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Biodynamics, Ciders & Casper the Friendly Ghost

Biodynamics, Ciders & Casper the Friendly Ghost

Biodynamics in a Nutshell

Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925) influenced by the writings of Goethe and his lectures on agriculture founded Anthroposophy or so called “Spiritual Science” . Using these teachings followers of Anthroposophy, let’s call them Mystic Hippies, established a field of practical cultivation that we know today as “Biodyanmics.”

Some of these practices are silly. Planting by phases of the Moon Or my favorite “Nature Spirits” that can harm or protect your crops.

Kind of reminds us of this guy:


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Sounds like Rigorous Scientific Agriculture Right?

But in Practical Terms you get organic agriculture without pesticides or sprays and truly handmade wines with a ton of attention to detail.

Vineyard work is done by hand, animal manures and organic materials are used to make “Teas”instead of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Animals and manual labor are used for vineyard work. When coupled with the proper vineyard and a talented winemaker these things do translate into the finished product.

Case in Point:

Château Falfas

2009 Les Demoiselles de Falfas

This estate is one of the four “Grand Cru” of the Côte de Bourg on the Right Bank of Bordeaux directly across from the Medoc. Côte means “hill” and these Merlot (that’s right) Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vines are planted in a hilly, wooded region with clay and limestone soils.

Spend some time with this wine. It will reward your olfactories and your palate.

Deep black & red fruit. Sandalwood. Herbs. Awesome.

It’s like eating Blackberries in the Woods. During Fall. Captured in a glass.

Eric Bordelet Poiré - Granit

Off dry - sparkling pear cider

Eric Bordelet is a Sommelier by training who in the early 90'stook over his family’s Estate in Normandy. His goal is to make Apple and Pear Ciders that rival the Finest Champagnes .


Cider from 300 year old Pear Trees. Bio Farmed: Hand picked , lightly filtered, slightly sweet, great acid and 5% Booze so you can drink a lot of this. You will want this by the Case.


the dregs cider braised pork loin 


one pork loin roast. 2-3 lbs.

couple shallots, onions & carrots. peeled n chopped.

couple handfuls of fingerling potatoes

750 ml bottle of dry hard cider. apple.

cream. about 1/3 of a cup.

fresh thyme.

butter. olive oil. sea salt. fresh cracked pepper. (basics)

dutch oven 

step 1:

Pat your pork loin dry. salt it. heat some olive oil in your dutch oven. sear that bad boy on all sides. pull it out of the dutch oven. toss in a good sized pad of butter, as it starts to foam toss in your shallots and onions. let em go for 2-3 min until they get kinda clear and smell great. then toss in the carrots & fingerlings. let go for a couple more minutes.  

step 2:

put your pork loin back in the dutch oven on top all the veg. pour in the whole bottle of cider. toss in a handful of fresh thyme. lid it. stick that sucker in a 350º oven for about 2 hours. at the one hour mark turn the loin. at the 1.5 hour mark add the cream.  

step 3:

slice the pork up on a platter and surround with the root veg. serve into bowls. pour the broth all over it. soak it up with crusty french bread and more butter. pair with bubbles, fine french hard cider, or saison style craft beer.