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(uncleladybug here) hi! for the 3 sentence fic: gabrinette (aged-up of course) and the prompt is 'hiding'. thanks :)

Marinette carried bolts of fabric like they were pieces of paper. She had to have half a dozen in one arm. Mostly spandex. She was doing an athletic line commission for a french gymnast. 

“Gabriel?” She ducked into another aisle, looking around rapidly for him. If she was Ladybug, she’d just know instinctively where he was.

No, she lost him in the fabric store. In retrospect, she shouldn’t have been surprised. He hadn’t visited one in quite some time, and he preferred shopping alone. Separating at the entrance of the store seemed like a wise idea. 

Of course, my phone’s dead, she thought bitterly as she continued her search. 

Then, she felt fingers brush against her shoulders. A cool voice in here ear murmured. “Letting your guard down, Ladybug? How unlike you.” 

Marinette rolled her eyes, before turning back to Gabriel, who had already had his fabrics cut and purchased, in a tote over his shoulder. “I was looking for you, you ass.” 

“Congratulations, darling.” He kissed her forehead. “You found me.” 



Carolann Heduit is FABULOUS on beam!

ID #12904

Name: Christine
Age: 20
Country: Netherlands

Hi! I’m Christine, I’m Dutch but grew up in New Zealand & am now studying psychobiology (going into neuroscience hopefully) in Amsterdam.
Outside of uni I love cheerleading & gymnastics, and spend a lot of time drawing/painting etc.! Also have learnt to love travel thanks to having family in 2 different hemispheres.
Happy to chat online and/or write actual letters :)
English is my first language but I speak Dutch fluently too! (and duolingo tells me I’m 7% fluent in French?)

Preferences: Around my age would be nice :)

French Championships - 27/28 May 


  • Anne Kuhm (1996)
  • Louise Vanhille (1998)
  • Grace Charpy (1999)
  • Marine Boyer (2000) 
  • Juliette Bossu (2000)
  • Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (2000)
  • Coline Devillard (2000) 
  • Alison Lepin (2000)
  • Leanne Bourgeois (2000)
  • Oreane Lechenault (2000)
  • Alix Scandella (2000)
  • Lorette Charpy (2001) 
  • Melissa Poitreau (2001)
  • Assia Khnifass (2001)
  • Janna Mouffok (2001)
  • Lea Marques (2001)

Out : Loan His (1999)


  • Morgane Osyssek (2002)
  • Alisson Lapp (2002)
  • Clara Gandrey (2002)
  • Anais Gerbron (2002)
  • Sheyen Petit (2002)
  • Aline Friess (2003)
  • Celia Serber (2003)
  • Zelie Bernard (2003)
  • Aglae Adam Cuvillier (2003)
  • Carolann Heduit (2003)
  • Claire Pontlevoy (2003)
  • Juliette Ferandel (2003)
  • Melissa Paries (2003)
  • Mathilde Bithorel (2003)

Out : Julia Forestier (2003) - Iness Ben Rhouma (2002) - Marine Barbelet (2002) - Blanche Beziaud (2003) - Yatonde Kokolo (2002)


  • Eva Meder (2004)
  • Alizée Letrange Mouakit (2004)
  • Mathilde Wahl (2004)
  • Salsabil Tounan (2004)
  • Charlene Birin (2004)
  • Maewenn Eugene (2004)
  • Maelys Eugene (2004)
  • Elise Garcia (2004)
  • Lucie Henna (2004)
  • Noa Bruno (2004)
  • Alison Faure (2004)
  • Lola Coche (2004)
  • Mailyss Buczek (2004)
  • Lucille Loose (2004)
  • Elena Santinelli (2005)
  • Djenna Laroui (2005)
  • Clarisse Passeron (2005)
  • Chloe Le Rolland (2005)
  • Lilou Ballin (2005)
  • Silane Mielle (2005)
  • Lilou Besson (2005)
  • Maily Berthenet (2005)
  • Mathilde Bylebyl (2005)
  • Justine Bonnavaud (2005)
  • Elsa Viala (2005)
  • Thea Croze (2005)
  • Louna Iacazzi (2005)
  • Cara Ratefiarivony (2005)
  • Nina Camilleri (2005)
  • Emma Cozzi (2005)
  • Tais Boura (2005)
  • Elysia Burtin (2005)
  • Evane Belier (2005)
ID #41046

Name: Avrey
Age: 13
Country: Canada

I love YouTube, Tumblr, cooking, tea, reading, learning, music, and gymnastics. I speak English fluently as well as intermediate French and Swedish. I have lived in Canada my whole life and would like to learn other cultures and languages.

Preferences: Ages 13-17 preferably.
No homophobes, transphobes, sexists, racists etc.
I would prefer to chat through Tumblr or email.


2017 WAG European Champions: Ellie Downie (AA), Coline Devillard (VT), Nina Derwael (UB), Catalina Ponor (BB), Angelina Melnikova (FX)

In celebration of Dick Grayson “posing” as a gay French gymnastics teacher in canon, can we get some Birdflash fanfiction to go with that premise? Like literally he’s fucking posing as a teacher for some kind of long haul investigation and this guy about his age takes his class as an “extra curricular” and Dick is sittin there months later staring intensely into his coffee with slightly furrowed brows and deeply considering his life because god damn that boy has the reddest hair he’s ever seen and it’s… Gorgeous… And he moves like lightning… And… He’s inspiring just by being himself and they get along… But firstly he’s a damn student and even if he’s about the same age and only posing as teacher, there’s something fundamentally wrong there… As well as, of course, men aren’t normally the object of his attraction… But that hair… And that smile… He can hardly really care what gender… But it’s a STUDENT…

And so ensues greatness. Someone. Please. Assist.


What needs to be fixed in the COP (Part 2/): The “E” cap on transitions and pirouettes

The skills on the left are much more difficult than those on the right, but sadly there is not much of an incentive to keep the skills on the left in routines since every skill shown in the gif set is worth the same at “E”, the maximum rating a transition or pirouette can receive.

Black Excellence in Gymnastics: Elvire Teza

The first gymnast on this list not from North America, Teza competed for France in the second half of the 1990s. She appeared at the 1995, 97 and 99 World Championships as well as the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, and her uneven bars event final berth in Sydney made her the first French gymnast to qualify to an individual event final. She is instantly recognizable for her unique and daring gymnastics, and she has four eponymous elements in the Code of Points: On bars, a Pak salto and bail to handstand starting from German giants, and on beam, a full twisting Yurchenko loop-back hip circle (perhaps her most famous skill), and a Yang Bo jump in side position.

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