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Getting to Know You

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Name: Oscar

Nicknames: Odd Car

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 5′11″

Orientation: Pansexual

Nationality: American

Favorite fruit: Apples and pears

Favorite season: Spring because it’s gets warm but not hot, and unlike Fall, my allergies don’t act up.

Favorite book: Can’t say I’ve got a favorite, but I do remember loving House of the Scorpion when I was younger. ( I should probably re-read that ).

Favorite flower: Orchids are nice.

Favorite scent: I really like sandalwood. Pine works too, though.

Favorite color: French or Warm gray

Favorite animal: Guinea pigs. Love the pigtato.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee. Coffee. COFFEE. Also. I’ve never had any type of tea except for the typical Southern sweet tea. So….

Average sleep hours: Depends on when I have to go to work, and how many schedule has been. Generally anywhere from 0-10.

Cat or dog person: Cats.

Favorite fictional character: I… can’t give you an honest answer. This is the type of question that makes my brain go blank. Last time my mind just said “Dumbledore” even though I don’t really even like Dumbledore.

Number of blankets you sleep with: As of now, 5.

Dream trip: I’d like to go to Lithuania one day. 

I love you all but I’m too awkward to tag anyone. So, if you’d like to do this just for the sake of it, go right on ahead.