french kissing

anonymous asked:

I don't know how to French kiss or introduce tongue when kissing. HELP! Does this make me a bad kisser?

First of all not knowing how to french kiss doesnt make you a bad kisser. A lot of people dont really like french kissing, its all down to personal taste. If you wanted to get really good at it have someone to maybe practice with, and how you introduce your tongue might just come naturally to you.

When you start kissing the other person dont immediately go in with your tongue. Start off gentle and slow and when you feel like the mood is good try opening your mouth a little during the kiss. Dont fully opening your mouth like youre trying to eat them, but something similar to pursing your lips. When you finally want to go in with your tongue DONT just shove it in ok. Poke your tongue out a little and lightly lick their lips while kissing them. Keep doing this lightly and slowly add more pressure until they start doing it to and then BAM french kissing achieved. 

Honestly this is a little awkward to explain and id fully recommend asking a friend or whoever you want to help you practice. Tell them that you want to try and learn how to french kiss and if you dont have anyone to practice with use your hand and try it out. :)