french ham

in which lafayette’s letters to washington have possibly too many feelings okay

9 February 1778: Could I believe one single instant that this pompous command of a northen army will let your excellency forget a little an absent friend, then I would send the project to the place it comes from — but I dare hope that you will remember me some times

19 February 1778: Why am I so far from you, and what business had that board of war to hurry me through the ice and Snow

23 February 1778: if they have sent me far from you for I do’nt know what purpose, at least I must make some little use of my pen to prevent all communication be cut of betwen your excellency and me

27 February 1778: I understood that john adams Spoke very disrespectfully of your excellency in boston — I do not know if it is true, but in that case I schould very Sorry to have given to him letters for france — give me leave to say my opinion, my dear general; those ennemy’s of yours are So low So far under your feet, that it is not of your dignity to take much notice of ’em

20 March 1778: was I not So sensible of your excelleacy’s goodness for his officers and particular frienship for me, I schould be afraid you’d not forgive so many miss’s tho’ unvolontary one…. my dear general, my mind will be alwaïs super satisfied to be as near you as possible, and I schall look upon any thing you will believe fit for me, as the very best thing I can wish for…. farewell, my most dear and beloved general, do’nt forget your northen friend, and be certain that his sentiments for you will only end with his life

22 March 1778: I can never miss an opportunity of rembembering to your excellency the mighty Commander in chief of the irruption into Canada, and I seize with the greatest pleasure the first occasion of telling you how happy I have been to see in your last favor a new assurance of those sentiments of yours so dear to my heart

25 March 1778: the only condition I have made in coming here, and the only favor I have asked to all the protestations of gratefulness of your commissioners in france, has been not to be under any orders but those of general washington — I seem to have had some suspicion of our future friendship, and what I have done out of esteem and respect for your excellency’s name and reputation, I schould do now out of mere love for general washington himself.

modern Hamilton college au where Burr and Ham are roommates and Burr always walks in on Ham doing the weirdest shit with his friends. There’s the time he walked in on Ham and laurens passionately making out on the floor and wearing brightly colored floral dresses. Or every time lafayette sings ham a lullaby (in French), Ham snuggles closer and calls him mom (also in French), which actually makes burr kind of sad. And of course there’s the memorable incident with mulligan, the rubber horse mask, and the heels that landed ham in the hospital.

Recipe of the Day: Salty-Sweet French Toast Croque Madame        
Don’t choose between sweet and savory this AM! This mash-up strikes a balance between the sweet vibes of French toast and the grilled goodness of the French ham and cheese sandwich.        


We had our lunch on the final day, on the way home on the train. The Lovely Man had a ham, French mustard, spinach and greve cheese baguette with black coffee and I had some Vietnamese ‘salad bites’ from Marks and Spencer’s with my usual black decaf. We both had one of those lovely dark chocolate with sea salt bars too, which was a sweet way to end our lovely little mini-holiday.