french high end designer

My first high-end/designer/french made/ expensive ass/lamb skin bag, bitch I’m crying!!



First off, BITCH HE’S DEFINITELY A FUCKING WHALE! $4,125 total for my lambskin CHANEL PURSE didn’t even flinch! Just pulled out his black card and paid for that bitch, the goddesses are being so good to me yo!

I want to get another thing out too.  I trust this man and we’re in an exclusive long term arrangement, he’s not one of my many SD’s, he’s my only one.  So I invest my time to just this man, trust that your girl is being very well taken care of.  I’m going to call him Genie because he always says he’ll make my wishes come true.

So I stayed with Genie for a night and the next morning while I was packing my bags and fixing the stuff in my purse I took advantage of the fact that the fucking strings on my purse are coming out.  

(This is happening on all the little straps.  Calvin Klein/Ross/$80 like that’s what I’m used to.  Took a pic just now at my workplace haha)

We were trying to figure out whether or not we’d hang out for the day.  So I was like, “Aww my purse is coming apart,”  he was doing work on his laptop and looked up and said, “Really? let’s go get you one.” Seriously, I was starry eyed at the possibilities of owning my first high end designer bag!  I got excited and I said “really?”  Then he was like, “I think there’s a Kate Spade store in San Francisco we could go check out, you could come with me so I can get my suit tailored too.” Kate Spade’s stuff is cute but not for me. In my mind I was just thinking I really hope there’s a Louis Vuitton or some shit because I’m not about to get Kate Spade.  If I have to I will.  Bitch I’ve never really explored San Francisco like that and I didn’t know what brands would be there.  We parked the car and he suggested we look for something in Bloomingdales.  As we walked there I saw Chanel, Louis Vuitton,  Hermes, like all of that right? So when I’d see the stores I was like “Chanel mmm, Louis mmmm, Hermes hhmmm.” He just laughed,  so we went into Bloomingdale’s and while he went to the restroom I explored and was looking at the Kate Spade stuff because I was like why not give it a shot.  I just didn’t like anything and nothing really suited me.  I looked at the other brands that were around Kate Spade and I didn’t like anything.  There was no LV anywhere so I asked an associate and she pointed me to the direction where the high end brands would be LV, Gucci, Moschino, Burberry, blah blah.  So I went to look and nothing caught my eye.  He came looking for me and asked if I had found anything and I said no.  I just really didn’t want to get a purse I didn’t like.  He asked me if I had anything in mind and I said Chanel.  He said okay and we went there and honestly I was never a fan of Chanel because I thought it was too girly.  This day Chanel was calling my name and when I walked in and the nice advisor asked me like two questions, BAM! she started pulling purses out and  she knew exactly what the fuck I was looking for.  I narrowed it down to two purses one that was casual and one that was more serious and businessy. ANYWAYS BITCH I GOT THE CASUAL ONE AND WHEN SHE RANG IT UP IT CAME OUT TO 4,125 AND BITCH I BEEN BROKE MY WHOLE DAMN LIFE I’M NOT GOING TO PAY 4K FOR A DAMN PURSE BUT HE DIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!! HE PULLED THAT FUCKING BLACK CARD OUT WITHOUT FLINCHING, WITHOUT ANY WEIRD FACE EXPRESSIONS, WAS LOOKING AT HIS DAMN PHONE WHILE HE HANDED THAT SHIT OVER LIKE GHAAAAADDDD I WAS SCREAMING INSIDE AND THINKING OF ALL MY SUGAR SISTERS AND THE VETERANS THE SPOILED GIRLFRIENDS ALL YOU HOES!!!

We sat where this picture of the bag was taken, it was a mini lobby.  I was on my phone and he was like, “Haha are you telling all your friends now?” and I was like “no” bitch I was taking this picture! haha and he was like “delete your tinder and all that other stuff ha” and I looked up at him and guys I’m his second arrangement and he didn’t do the stuff for her like he does for me and she did some gnarly shit to him.  So this purse was an investment in ME.  I know he got nervous but I reassured him I didn’t have SA anymore or Tinder.  I brought it up later at night and told him he could trust me and that I wasn’t seeing anyone and that I have a lot of respect for him and I would never do anything that would cause me to be untrustworthy.  He is sooooo into me girls and I’m so happy he is!  He’s married in some kind of agreement with her and I know we could never go past what we have now but if my first SD is going to be him, I DO NOT MIND hahaaa I genuinely care about him but I’m protecting myself from falling in love……. I think…………. anyways………..

The packaging and shopping bag for this thing is HUGE!  Going back home and having to carry that around my hood WAS NOT going to happen.  I had to park across the street from my apartments and thank god I had my son’s blanket in my car and I covered this baby up.  I screamed during my walk home.  I couldn’t believe I was carrying this gem and that it was mine!!!

I can’t even really express how I felt.  I value money and I am humbled and I just can’t believe I have a luxury.  It just pushed me to really take the time to think about my goals and I just want this forever.  Not to be a SB forever but to one day be like him.  I got a drive, I’m ambitious, and I fucking deserve it damn it!   I had a goal coming into this and best believe I’m going to achieve everything!  One step at a time though because we’ve been together since January.  This lifestyle has changed my fucking life.  I was able to pay my sons $2,500 dental procedure, I’m able to give my mom money, I’m able to peacefully pay bills without stressing that I can’t save because the system doesn’t allow me to.  Like life is soooo fucking good right now and I can’t wait to see where all this goes.  I’m so happy and proud of myself!  I’m taking this SB shit so seriously ain’t no one fucking around when it comes to serious money and serious goals.  Fuck you hoes that do this for fun, I’m hating. :p

Top Luxury Brands in Jewelry   

• Cartier. This French luxury company designs and manufactures high-end jewelry and watches. Cartier was established in Paris in 1847, and has been providing jewelry to nobility and society’s upper classes for decades.

 • Van Cleef & Arpels. This French jewelry house also has a line of watches and perfumes, but its extravagant and exquisite jewelry is its most notable contribution to the luxury market. Van Cleef & Arpels stores are found in upscale shopping districts all over the world. 

• Boucheron. Based in Paris, this French jewelry company has been around since 1858. Boucheron operates 34 boutiques throughout the world as well as online. Sales in 2011 topped 50 million euros. 

• Harry Winston. Harry Winston Inc. is based in New York and is known for luxury jewelry and Swiss timepieces. It is owned by The Swatch Group, and Harry Winston retail locations are situated in the shopping capitals of the world, including Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, New York, Paris, and Beverly Hills.

 • Chaumet. The House of Chamet is Paris-based and is a premiere jewelry and watch designer and manufacturer. It is part of the LVMH luxury 

conglomerate. Chaumet has over 200 years of exquisite watchmaking designs. • Kloybateri. This jewelry manufacturer is considered to be among the most valuable luxury jewelry brands worldwide. Elegant and sophisticated designs have endeared it to the most affluent customers over the years.

 • Bvlgari. The Italian luxury goods manufacturer produces fragrances, accessories, and cosmetics, but is most known for its extravagant jewelry line. The company is based in Rome, Italy and is part of the LVMH luxury conglomerate

 Tiffany & Co. When it comes to diamonds, many people associate Tiffany & Co. Tiffany’s assets total $3.79 billion as of 2013. Aside from jewelry, Tiffany also sells fragrances and other luxury items.

 • Mikimoto. Pearl jewelry, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces and accessories are what Mikimoto is known for. It was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto, the man who cultivated the world’s first cultured pearl 

James- Luxury Brand Management