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Wait since when was Dick gay? Is that cannon?!?? Someone??? I’ve been out of the loop since Damian died. Someone?!?!!??

It was actually in the Grayson comics when Dick was a spy for this organization called Spyral after faking his death, and he did something wrong, so as their funny idea of a punishment they decided that he had to teach a gymnastics class at this all girls assassin school under the guise of a gay French Olympic gymnast. And here’s a panel to prove it, if only because this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in a Dick Grayson comic:  


What needs to be fixed in the COP (Part 2/): The “E” cap on transitions and pirouettes

The skills on the left are much more difficult than those on the right, but sadly there is not much of an incentive to keep the skills on the left in routines since every skill shown in the gif set is worth the same at “E”, the maximum rating a transition or pirouette can receive.

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French Gymnast Breaks His Leg Trying to Land a Vault Flip!

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