take photos, but it really did happen. Bob and Sheila were there and we got to meet Ceri (runeatlovesleepmn) and her boyfriend Jesse.

As we were eating the hubby sent that picture of LM. He was exhausted after chasing Becky around and flirting all afternoon.

What I got for lunch today at French Meadow Cafe in St. Paul! A California wrap on an organic 100% sprouted grain tortilla, with turkey, house made guac, sprouts, roasted tomatoes, organic romaine, and chipotle sour cream! Then hand cut organic fries on the side with the best ketchup ever! It’s house made too and they put curry powder or something in it. Ugh so good!